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  1. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post. Quite a few insights that I can use when looking at raw books. Andy
  2. Thanks comic ginger for your insight. Much appreciated! Regards, Andy
  3. I hear you, but if the seller doesn’t list certain “problems” and I discover them upon receiving the book, what’s to say that he/she wouldn’t accuse me of causing the problems and then refuse to give me a refund? I just wanted to know the main “problems” to look out for, on a raw book, especially if it is low to mid grade, that’s all. Perhaps someone else can help? Andy
  4. Hi, As a newbie looking to buy raw Silver Age Marvel comic books for the first time, do collectors on here have a check list of condition questions that they ask the seller, before making a purchase? I understand numerous photos of the book in question is a definite must, but they won’t necessarily pick up everything. Is there an online guide that lists all the questions you need to ask? If not, then I’d be more than happy to hear from anyone on this forum that can help me! Many thanks, Andy
  5. Thanks to everyone who replied to me. I have a better understanding of the trade differences now. Thanks again, Andy
  6. Hi Ryan, Thanks for your reply. So I guess it’s really the question then, that the 1st question you need to ask the seller is, “Do you trade just for the book you want, and not for its value, rarity or if it’s more sought after?” If it’s any of the latter, then the conversation ends there, I guess. Sorry, one more question: Would the 1 for 1 scenario still apply if both books were raw copies, but the buyer’s copy was say a 5.0, but the book the seller was offering was a 7.0? Would it be expected then that the seller would trade his higher grade book for the lower grade book, but
  7. If CGC were to have a London office, where those in the UK and Europe could get their books graded, wouldn’t they make sure that the people they employed were taught to the same level of grading as those based in Florida? I would see this as a CGC franchise type thing. If you go anywhere in the world, the McDonalds meal you’ve eaten has been prepared and cooked the same way as it is done in the US. Conformity and consistency is the key thing here. If you have that, you can replicate that business model anywhere in the world. I can’t think of a reason why CGC couldn’t do the same! And
  8. Hi, Apologies if this has been asked before in this section, but how does it work with trades? Is it usually 1 for 1 (if both books are of similar value/rarity/sought after)? or, if 1 seller has a book that is rarer/more sought after and expensive to buy, does the buyer have to offer 2 or more books, up to the value of what the seller wants, price wise? Understand if the above is stating the obvious and I’ve answered my own question, but would just like to know if there is a definitive answer to this question? Don’t want in the future to insult another seller nor get r
  9. Thanks for the welcome, and thanks also to members who posted after my last thank you. Thank you. Andy
  10. As a newbie on this forum (and apologies if this idea has been mentioned before), I find it strange that CGC as a company has not thought to train people from other countries to become graders. If there were graders in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America and Australia, that would save collectors in those continents excessive shipping costs to and from Florida. I’m not saying CGC should have a base in every major country around the world, but in Europe, for instance, if there was a base in London or Paris (as just two examples), sending books to and receiving slabs back from either of thos
  11. Many thanks to all those who replied since my post of yesterday. Food for thought indeed! Andy
  12. Thank you to everyone who replied. Some great answers and your thoughts have been duly noted. Apologies for not stating what book it was. The book in question was Tomb of Dracula # 10 (Blade’s 1st appearance). Not sure if the dealer has it at $975 in anticipation that the book will go up in price if the talk of a Blade re-boot actually happens, or whether the dealer truly believes a CGC 7.0 should be around that figure of $975. I guess I could ask the seller how long he’s had the book up for sale, but that might be rude to do so, and he could just say “last week”, and
  13. 20 views and not one reply? Have i said something wrong? If I have, no offence was meant - just thought someone could give me an answer! Oh, well...
  14. Hi, N00B here - First post, so please be gentle! Apologies if this question has been asked before (and has been answered) but I’m looking to purchase my 1st slab, and would like to know how collectors arrive at the best average price comparison, so they know they haven’t over paid? The slab in question is on a dealer’s website. It is a CGC 7.0, priced at $975 I went onto and found there had been 17 sales in 2020 of this slab in this grade (nearly all of the sales were on eBay), so I added up every price and then divided by 17, and got an average of $82