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  1. If she can call for Tarzan, maybe she can call out for Swami. Best special effects ever.
  2. maybe if we say his name three times like beetlejuice
  3. I dont think we can last that long. I need my Swami fix. anyone have an extra " Get out of Jail Free Card " ?
  4. Swarmi would say he has a triple cover of ASM 361! and a good size staple gun.
  5. as soon as you send me yours. next time your in chi town I can put you up in one of the bunkers.
  6. millions of 361's flying around in the Nado
  7. I had my cell phone...I was thinking you were listing on Alaska time;) I don't see an emoji for a poke in the eye.
  8. Hey dorkette hey watch it buster. she's on fire tonight.
  9. you should pick up your phone when an emergency S.O.S. is upon me. LOL
  10. x men 24 sold to crazy canuck - thanks
  11. Okay that is it for tonight. Pick it up Tues night at 7 central again and finish it off. Sorry for the delays but have not had a thread in some time and trouble quoting sales but we got through it. thanks for all the purchases so far. 24 sold 25 sold
  12. X men 27 sold to crazy canuck - thanks
  13. x men 39 sold to crazy canuck - thanks
  14. x men 39 sold to crazy canuck by a wisker.