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  1. Thread will close tonight at 9pm EST Thanks for looking!🙂
  2. The rest of the books have been added to the original post 🙂
  3. Let’s see if this does anything... SPECIAL PACKAGE DEAL ASM 60 CGC 9.6oww SS Stan Lee and 63 CGC 9.4 COW $8200 shipped for the pair BC scans now posted for both books remaining
  4. Amazing Spider-Man Annual 7 CGC 9.6oww CVA Exceptional. $SOLD
  5. ASM 63 price is firm. If it doesn’t sell by tomorrow evening, I will be pulling it from the thread. Will likely post a couple of more books tomorrow.
  6. Amazing Spider-Man 63 CGC 9.4 COW $3200 I usually just let the books speak for themselves, but I cannot stress how insanely tough this book is in HG (9.0+). No, it isn’t the prettiest wrap, and it has COW pages. They are the only reasons I have listed it $800 below 9.4 GPA high
  7. Amazing Spider-Man 60 CGC 9.6 oww Signature Series - Stan Lee $5700