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  1. That's what I mean- you can exclude the marginal or nonsensical published/unpublished and type combinations- that's easy. The user would still enter their top 5 in the category they wish to participate in, but it would be a pretty easy to verify that the piece they have selected matched the type it's entered in. Then you can't have an improperly attributed page (unpublished interior page) entered int he Published title Page category, and vice versa. It would prompt the user to correct things they properly attribute wen they first uploaded it. On choosing or voting: I'm assuming the current tech doesn't support in-frame modals, so if selecting from a picklist is the only option, the data can be listed alphabetically, regardless of the order they were entered. That way all of Brian Pecks entries appear at the top of the list even if you didn't upload until the second week of making entries and and if you type in a B, you jump to all the B's, not just the first B and can more easily find the item in the list. This is a one line change in the code most likely. It would have helped tremendously, On voting: I just meant that you could let the the user filter the categories to go to that page (Published; Interior, versus Unpublished: Sketchcover) must that's just me trying to educe the amount of scrolling to see all the potential categories for entry or voting. On the coding side- Ideally you leverage the same mechanism for both. I feel that when viewing the art, that if all the entries were thumbnails, and not broken down by who uploaded on it's own line, then you could reduce the amount of scrolling by 50% and get all those thumbnails 3 across- just add the name of the owner to the bottom. I also think it should display the artist like a normal CAF entry, the Best of does not, which prompts users to write unnecessarily long descriptions to communicate that. Just use the normal thumbnails and descriptions in a CAF gallery. Again, leverage what you have rather than create new stuff. AND- since it all just data- add a summary on the Premium dashboard of all your votes- make this a value-added option to increase Premium membership. Let the unwashed masses take screenshots of their votes....
  2. Categories- Throw them all away and use what CAF already has you pick when you upload art: Published or Unpublished EVERYTHING in CAF is already sitting in the database with these attributes, this is far less work for Bill AND the users, All the user has to do is pick their top 5 of 2019, period, No more trying to decide which category it fits in. The site is already set up to track all the art by type (interior page, splash page, cover etc) the only other flag needed is published/unpublished, which EVERY piece on CAF already has. to narrow down some of the "categories" to vote on, then it's just a matter of whitelisting the ones to be included, (published interior page) or blacklisting the ones to exclude (published sketch card, for instance) In terms of voting- the user can be presented with a menu to filter what they want to see or vote on: Interior Panel pages:Published and just click on the ones they want to vote on, of if still needing to use a drop down, for the LOVE OF GOD set the entries alphabetically and not by the order they were uploaded, which is why it was so hard to vote. You couldn't use typeahead this way because "B" was everywhere in the list sequence. any suggestion to improve should take into account how the data is currently structured and leverage that in a way that takes advantage it rather than create new DB relationships. In reality Bill could run a SQL query and tell us without even voting what the stats are for all art of a given type entered in 2019 based on view, likes, and comments. There's a mountain of data in CAF that could be presented in novel or interesting ways that haven't even been thought of it using only the existing data model.
  3. Bogdanove's run on X-factor was spectacularly bad....
  4. hey! The original on the far left rocked! Pure Kirby!
  5. #25 by views, because: chainmail covered boobs.
  6. I always found dinner time on Sunday to be the WORST possible time, getting ready to go to work the next day so Monday is much better, but also not likely to clash with Clink auctions that often drag from Tues-Thurs in different sessions. If Sunday's were getting too long for all the lots Monday was really their last option. Now there's an auctions possibly ending any night of the week in a given month. Sheesh.
  7. I think he means stuff like the HA strip art auction. I'm not sure ANY HA auction will truly underperform though, maybe underwhelm, for the buyers bench is not deep, and I suspect a few people would be shilling propping it up.
  8. This WAS the thread, it is no more. The internet archive didn't have it either, so some things can truly be swept under the rug, then roll the rug up and "poof".
  9. I can't find the thread at all after some preliminary searching. I wonder if one or both sides convinced the CGC admins to vaporize the whole thing. It was a thread for the ages. Where's @comix4fun when you need him? He's good at digging that stuff up.
  10. Howdy, just posted 9 of the main characters drawn by Larry Elmore for the (1984) Advanced Dungeons and Dragon's: DL5 "Dragons of Mystery" Dragonlance sourcebook module. This same art was used in the video game manuals for at least 2 adventure games: Heroes of the Lance and Dragons of Flame first released in the late 80's on Atari, PC, Amiga, NES, Sega and a few obscure platforms I wasn't even aware of. Dragonlance spawned dozens of novels, comics and even cartoons inspired by the original AD&D game modules. Larry Elmore, along with the likes of Clyde Caldwell and Keith Parkinson drew and painted a ton of the early gaming art that defined a generation of role playing games. GAME ART: AD&D:Dragonlance: "Dragons of Mystery" Module; "Heroes of the Lance" & "Dragons of Flame" Video Game Manuals here's a sample:
  11. and it gives the pages a charming blue hue, like a robin's egg....