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  1. Thats a good book.mike grell outdid himself on that one +first lea tompkins important character!later played by morena bacarin in gotam,i love that book
  2. Its weird sometimes what really caught you and dont let of those things for me was way back when,my father wanted to show me the cartoons he was watching when he was younger though for me it stays a myth that he was once young,anyway he showed me on vas dr dooms day with ff and submariner bases on the book ff6.each week my father rented that tape it was my favorite even tough i didnt know a Word of english it didnt matter.when i saw ff6 in Montréal comic con in7.0 cgc white pages there was no question in my mind i bought it never regreted it,will never regret it.cant put a price on that
  3. Me what annoy me the most is not as much the first appearance in comics.the worst is first appearance in continuity of dc or marvel universe per example.hey come on they are in comics for years literally and then sudenly they are aproved in the universe continuity,i hate those so much and people pay high price for them.its like recognition that the character is now big enough to be in the universe continuity while the compagnies already made million with their other appearance,for me its hypocracy at its worst
  4. Find this little treasure 30 min ago in a flea market cant wait to try it
  5. Why will there never be a reedition star wars does them all the time why not?
  6. So because i chose a random name joining the board without knowing anything about previous players and spell in reverse an ancient boardi??
  7. What if 1 was more valuable than asm 129?wow never would have tought .