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  1. I might see if I can clean that B.C. up a bit.
  2. Book has nice pages, tight centerfold. Nice color with minimal surface marks.
  3. Okay people. There are still a few books left. I am going to add three more books to this thread and that will be it. I will post these this evening at 7C just like last night. The following books will be available. I am in the process of getting my house ready to put up for sale, so my time is limited to how big these threads are. After 33 years in this house, its time to move into unknown territory. LOL. Sensation Comics #61, Sensation Comics #106, and Strange Planets #16 In the meantime, here's is what is left in this thread. Page #1 - Leading Comics #70 Page#2 - S
  4. That's if for this thread. Have to keep them short for now as my time is limited. Thanks for all the purchases. A few straglers left and I'll be around for awhile yet tonight.
  5. Looney Tunes #100 - 4.5 SOLD TO POPKULTURE BP = $8.00 Description - Nice looking copy. Nice interior pages.
  6. Al Capp's Dogpatch #3 - 3.0/3.5 SOLD TO POPCULTURE BP = $15.00 Description - Nice copy but very long crease/line front cover and two diagonal creases back cover. Book is well attached and complete.