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  1. Hi everyone - i appreciate all the comments for my other books. Not sure how i ended up with this one, as i don't collect WW. But i am glad i did, as it could be worth it: Thank You! - Wes
  2. Thank You for all the responses! I appreciate it!
  3. Thanks everyone for your time and consideration grading this book!
  4. 50. I had a few comics when i was about 7, but did really get into collecting until i was about 14
  5. Now that i finally cataloged my entire collection, I am right at 1000. I just moved them all to short boxes. I just cant heft the long boxes anymore! mostly from 1984 - 1995
  6. Hello Again! Thanks to everyone who graded my last one! I bought this new, when it came out.
  7. Hi Everyone! - First time, Read the guide, i hope i do it right! - I bought this new in 1990, read it once, bagged and boarded it - Small crease ULFC Thanks! - Wes
  8. Hi Everyone! Happy New Year! My name is Wes, i just joined the CGC boards today. I started collecting in 1984 and peaked in 1990. I collect: Marvel (Punisher, Spider-Man, Wolverine), DC (Batman, Detective), and a lot of Sci-Fi or fantasy related books that catch my eye. I bought the CLZ app recently and finally cataloged and organized my collection of about 1000 books. I was drawn here by a google search after looking into CGC grading of my most valuable books, and will soon submit a few scans for grading here in your "Hey buddy can you spare a grade" board. I am reading your various gui