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  1. Wow thats a great book i would have probably done the same,you are lucky
  2. broke and dont have a retirement account yet.but no,not me just a bad time these few months but anyway its not much of a time to buy right now no big key for me,just trying to keep the keys to my appartment door
  3. Well if illustrated book counts,i would like to get my hand on vingt milles lieux sous les mers par jules verne first edition in mint condition(hey i am allowed to dream right?)
  4. Wow so much awesomeness,you really own the tittle of adamentium!nice finch sketch!with a snikt from claremont!
  5. At my father s house in his office on the wall
  6. If you are selling a 9.4 at 73dollars62 cents
  7. Its still an epic copy dont hide yourself in the fridge just for that