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  1. O.K. people I am getting P.M.'s on how to enter the contest. LOL. Here we go again. Please read the wall of text on page one that clearly defines how this works, and lists some of he prizes. Not going to answer P.M.s.
  2. Maybe give him some of that powder they used in Creature from The Black Lagoon to knock him out. What was it called? Rotenone or something. LOL
  3. The man should be here to defend himself.
  4. aren't you getting sleepy yet?
  5. He's got something alright.
  6. You got it. Just shocking. LOL
  7. this little stinker is worth a watch. funny bad with wretched acting.
  8. those Holiday movies must be really bad.
  9. Plan 9 is a nightmare with the scripting and editing, but Bela Lugosi died half way through the filming and they used his wifes chiropractor to finish the film. Thats why he always has the cape over his face so you can't see him. I'd have to put Creeping Terror above Plan 9 for wretched ness but funny.
  10. It's a riot to watch though. Watch how fast the woman snatches that drink.