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  1. Andy, Thanks again for all the hard work in pulling this together. So cool to be able to see them all together and compare them like that. There are so many great ones. It took me awhile to commit. Mick
  2. I KNEW Buttock wouldn't disappoint! Nice group there!
  3. Randy's the real-deal. Ultra-easy. Friendly. Professional. Responsive communication. Well packaged. Highly recommended every day of the year. Definitely you will NOT be disappointed!
  4. Rock on JollyComics! I would have scored the OAAW 110 if you didn't. I'm too late as usual!
  5. For anybody who's waffling, you won't regret going. It's similar to old-school San Diego Comic-Con. A splendid time is guaranteed for all! You can find me at Terry Stroud's booth. I'll have loads of DC Archive Editions at 65% off of original cover price. Lots of graphic novels and books, zines, and mags about comics (stuff I've pulled from my personal comics library) at 60% off of original cover price. I'll have some 10¢ era war from Atlas, Avon, and other publishers. Looking forward to seeing y'all.
  6. Great show, Marc. Thanks for convincing me to drop in. Super crowd and some great dealers. Cool to meet up with a number of Bay Area collectors, too. I'm hoping to drop in on one of the upcoming ones as well. Thanks for all the hard work in coordinating!
  7. Definitely one of my favs! Top-10 every day of the week!
  8. But in order to do that, I'd lose the gratification of reading all the cool Kubert, Heath, Drucker, Grandenetti, Severin, Andru/Esposito, and Novick on the insides of 'em. . .not to mention I wouldn't be able to smell them anymore. And that just won't do.
  9. I have a few more, but haven't bothered trying to scan them as I'm having scanner problems these days.