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  1. Was this Central, Eastern, or Pacific?? Asking for a friend.
  2. chatted with her a bit a few days ago. she's busy running all over the place. love talking to here, she's a riot.
  3. Mine is so protected, when I do pull it out for an occasional viewer they say " is it live or Mummorex ".
  4. And if anyone is going to take you serious with 6 posts, I would offer a no questions asked refund on anything you sell here raw.
  5. I've never seen that cover before. WTF
  6. A little wonder bread on it and your in business.
  7. I concur. I noticed it’s ‘a bit rough-looking‘ there. And that’s British understatement. that top right corner has some problems too if you blow up the scan.
  8. I didn’t know anyone liked stroh’s the smell of the garbage made me sick. " fire brewed " or something like that.
  9. I feel attacked 😂 If I was going to attack anyone it would be Sean Fingh and his love for Stroh's.
  10. Years ago I did a step by step tutorial of a CGC wall display I made including how to mount it. Might be lost but maybe someone can locate the thread. It served my purposes and was cheap to build. I took a few pics but its hard to take pics due to the lighting in that room. I took one of the track I put in the bottom of the shelf's so you can see the router groove just so the slabs cant kick out and fall. Anyway here's what it looked like.
  11. Right up there with Old Milwaukee or Milwaukee's best.
  12. no one will stick around. probably won't be able to get insured or the rates will be insane.