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  1. Thread is closed. Thanks for stopping by 🙂
  2. Reduced prices on a couple books. Feel free to PM offers
  3. MONSTERS ON THE PROWL 17 CGC 9.2 W (White Mountain copy) - $100
  4. Hey all, Selling a few books for a friend. Feel free to shoot some offers, as I have permission to negotiate 😆 RULES No probees, HOSers, etc... in the thread trumps any unresolved PM deals Shipping - Free for CONUS - Canada, other countries please PM Payment - PayPal preferred, also take Check/MO Time payments option available The books: ASM 12 CGC 9.4 ow SOLD! FF 33 CGC 9.4 ow SOLD! Groovy 1 CGC 9.4 w Monsters on the Prowl 17 CGC 9.2 w (White Mountain copy) Feel free to shoot offers and thanks for looking!
  5. Conan 1 has sold. Thanks everyone!
  6. I have some wiggle room, so Conan 1 reduced to $1400 shipped