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  1. Timely in this period appear to have more 'sizing' aka, the chemical gloss layer, and a different paper stock than DC
  2. Hey Folks.. I think GA forum is correct, excuse me if I'm wrong I have this collection of Whiz Bangs FS as a group lot for $1295.00 shipped to USA addresses takeit: beats pm is time stamp matches
  3. Rory McElroy .. wow, I haven't heard his name in ages. I wonder what happened to him hey Bakerman..
  4. hey buddy, I'm in Vegas, downstate. The weather up in Tahoe though is def not up to the 80s snowfall. Down here, I think we're having more days with 25% humidity than we used to and over in Death Valley, the heat has been hotter. The temps here have been about the average
  5. no kidding on the pb's.. almost anything you can imagine
  6. time constraints Bob. between poster forums, CGC, facebook etc, there's no more time. oh I forgot.. I'm always working. My warehouse has 300,000 posters & other items in it.. sadly, the merchandise does not sell itself......
  7. you can see my 1940 page here
  8. I used to post a lot in the art forum Bob. After a number of people told me stuff like "Alex Raymond and Hal Foster are the worst hack artists that ever worked in comics. Todd McFarlane is king!" I figured I was wasting my time. I do use the boards to sell every so often
  9. that's a possibility. Most likely I was headed to Lake Tahoe with Ron & Johnny upon the return
  10. Hey Jimbo, I hope your better half is having fun riding the back of your motorcylce showing this off to passing motorists.. thanks for the plug buddy. See you there in just a few weeks. yeah Art used to be my main drag, but as you know I'm all about movie posters now. Still have some. Too bad airline weight limits what I can bring. I'd like to show my Vic Torry and His Flying Saucer complete book to show friends.. but the freaking weight issue (yeah folks, I already have 200lbs of other stuff.....)
  11. looking at the pic again. It can't be NYC and here is why. it's obvious I had flown somewhere and am having a half table of Ron's 2-table setup and that SOB wouldn't let me have any of the board. The magazine box is Ron's and I am to the left of that and I have boxes behind me on the floor and have set various pulps & comics at odd angles on the boxes to get some extra displayand that is a stack of pulps of mine with the #137 on top. so California, 1981-82. Could a Creation in LA or Bruce Schwartz show. I don't think Wondercon existed in 1982 yet, did it?
  12. yes indeed Rick, This is back when I was just as skinny as Mr Bedrock and I'm positive I still have that shirt, stored away with old clothes. when was it taken. it is definitely somewhere 1980-1982 I think. I believe it may actually be in NY as there was a hotel that had a mezzanine that I think perfectly fits that angle. Maybe it was the Taft. however it's also possible that it is a Wondercon or some other California location because of one clue. I'm doing something with one of my own boxes and if you look, when I would fly to a convention, I would take a long box, put a box lid on the bottom of the box as well as the top (of course) and tape around the box to make sure the books wouldn't get messed up. That box is clearly one of my travelers and I have no doubt that I am still living in NYC at the time this pic is taken. But it's definitely in that time period for sure.
  13. I got one of the Seven Seas covers from Ron (or did I get both?). Sold them 25 years ago. who knows where they are now