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  1. Hi, I just bought a collection of Venom Lethal Protector #1-5. I now need 28 copies of #6 in VF/NM or better. I would prefer to buy them in mass. Please help!
  2. Comicsarefun

    [CLOSED] Detective Comics 22 CGC 5.0 SOLD

    Any chance of a back cover pic? Thanks
  3. Comicsarefun

    House of Secrets #92 CGC 9.4

    $8,000 Shipped in the US
  4. Just one book today..... The rules: Payment by check or money order only. Time payments available, with a 20% non-refundable down payment. (Contact me to work out the details) Open to trades for up to half of the cost of the book. PM me with any deals you want to make, but the first in the main thread gets it.
  5. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New books added on 01-10)

    I need to make room for another Mile High, so I am letting go of this one. It is really pretty for a comic in Fine, so I hate to kick it out. I am very excited to add a Mile High, Matt Baker comic.
  6. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New books added on 01-10)

    I don't have room for two Spider-Man 30 cent variants, so one has to go. I guess this one loses. I have always desired to include a nice underground comic book in my collection. I wanted it to be from the early 1970's and contain inappropriate, distasteful content. After years of searching for the right one, I decided to over-spend on this one. This 1971 beauty contains the 1st appearance of Cherry Poptart by Larry Welz.
  7. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New books added on 01-10)

    It is time for this one to go. I found it cool to own, but it is one that can be repurchased if need be. Perhaps if I can find the right 9.6, X-Men 94 will find its way back. In its place, a Mile High book and the oldest book in my collection.
  8. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New books added on 01-10)

    Thanks for the kind words! I only get to keep one, so.... Yes, I have emotional attachments to certain books! They won't get kicked out unless I find something better. When they do get kicked out, I get to sell them and put the money toward yet another keeper. It seems to be working...for now.
  9. 3 in hand, 2 more on the way!
  10. Sadly, I was the under-bidder on this one. Congrats....and sorry for bidding you up.
  11. Comicsarefun

    My Top 50 (New books added on 01-10)

    A new dilemma: One of these has to get kicked out. Number 157 has white pages, but there are 4 of them on the census. Number 158 has OW/W pages, but it is the single highest graded copy. I am leaning toward keeping the 158, but haven't decided yet. Thoughts? Making room for a couple Mile High books!
  12. I really wanted this one! I am glad nobody outbid me. I had no intention of winning this. But...nobody outbid me.
  13. I tried for the Blue Beetle, but failed. Congrats on an awesome book.
  14. Comicsarefun

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    I got the two books I wanted most! Plus a couple others.