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  1. Heh, Joseph's collection is so big he isn't even sure if he still owns certain pieces and where it is Malvin
  2. They are, and they can co-exist. If you are looking for something specific, then yes, if you miss it then it could be gone (e.g. one of 4 covers to a 4 issue limited series) Another piece that interest you could turn up, but likely a different title that scratches a different itch. Malvin
  3. Are you the same Tony that helped my sell my Crain C-3P0 piece? Malvin
  4. Hi Folks, I have a bunch of items at the current comiclink auctions, ranging from the 60's to modern. Take a look and bid! Help me afford these ever increasing art prices! The items and current prices are: 1. Vintage 1968 Bob Brown Detective Comics page with Robin - $75 2. Classic 1983 Rich Buckler Justice League of America Issue 211 page - $30 3. Jim Cheung FF Thing vs. Dr. Doom half splash - $195 4. Green Lantern Emerald Dawn Volume 1 Issue 2 Opening page by Giffen, Bright, and Tanghal - $55 5. Vintage Bob Hall Avengers 220 Page with Captain America, Iron
  5. Was that mean to be rhetorical or satirical? The only time I ever head of people collecting Soccer cards was Gene talking about it here! Then again, I only frequent OA collecting boards. I am sure it is frequently discussed in trading cards or Soccer boards. Malvin
  6. I don't know the Guice or Dr. Strange market but a quick search of completed auctions show a couple of Guice Dr. Strange panel pages that sold for 350 to 375 from 2017 to 2019, so this could be a $400 page today. Malvin
  7. Thanks again for Bill and Brian for organizing this, as well as all the participants. Here are my selections and runner ups. CAF Link to all here 1. Covers - Frank Quitely All Star Superman Wizard Cover Even though I'm more of a Batman fan, I thought Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's All Star Superman was the best Superman story since Alan Moore's Supreme so I'm glad to get this cover 2. Splashes - John Cassaday Captain America Splash When I first saw Cassday's Captain America covers, it was so striking that it led me to read the storyline. I had to flip the
  8. I thought it was a Ernst & Raab was a paper or stationary company Malvin
  9. I'm not a Kirby expert, but this seller has both a Kirby, a Simonson and a Robinson Batman: I managed to ask Simonson and this was his reply: I can't be sure, but I think this isn't by me. Some of it looks like lines I might draw. I'm inclined to think it's a copy of one of my sketches. The signature in particular does not look like m
  10. I think that's why it's the "A" page valuation. Of course there is some subjectivity and everyone will think their page is the most special in the world, but you captured it, 4 panels, main hero fighting main villain would be an A page Malvin
  11. well, this is by no means definitive, but I don't store my warped pages (due to ink wash and watercolour) any differently, in a mylar sleeve, in a thick stack. Malvin
  12. I'm sure Golden age experts can chime in, but the first thing I wanted to check whether or not they were even called "DC" back then. Wikipedia says: Despite the official names "National Comics" and "National Periodical Publications", the company began branding itself as "Superman-DC" as early as 1940, and the company became known colloquially as DC Comics for years before the official adoption of that name in 1977 So I am skeptical. Malvin
  13. to me, that phrase means nothing. It just means it was drawn on a marvel art board. I can draw my stick figures and say it's "Rendered in ink over graphite on Marvel Bristol board" Malvin