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  1. Actually, quite a number of us are “experts” on the subject, or at the very least well informed. You’re just not one of them. I was giving you guys an out about having to justify your purchasing decisions, because you should buy what you like,- it’s your money- but I will not indulge delusions of value compared to published art. You will lose that argument, badly, and credibility to boot.
  2. Commissions are a personal indulgence, no one else will ever covet the art or the experience as much as you. It's a nostalgia party of 1. It will never compete with an investment on widely published OA on a same dollar basis. In that sense, it's a depreciating asset I guess. Even if you sold it for 100% more in five years, it would likely be less than reselling 15K of published art with a larger pool of buyers all coveting the same art equally. If you have money to burn and enjoy it, groovy, but it's a waste of your time to try to rationalize or justify it. 1. You don't have to. 2 you can't. You made an emotional investment, not quantifiable.
  3. Dark Tower: Nice pick up! I always thought this was a cool game. My friend in Elementary had this game and we played it a bunch. I learned the word "Brigands" from this game. It appears that a remake is in the works for 2020:
  4. Dude- it’s Rabbit season as of yesterday in OK. It’s not Duck season for 2 more weeks
  5. Bring the Comic Art! We will have art and fanzines, and some really obscure magazines in addition to comics - 40 boxes of all sorts of Weird Paper.
  6. heh, Richard is about to get bumped up a notch as I will be youngest person I know going to OAF (and I"m not THAT much younger but I can say that I'm in my 40's and not from the 40's like the median attendee)
  7. @comix4fun Nerd cred restored....
  8. so all the boasted sales you've posted are completely hokum?
  9. umm, 1964 was a leap year, so everyone has to re-calculate their positions on this debate (I don't give a flying squirrel myself) And you call yourself NERDS. what a bunch of amateurs....
  10. Sooners will be @Kansas next weekend. The Red River Shoot-out is the following weekend. Thank god, I didn't want to deal with a home game during OAF or have to drive near Dallas if it was the Texas game.
  11. Picked up 7 Marvel Calendars: 1975-1981, including the Doctor Strange that’s usually $$ and hard to come by- all in nice shape