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  1. Does anybody out there have a poster that they ordered from the Frazetta catalog? Does the canvas textured paper match the ones that I have? Is there any manufacturing printing on the poster?
  2. Wombat, What year is that catalog from? Are they still printing catalogs like that today? Thank you!
  3. They are definitely textured, with a canvas type finish. Everything they owned was vintage, so I am pretty sure I have these are not modern knockoffs. Thanks you for your input.
  4. These have to be the right ones. Thank you so much for your input! You are awesome.
  5. I have a collection of the rolled Fairfax editions in their original plastic sleeves. I think there were 15 different ones of those available at the time. These are flat and were printed on much nicer paper. There are roughly 90 different ones (100 total) in this collection. I also purchased bulk Frazetta 1977 calendars, and 1978 Star Wars calendars from the same people. Along with a 1978 Frank Frazetta Schlitz Beer, Columbia County Fair Rodeo poster. Everything they had was vintage. I am just hoping I can figure out the exact origin of these!
  6. These were purchased from an estate of a long time collector, and were in his possession for decades. There were also many other vintage 70's posters and prints, some signed and dated. I am aware of the cheap print by demand Frazetta stuff available and these are not that. Heritage info leads me to believe they have some connection to Fairfax, but clearly not the posters available through Spencer's in the late 70's early 80's.
  7. Hi all, I just purchased 100 Frazetta posters / prints, and I don't know what they are. They have no manufacturing printing anywhere on them. They are printed on thick paper that has a canvas like texture that is not smooth like a typical poster. The sizes are all over the place, but are generally poster size. Frazetta dated the original paintings from the 1960s into the 1990s. Does anybody know who printed them and what era they are from? Thanks
  8. We have sold all three of the books. The general consensus is that these are prototype copies. Issue 285 seems to have surfaced a couple of times in the past. There doesn't appear to be any record of the other two existing. Thanks for all the help (and offers)
  9. In the same purchase also found some Spawn #302 variants which I realized are not even at the comic stores until tomorrow...and he had these last week.
  10. Great info. I really appreciate the help. The prototype theory is interesting as these came from an Image employee.
  11. Hi all, I just bought some Spawn comics from a friend of an Image Comics business rep. There are three comics that I can't find record of on eBay or MyComicShop. Does anybody know what the deal is with these? Any help would be appreciated.
  12. I stumbled upon a 1930 Mickey Moue Book and I'm looking for some help. It looks like it is the 2nd printing, but it has the signed and dated Christmas greeting on the inside front cover. Overstreet (2014 guide) says that there is only one known copy and listed it for $6,000 in Fine. Ebay only has the version without the greeting. Mine is in Fair, but presents well. Is this really an expensive book, or am I excited for no reason. I don't really want to keep it, but I don't want to let it for too little if it is truly special. Also, I am unsure if the signature is real or printed. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!