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  1. Giant-Size X-Men #1 cover color guide for 30K! That's got to be a record right?
  2. I put in all my votes yesterday and it was really tough, particularly in the covers and pages categories! Maybe in the future we should think about splitting the most popular categories out further by era -- maybe Pre-Silver Age, Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, Modern Age. At this point, most of the top vote-getters in those categories will probably be $50K or more pieces, so it would be nice to try and figure out how to split that further to give more art a chance to get recognized. Agreed that the new voting process is much better -- kudos to Bill and Brian. I'm not posting my vot
  3. Just a reminder to everyone to please encase art in a plastic bag within the package. I recently received a package that was wet and the art boards suffered some water damage. The art was wrapped in tissue paper within the cardboard. Thankfully the ink didn't run, but the paper will never be the same again. It wasn't raining the day the art was sent or received, so this must have happened at some point in transit. This art isn't valuable enough to warrant professional restoration, so I'm flattening it as best I can, but it'll probably never fully recover.
  4. PUBLISHED Immortal Hulk #34 pages 6-7 by Butch Guice and Tom Palmer
  5. PUBLISHED War of the Go-Bots (1984 Golden Book) page 1 by Steve Ditko (https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1608195)
  6. PUBLISHED Defenders #1 (2001) page 11 by Erik Larsen and Klaus Janson
  7. I enjoyed the Con and picked up a piece from my want list -- while missing out on a few other things. It was also cool seeing some of the higher end art (such as that amazing Wrightson House of Mystery cover Albert was selling) even if most of it was out of my price range. I held off on selling anything (still reluctant to visit the Post Office), but would definitely participate in the future. A few thoughts for future cons: 1) It would be nice for dealers to be able to cycle artwork between days -- so that there would be a new supply of pieces on Sunday morning. 2) On a simila
  8. Amazing Adventures (Killraven) #32 page 10 by P. Craig Russell and Dan Green. This is undoubtedly the most psychedelic art in my collection!
  9. That's great! FYI that I looked through both issues of the Fantagraphics Ditko Collection books and it's not included in there. Those books only go up to 1976, so it's possible this was done a bit later.
  10. This is from an 80's era Dave Cockrum Nightcrawler sketch, which I've been fortunate enough to own since 1999. You can see the drawing and more details here: https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1450251
  11. Sorry for the belated reply. This was used for a house ad for the Human Fly. Dave didn't remember exactly, but thought that someone in the bullpen might have added the stats as a joke before it was returned to him. I owned this for about 15 years before selling on Heritage in 2017.
  12. 1. John Byrne 2. Dave Cockrum 3. Jim Lee 4. Paul Smith 5. Mark Silvestri 6. John Romita Jr. Cockrum is my personal favorite, but I have to credit Byrne as he probably had more to do with the X-Men's success than any other artist. I'm not ranking the #1-93 artists, otherwise Jack Kirby and Neal Adams would have to be up there too. I've also omitted the last 15 or so years as I'm not overly familiar. Whoops - I forgot Paul Smith, who had a great run after Cockrum's second time around. I went back and added him above Silvestri.
  13. I have a collection of Dave Cockrum prelims which you can see here: https://www.comicartfans.com/galleryroom.asp?gsub=188397 It's hard to choose favorites, but probably these two, due to the amount of detail. The Black Panther prelim was pretty much used as is for the published cover, while Gil Kane went in a slightly different direction for Captain Marvel #53.
  14. Dave Cockrum for me for both #1 and 2. (This includes several X-Men pieces not currently up on comicartfans).
  15. They don't look right to me. Some of Dave's later work wasn't so great, due to his health issues, but I'm skeptical. Dave would also typically sign somewhere with his trademark signature -- so unless there's a signature or note on the back, I wouldn't bet on these being his work.