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  1. The dumpster fire that is the last 20 minutes of WW is basically the entire JLA movie. Right up to that point WW may have been the greatest Superhero movie since Christopher Reeve in Superman 1 & 2. Top 5 all time. Then it looked like a bad Zack Snyder student film.
  2. Maybe 24k gold means the same as the “k” in fake Krab meat...
  3. This new clip of the Avengers and CM is bound to trigger a few CM/Brie Larsen haters... “Captain Marvel agrees that the team should fight Thanos and, when Banner asks why the battle would end differently than before, Captain Marvel retorts, "Because before you didn't have me." New Trailer
  4. 😮 wow, I just read a large chunk of that intro- remember when the inter webs was The this shiny, gleaming tower on a hill full of promise, knowledge, and civility? What were we thinking???? hey, @RockMyAmadeus did you see a rec arts group for Venom in there? No? Me nether. You got Elfquest though. We should throw the internet away and start over again - we $&#@/! It all up. Text only, and posting a picture costs a dime. An actual dime, in a little coin slot on the side of the computer, and it only holds 50 dimes. When it’s full you gotta turn it in to the business center at the grocery store and get a new free dime picture meter cartridge.
  5. I"m sure the Venn diagrams of fandom and usenet overlap a fair amount, bit only with a certain age group. I'd wager it didn't have a tremendous impact on the market, but I'm still curious. I didn't get on the newsgroups until we had decent internet at work until 97? I confess it wasn't really something I gave much thought until ebay came around. I imagine theres a whole pre-eBay and or pre-widespread internet aspect of fandom that's just been lost, with no real history to be be shared or researched unlike all the older fandom in print form. I mean who has copies of all the usenet posts from 1994?
  6. Thats Hulk #386, not #306. Keown is by far the more desirable of the 2, even with the browns stain on the Frank page. If you paid less than the HA auction result you referenced, you got a good deal. The Frank, I would not buy for the stains, though the UK guys might like it for the Motormouth appearance.
  7. that's ok, but you have to have at least one that has a first or last name that begins with the letter "A". It appears to be a rule here. I went All in with Alex Raymond, Al Williamson,Neal Adams, and Alex Ross.
  8. I dunno, comparing their 2 wiki write ups, Abner had more comic appearances than Pogo, and Capp was the Stan Lee of his day and medium. But I'm guessing you mean influence anthropomorphic comics- but that's hard to tease out from all that Disney did.
  9. Well, "Natcherly!" "As any fool kin plainly see!" then you gotta have Al Capp then too. "Ah has spoken!"
  10. again- Signatures are not the same as autographs. For most comics in the last 40-50 years there's little question who the artist is- so having it "signed" like a Picasso is unnecessary. There's no question as to whether that individual is the artist. There's actually more question of whether or not the signature is real. Or, and this does affect our little corner of the hobby quite a bit. The infamous John Romita signature. The D Bros have peddled more art with his signature for things he isn't credited for than anyone, and if Romita so much as farted in the same zip-code as that piece of art, it's given a significant price bump soley for the signature when there is very little evidence or documentation that Romita ever touched THAT PARTICULAR PAGE at all. Unless a learned artist opines that something look like it was Romita's hand, (and more often than not, you need an inker's opinion) theres' really no way to say for sure. But boy howdy if Romita signed it, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$.
  11. there's a difference between a signature and an autograph....
  12. I've thought it over for bit, and trying to decide from the official list what the single most important book on this list was. I argued against TMNT #1. But after going through the list, I settled on one that I don't think at first would have been my expected choice: Sandman #1. It kicked off Gaiman's career, Vertigo, a multitude of characters, some of the most acclaimed comics ever written, and literary recognition outside of comics with the World Fantasy Award. Endless (see what I did there?) reprints in HC, SC, Absolute, etc. It affected the comics industry, and DC in particular in more significant ways that many other books, even Watchmen.
  13. this is Burkey's fault....him and his ubiquitous blue sharpie....