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  1. Or I traded a set of rims for it, or my brother that worked at comic shop got it on a trade.
  2. Every book should show up like it was shipped. It only takes a few extra minutes, and some dumpster diving extras to do it right. Enjoy the book and thanks for participating.
  3. Could be that people read the living krap out of them, over and over.
  4. let me know what it goes for please?
  5. The last contest prize ( ALIENS H.C. ) is in the mail. That's it for the prizes. AWAKEINTHEAHSES - 9405 5036 9930 0235 4037 74
  6. Is it over? Just got in, what was the hammer price??
  7. not bad 6 days media mail. the horror of it. LOL. enjoy the book.
  8. 1webslinger- 9449 0282 0633 4200 4466 91 Your Snake Tales is on the way.
  9. Ready to launch an invasion fleet this afternoon. First target is taking out the whole Eastern Seaboard with a death ray. You got about 20 minutes. Make final preparations dorks.
  10. they come in three colors if you want an invasion fleet. dollar tree had them,
  11. Let's give the seller some slack now, he might just be learning about grades.