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  1. filing a complaint and filing out a questionnaire is how they know who NOT to invite!
  2. and I will argue all these new, more detailed attributes will get used and abused, ignored and mis-identified, and a year form now it will be a holy mess. The non-comic dealers, the casual listers, pawn shops, listing services don't really have the time or inclination to be product experts. Again, eBay is pounding a square peg in a round hole with a screwdriver. They want it to be like an orderly catalog, with very tight commodity and product definitions for these product widgets to neatly place them in the right bucket by size, shape, color, function, brand, manufacturer etc. That's way
  3. and, the last 20 years, since BIN was introduced, we know that eBay HATES auctions. They want everything to be BIN. Sure, in some categories auctions seem reasonable and even expected, but on the whole, their core business is to just turn product as quickly as possible, and auctions slow that down. If a savvy competitor were to come along that ONLY did auctions, they'd really have the advantage...oh wait. The jokes on us ha, ha, HA HA.
  4. if you are having trouble with anything ebay related in the last 48 hours, it's likely related to this thread:
  5. the fact that they didn't map era category to the individual listing era is possibly the most egregiously incompetent thing I've ever seen from a billion dollar tech company- I mean it's several orders of magnitude dumb. You don't throw away product attributes and expect all the individual sellers to re-enter the same or similar attributes for 6 million listings just in the comics category. You map it in the database and run a ---script, not push that responsibility to paying customers and tank all search options, ruins search filters, and royally PO buyers and sellers off all at once. They'v
  6. this change confirms what I've long suspected. Ebay's gone all in on curated search results. The net result of that, when it comes to hobby's and collectibles is that more granular search results dissuades casual browsing. We've all trained ourselves to "browse" not search for specific results. Ebay want's to be like google and have the most targeted and relevant search results (according to what they think the user want's not what we ask for) and not show anything else. I did a search in Comics for "Buscema" By default it gives search results that say only the most "relevant" results are sh
  7. what a cluster. The Original Comic Art category is now a flaming dumpster fire, along with the rest of the comics categories.
  8. I agree with all of this, but Ed and I are the same age.
  9. ehhh, I'm sorry, but Dan's right. Copper ended when Image began, its one of the most definite, easily pinpointed events that defines any of the eras which everyone debates as being fuzzy by a few years. The only thing left to debate is when does "modern" end since we is in Now, and now is "modern" given that we are now almost 30 years since 92, we probably need to carve out 2 ages hence in addition to now. Let's just try to agree on the major high-points of the last 30 years. You mentioned a couple in the late 90's What defines the earlier 00's? Low distribution, the rise of CGC, Decompress
  10. I just have a hard time extending Copper into the Image era, and post Image era, which is what Heroes Reborn really was, the concession that the big talents that defected to start Image (mostly) couldn't create enduring characters, so kiss and make-up with Marvel (and DC later for Jim Lee ) because we aren't as rich as we thought we were gonna be. Copper to me is quintessentially the Direct Market, Pacific, Eclipse, The Dark Knight, Miller DD, Crisis, Secret Wars, Mutant Madness, Watchmen, Sandman, it was the Writer's era, they dominated what defined comics, Image was the next age, all sty
  11. What to call "now" is always a challenge compared to time and distance from the past, but clearly the "modern" era can't be 20+ years. I'd argue that the modern era (now) began with the MCU in 2008. The Movie era, specifically the MCU has transformed the hobby as we know it today. Previous movie hype never had as dramatic an effect with Batman, Super-man, the Fox Movies (any of them) or even the Raimi Spidey films. I'd mark Copper's end with what defines the beginning of the Chromium age in my mind- with the launch of Image.
  12. It's the only Gil Kane cover where you can't see up anyone's nose. That's why it's so jarring. It's not even typical Kane. It looks like someone blew up a panel from a random comic and made a cover of it. Then there's the 3 inkers on the interior, one being Chic Stone who should never ink BWS, and one page penciled by Sal and it looks like High School leftovers for Friday lunch.
  13. oh without a doubt, Bob would be apoplectic, but that's pop culture. The best of the best will retains some nominal value for it's historical significance, but everything else will whither. The same will happen to a good portion of the GA comics, the non-hero, non-adventure, non-horror. Think of all the funny animal that are not in Disney or TW portfolio. Andy Panda? Oswald the Rabbit? All the photo covers of 50's TV, Westerns, Classics Illustrated, 4-color, Dells? Dead money in 10 years if not sooner. Older Boomers have no one to pass that junk on to. The can just watch MeTV and clear out so
  14. virtually no one living has any genuine childhood nostalgia for anything Platinum. It would not surprise me if Overstreet drops the Platinum section of the guide entirely before the decade is out.