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  1. Circle of IS Wabbit Season after all
  2. Hey Matt, Could you REMOVE Secret Defenders 14 from the Thanos Master Set? I just went through the book and verified there is no Thanos appearance or flashback cameo Thanks!
  3. Wow that looks like a fun one to try to find in 9.8 I actually do fairly well when searching for black covers. Red covers are my nemesis 😔
  4. Hello all, I have a nice CGC 9.6 White Page copy of ASM 55 in the current Comiclink Fall Featured auction Bid on my book so I can spend the money on other books 😁 Heres the scan, link is below Thanks for looking!
  5. Over the years I had this happen to me multiple times with UPS, both shipped out and received from them Will never use them again
  6. Hello all, Selling this nice picture frame Marvel. Thread Title says it all. Rules: No probees, HOS members, etc... Payment - PayPal or Check preferred Shipping - Price of the book includes shipping. Will ship anywhere in CONUS. Canada, International please add $20 to the shipped price No returns on CGC graded books offers welcome - PM me! Thanks for looking! Here’s the book: Amazing Spider-Man #106 CGC 9.6 White Pages - SOLD