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  1. I did not say anybody needed anything. I was giving an example of human nature. None of us " need " a phone. Life went on without them. And I didn't say tell them what the book was worth. They would grab the phone because everyone else has one.
  2. bingo, I paid mine off in 11 years. been mortgage free for over 20. when you factor in the interest your paying out just to get the deduction, it did not wash any more.
  3. everything is a key now. waiting for a Texas Twister movie to hit the big screen.
  4. DR.X

    Are Post Counts Important To You?

    those spiral shanked nails are just a beetch to pull out.
  5. And it will make them money. Put new I phone down on a table along side of a F.F. #52. Bring in a group of people. Don't matter how many. Give them a choice of items on the table for free. Guess which one they will pick up and run out the door with. And stocks do make people money. Apple has made me quite a bit. People don't need comics except to look at, read and enjoy. When this comic bubble pops, people will be pounding their heads off of tables wondering where to stick those comic books.
  6. DR.X

    Are Post Counts Important To You?

    I just shoved a freeze pop into my eye ball. soab.
  7. DR.X

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    I just read this thread and need special counseling.
  8. DR.X

    Are Count Posts Important To You?

    I rub whale blubber oil all over me. Keeps my skin looking like George Hamilton.
  9. DR.X

    Are Count Posts Important To You?

    Nothing like masking up. People stay the away. I just make sure I take it off getting gas to avoid a shoot out. LOL
  10. DR.X

    Are Count Posts Important To You?

    I use to jog through Death Valley with one 12 o.z Budwieser to last me the whole day. And I WAS naked.