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  1. 1000% agree (although there are a few compelling things about GIC that just make it my fav title overall. The washtone perty-thirty are a significant factor for sure).
  2. Congrats to buyer and seller. (Furshleginer portrzebie!!!!)
  3. Awwww yeah, Malone war books!
  4. Bob's the beez kneez. Super easy transaction. Friendly. Quick payment. Highly recommended! Thanks again, Bob!
  5. Lemme know if you do. Definitely game for gawking at books-- fan get-togethers are always worthy diversions!
  6. War at Sea #23 Charlton 6.0 ow-w Whitman cover $19- Zero on census (but you knew that)
  7. True Comics #48 6.0 ow Biographical sketch of Desmond Doss, first conscientious objector to receive a medal of honor. Incredible true story. Movie was made about Doss a few years ago called "Hacksaw Ridge." This is the comic that profiled Doss 70 years prior to the movie. The story is "Hero without a Gun." Zero on the census. Good luck finding another copy this nice. No, I don't want to sell this, so. . . $139.00 PULLED. . .I've come to my senses (if for a brief moment in time).
  8. Submarine Attack #12 Charlton 6.0 ow Glanzman story Mostroserio cover ZERO in the census $19
  9. Submarine Attack V2 #11 Charlton 5.5 ow Glanzman story Alascia cover Lone 6.5 in the census $27-