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    You say it's your birthday! na na na na naah naah! I'll make birthday threads for you!

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  1. djpinkpanther67

    This week in your collection?

    He’s found quite a few of them. I’ve been looking for one for years
  2. djpinkpanther67

    Infinite Marvel Picture Frame books

    Nice book Barton!
  3. djpinkpanther67

    Legal Size Scanner thread.

    Anyone have a suggestion for an all in one printer/scanner that’s good for scanning slabs? Preferably CCD technology
  4. djpinkpanther67

    Key issue comics under $100 That you can get now?

    To the OP Superman MOS 18 is a key
  5. djpinkpanther67

    Post your newest Pedigrees!!!

    Savannah with WP? Wow! All of the BA stuff I have seen has been cow-oww PQ
  6. djpinkpanther67

    13 years ago today...

    Congrats! I miss the I love joeypost thread
  7. Thanks for the reply! Nice funny books! GLWTS!
  8. Good luck on the Conan run! 11 & 12 will be tough! would you happen to have ASM 144, 148 in CGC 9.8?
  9. djpinkpanther67

    Give me your top 10 favorite comic artists

    Frank Frazetta Jack Kirby Neal Adams Barry Smith Jim Starlin Jim Steranko John Byrne Gil Kane Frank Miller Bernie Wrightson
  10. djpinkpanther67


    MGC 67, 75, 76, 77 add to my pile
  11. djpinkpanther67


    GLXMas 1 Silver Surfer 55-59 Silver Surfer 59 Silver Surfer 75
  12. djpinkpanther67

    Twelve Years of BlowingUpTheMoon

    Congrats NOOB!