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  1. Thread is closed. Thanks for looking!
  2. This happened to me with my economy sub last week...All the info disappeared in QC until it hit F/I/S
  3. I will entertain reasonable offers. Thread closes Thursday at 10pm EST Thanks for looking!
  4. Harvey 4 CGC 9.2 White pages. 2nd highest graded behind Barton’s lone 9.4. $195 SHIPPED (US) - Canada, other countries please PM me
  5. Hey all, just one book for now. Rules: No probees, HOS, etc... Price is shipped US - Canada and other countries please PM first I accept PayPal, Check, MO No returns on CGC graded books
  6. Thanks Barton! I was hoping for a higher grade on the Harvey, but failed to see a faint corner crease Red covers are my nemesis
  7. Just arrived from CGC this morning. Thanks @joeypost 🙂
  8. Yeah the carpet looks a different color than the others
  9. Sometimes you can’t own a highest graded copy of an issue UNLESS it’s a Pedigree. The only other 9.8 is the Suscha News copy
  10. discuss...