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  1. I suspect artists have a cover rate, and I don't see why they would get a different cover rate because the cover is a variant vs. regular. Malvin
  2. malvin

    Best of 2018 - Discuss your nominees here

    Thanks again to Brian and Bill for having the best of, here are my entries and runner ups Entries 1. Covers - Bernie Wrightson Captain Sternn cover Lowry Link I always enjoyed the Captain Sternn miniseries. I was hunting for a representative page and I guess this cover works! 2. Covers - Gary Frank Hulk 414 Hulk Cover with Silver Surfer Lowry Link Maybe this is a theme, but the Surfer issues of Hulk was something else that I wanted and representative page for, and I ended up with a cover! 3. Interior Pages - Todd McFarlane Hulk 338 page Lowry Link I'm one of the few people that like Todd McFarlane's Hulk run more than his Spidey run, but maybe it was due to the writing, but always glad to add more examples from that run. 4. Splash Page - Frank Quitely All Star Superman Splash Lowry Link People have said that Alan Moore's Supreme is a tribute to Superman. I think Grant Morrison's All Star Superman is his tribute to Supreme :P. Glad to have this splash 5. Convention Sketch - Frank Cho Daisy O'Dare Lowry Link I don't get as many convention sketches these days, since I go to less cons and also have most of what I want. But I still bought this one because it was checked off so many things Runner Ups The say the runner ups reflect how good your year was, and this year certainly reflects that. These would have been sure fire entries any other year except for this one: 1. Mike Zeck Punisher Cover Recreation - 2. Bisley Lobo page - the spelling bee! - 3. Grant Morrison Animal Man page with Animal Man! - 4. Dale Keown Hulk Sketch - 5. Steve Dillon Punisher Cover - Thanks for looking and thanks again to Brian and Bill! Malvin
  3. +1! I start mine at 1 cent. Malvin
  4. Hi Folks, One of the things in my unofficial want list (not written down and only in the back of my mind) was artwork from Bernie Wrightson's Captain Sternn. I only ever read the 90's miniseries published by Kitchen Sink so I wasn't after his earlier appearance. Pages are rare enough to begin with and the ones that did turn up didn't interest me, until now. I managed to buy the issue 1 unused front and back cover, as well as the corresponding colour guides. I even set up a new CAF Gallery just for it! link to CAF Gallery Thanks for listening and looking Malvin
  5. malvin

    Taurus Auctions

    It will be mutual, I won a couple of things too. Malvin
  6. Transparencies have generally been problematic, since some people just photocopy things onto transparency. I can't say if these are real or not, but saying that, the actual pen and ink pages for this comic would only be a few hundred and "real" production art would be a fraction of that, so even if it is real, I would estimate value in the 10s of dollars only. Malvin
  7. malvin

    Taurus Auctions

    So did anyone bid and win? Malvin
  8. I consider prelim unpublished. Malvin
  9. Heh, caf has a feature that shows upload by year, I use that as a guide
  10. Interesting. I have retracted bid unliterary without waiting for the seller to agree. Maybe they are different processes and we are both right. Malvin
  11. People could have removed it from their Lowry Malvin
  12. I think up to 12 hours before an auction ends, a seller can cancel bids and a bidder can retract bids. I don't think they both have to agree. Malvin
  13. I agree for the most part. It might go for more than $250, but no way it's worth anywhere near $750. Malvin
  14. Great to cover pieces that were really auctioned. It was in the back of my mind but I never did a detailed comparison