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  1. Park


    He did that long ago. Good old Obadiah Oldbuck.
  2. I would assume because he has burned through 1000 other names at this point.
  3. So which one of you IS the gatekeeper? Asking for a friend.
  4. The theory here is that everyone here is adults and can have real, viable conversations without the need for moderation. In theory.
  5. I'm not too interested in getting to know everyone on these boards. I have several real life friends here as do many others. Just not gonna try for everyone. I am interested in holding people accountable for flat out making stuff up about me though.
  6. This discussion is about as on topic for this thread as you could possibly get. Some people think the board is just a bunch of maniacs who accost everyone who posts. Some think the board is full of men children who throw their toys and run to the mods whenever someone disagrees with them. Both are reasons why someone on the outside may or may not avoid these boards.
  7. Without scrutiny leads to people lying and making stuff up. Scrutiny has exposed some nefarious stuff in this hobby on these very boards. People can do without being tools but no scrutiny? Not gonna be able to agree with that.
  8. Feel that way? What way would that be? Not having someone tell a bald faced lie? There are plenty of board members here who are tools. There are plenty here who need an azz beating. That's the world and the internet multiplies it by infinity. That doesn't give anyone the right to just make up stuff. Kav made stuff up. And for me personally, I still chafe at the definition of contributing? What does that actually mean? Starting posts about comic books contributing? Making people laugh contributing? Donating to charity threads contributing? Making real life friends contributing? Maybe I'll start a thread.
  9. Kav, you have called me a liar multiple times in this thread. No excellent recall needed. It's a few posts ago. One of them was that I was your main attackers from the word go. The other one was that I started PMing you. The PM you sent me a few months after you started posting here is 100% relevant. You say untrue things, I am gonna call you on it if I am bored enough.