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  1. oh I totally did! I rescind my specific confusion and revert to my state of general confusion. I was ready for Friday Night Pitchforks.
  2. sounds like a mess for sure if this was the case, and a lousy way to run a thread IMO. So did he edit his sale rules when things started to fall apart? Someone help him rotate his scans.
  3. Just exchanged a few messages with her. She was in the middle of doing some PT exercises. Sounds like she's doing great and coming along really good. Just passing on a bit of info. Love chatting with her.
  4. LOL. When I was actively hunting down down collections with some good success, I got a call from a guy out in Steger, Ill that said he had tens of thousands of books. Said he never looked through them, and regardless of what I found they were $1.00 each. Of course he used the " they're old " hitch. I believe I grabbed board member ARK and we headed over there. They were in a basement with a very low ceiling so we were like half walking upright trying not to bust our heads open on the beams. We were excited to see this heap and quickly started thumbing through long box after long box. The excitement slowly turned to frustration thinking there has to be at least a few good long boxes, then maybe a few dozen books, then maybe one good book. We were down there for a few hours and came out of there half blind and unable to walk upright. I was a bit peeved at the guy who sold us the pitch it was old stuff. We got outside and looked at each other and the owner said " what do you think ". Exact words. " burn it ". He looked at me in shock and said " what ". I told him you'll have to pay someone to haul it away. Pure 100% drek. LOL
  5. Well, I could probably do that, but I didn't really "collect" them. They just pop up and accumulate, like weeds. Sure, you can spray for Fish Police, but if you don't pull them out by the root, they're just going to pop up again next year. Had a bad infestation of Sun Devils and Sonic Disruptors, once upon a time. Had to burn the house to the ground and start over.
  6. I personally would not touch this book with a press. First of all you have you have creasing and broken color top and bottom corners and along the top edge. A press many tone those down a bit, but its not going to remove them. The rear cover shot, the spine looks a bit weak with wear and tear along it, and maybe the staples. Heat from a press is not going to help that. Pressing to me is more for getting rid of spine rolled books, cover warping and wrinkling, and bends, or stacking curl, but its your choice of course. You can press that book from now to doomsday but the creases and color breaks are still going to be there, just a bit less notice able. Just my
  7. I tried to corner the market on Street Poet Ray. I tried it with Silent Invasion. It's day will come, I know it.
  8. I was hopping to see stockpiles of Fish Police, Troll Lords, or Miami Mice.
  9. I’d hang in s little while. Very slow as they say here. Frankly, at 45 minutes away, I would meet the person in the middle somewhere for hand delivery on an expensive piece. Me too, but like he said its already in the mail. My last three or four deliveries were 5/7 days late but I got them. " out for delivery " can mean anything now, but the longer its in the mail, the more susceptible to damage.
  10. that's a tough issue to find in higher grades.
  11. From where? It's too early for Secret Santa.
  12. this guy sounds like a real pos. bust a slab just for a refund?