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  1. Paid fast and good communication. enjoy the books.
  2. That could be any one of millions of people riding a Harley. And I definitely do not fit in the strange category in any way shape or form.
  3. I don't know where you get your information from. Quit listening to gossip and filthy rumors spreading over late night television.
  4. that looks a lot better than a 5.5
  5. that book has really nice color and presents very well.
  6. I got some last night. When was that auction?
  7. I don’t appreciate threats either. Where did anyone threaten you? And you want to petition CGC for exactly what?
  8. Last bump for this thread . Stills some decent groups left. I'll be closing this down around 10 tonight. Open to any offers through P.M.s of course.
  9. Might want to check Craig List adds also. If this guy does have these books he's going to start getting nervous/despereate, to unload them, and hopefully do something stupid.
  10. Some price drops on several groups. I'll let this run through the weekend.