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  1. Sadly, I was the under-bidder on this one. Congrats....and sorry for bidding you up.
  2. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New book added on 11-20)

    A new dilemma: One of these has to get kicked out. Number 157 has white pages, but there are 4 of them on the census. Number 158 has OW/W pages, but it is the single highest graded copy. I am leaning toward keeping the 158, but haven't decided yet. Thoughts? Making room for a couple Mile High books!
  3. I really wanted this one! I am glad nobody outbid me. I had no intention of winning this. But...nobody outbid me.
  4. I tried for the Blue Beetle, but failed. Congrats on an awesome book.
  5. Comicsarefun

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    I got the two books I wanted most! Plus a couple others.
  6. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New book added on 11-20)

    Yes, I have emotional attachments to certain books! They won't get kicked out unless I find something better. When they do get kicked out, I get to sell them and put the money toward yet another keeper. It seems to be working...for now.
  7. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New book added on 11-20)

    That is a good question. I guess it came down to space, money, and a change of collecting interests. When I had the massive collection, it didn't include most of the books I have now. I couldn't afford these comics, because my money was all tied up in cheap runs. I couldn't enjoy them, because they were stored in boxes piled atop each other. As I transitioned toward higher end books, I lost even more interest in bulk. Having been a boarder-line hoarder, it was somewhat liberating to let them go and spend the money on better quality items. With the bulk gone, my wife has reclaimed the majority of the house and is happier with my hobby. I still have the same passion to collect, just going about it on a different path.
  8. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New book added on 11-20)

    In all honesty, I think I might like My Intimate Affair's cover better as well. The early Spectre appearance, however, makes for a better overall pick for me. If I can only find the right copy of Blue Beetle #54, it will take the top spot of mirror covers! There is still some chance that all three could end up in the top 50 at some point.
  9. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New book added on 11-20)

    Book #16 side story.... On an early December night in 1973, my mom asked me to fetch my favorite comic for her. I sifted through my comics and picked out the one that had the best cover; Marvel's Greatest Comics #42. She tore the cover off right in front of me and handed the remainder. No big deal....I went back to playing with football cards. Christmas morning came and the reason for the dastardly act of comic destruction was revealed; This brings me to comic entry #16. Marvel's Greatest Comics #42 is the rightful owner of the slot, but a 9.2 (with amazing deep colors) is the best copy I could find. When I found this... I fell in love with it. As a result, I kicked out the most important comic of my childhood. I couldn't get rid of it, so it became #16B. So much for limiting myself to 50 comics.
  10. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New book added on 11-20)

    This is a great book, but there is no more room for it. I hate kicking out high grade to add mid-grade, but the added book is just too cool. I bought this book to flip, but it is really pretty. I have decided to keep it!
  11. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New book added on 11-20)

    I'm kicking out my 3rd favorite mirror cover.... And I am replacing it with my 2nd favorite mirror cover.
  12. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New book added on 11-20)

    It is time to dump this. I bought a copy that I didn't love to fill a hole. It was going up so fast I thought I may not ever get one. Sadly, I need to move on until I find the right one. I am adding this book, which I absolutely love....
  13. Hi-School Romance 1, 6, & 10 none have been pressed #6 is a file copy. CGC 9.0 CR - OW. The cover is nicer than the grade. Corners seem perfect so something on the inside must have brought the grade down. #10 is a file copy. CGC 8.5 LT-OW. Cover is also nicer than the grade, but not as nice as #9. #1 CGC 5.0 LT-OW. Cover is also nicer than the grade. A little bumping at the bottom of spine. $99 for all three ($33 per slab )