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  1. I’m very saddened by the news. He was a good man and deserved better. We exchanged many books over the years. When I reached out to him last year to resolve an issue, he told me of his illness. It was a gut punch and a reminder how precious and short life is. What a horrible year 2020 has been. So much pain and loss RIP Bob you are already missed
  2. Why are my 9.8 prescreen moderns not being treated as such when being processed in receiving? I was just charged for all of the books in the submission on my CC, but the invoice/packing list clearly stated 9.8 prescreen on it. Why am I being charged the full amount of the submission when they haven’t even been graded yet? Aren’t prescreens not supposed to be charged, at least until they have made the determination of what books made the cut? This is not the first time this has happened, and it’s starting to get annoying. It feels like I have to call customer service every time I submit books. Also, at some point will submission tracking be able to show what books made the cut before they hit Finalized /Imaged/Shipped status (like they used to)?
  3. Anyone else’s submission status disappear? I’m getting a statement that I haven’t subbed anything in the past 8 months.
  4. I was just charged for additional shipping, even though they are supposed to use my personal FedEx account. For some reason it wasn’t shipped under my account. I verified with FedEx that it wasn’t charged to me. Still sucks that it happened though...