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  1. Any Canadians know where to watch the entire finale on-line? Severe thunderstorms in my area last night, so my satellite was either out or had unwatchable signal quality during broadcast. There are no repeat airings that I can find. CTV and the Bell app only have the second half on-line, and I can't find it on Netflix, Crave, or Amazon Prime... EDIT - Hooray! CTV now has the first half on-line. :P
  2. The same thing has happened to me before - a few times in fact. Usually it's a case of someone claiming to use a "stock photo" since they have multiple copies in the same grade (and thinking that all books with the same grade are equal). However, it's still a bait-and-switch. Especially if the "stock photo" is a perfectly centered newstand version and you end up with a miswrapped direct version, as happened to me once...
  3. Once on the list, the only way off is if the offended party agrees to remove them. So, basically on the list forever as it currently stands.
  4. Just a heads up for any Canadians interested... Doom Patrol airs Tuesday evenings on the Space network, which I think is pretty commonly bundled in cable packages.
  5. One of the movie reviews I read earlier today says that there are no end credit scenes. None of the other reviews mentioned end credit scenes at all...
  6. I've found it to be an amusing diversion. I agree that it does remind me a lot of the days when I used to read Heavy Metal regularly.
  7. I enjoyed the movie. 7/10, definitely worthwhile seeing. As for my opinion of the various WW vs CM comparisons, I think Gadot's portrayal of Wonder Woman was better than Larson's portrayal of Captain Marvel. However, I enjoyed the Captain Marvel story far more than that of Wonder Woman.
  8. I'm currently about halfway through the third / final season... All I can say is "Wow, this is great". Easily the best season in the series and the best of all the Marvel-Netflix shows. I can't understand why they'd cancel a show this good. I also can't understand how the same studio that produced this could also turn out carp like Iron Fist. Seems like a massive range in quality... :P
  9. I actually thought they had the best part of the cross-over... Gideon: While you were out, you missed emergency phone calls from Oliver Queen, Barry Allen, and Kara Zor-el Nate: (sigh) Sounds like the annual cross-over again. Hard pass.
  10. ^ What he said... :P I'm really hoping (in vain) that they'll port it over to PC or XBox.
  11. Yeah, he came across much better in Luke Cage 2. His character seemed to have matured a lot from IF1 and the Defenders. He wasn't the same whiny, petulant, "act first, think later" jerk from those earlier appearances. If they manage to keep writing him in the same style, he might turn into a half-way decent character.
  12. I doubt I'll ever make a purchase bigger than this one... I bought this one here on the boards for $8500 about 10 years ago.
  13. It airs aired on Sunday evenings here. I'm not sure what day everyone else sees saw it on, though...
  14. At the very least, I'd hope someone would do a 2-hour movie to wrap up that cliffhanger...
  15. It's available on Netflix. At least in Canada... I didn't even realize it was on a Network - Netflix sent me a "show you might like" email, so I assumed it was a Netflix original.