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  1. Stage 4 Cancer sell off. Please look at ebay listings and make an offer Need to sell so wife doesn't have to deal with. ebay listings link
  2. That was Pinocchio, not DonaldDuck. I left the yarn in and cgc certified it with a blue label Still in my registry set
  3. I don't know how serious you are about the different Reddy Kilowatt varities. They could drive you crazy. I have several of the #3 to go with my Kite Fun Books. I have the following of: 3A (1956) Generic Indicia box 3B (1956) SCE indicia box 3C (1957) Same as 3B but with a completely different cover. It appears SCE used these EC giveaways in 1956 & 1957 instead of kite fun books, but switch back to kite fun books in 1958. 3D(?) (1960) Same as 3A but with a 1960 copyright date and Metropolitan Electric printed at bottom of back cover. Years ago I saw a "Reddy Kilowatt" promo product catalog from 1960. Your utility could purchase different products, including Huckleberry Hound Kite Fun Book for $14.95 per thousand, and Reddy Kilowatt: The Space Kite (and #1 & #2) for $19.95 per thousand. You could have your utility name printed on the comics for additional fee. So, you really don't know what is out there.
  4. My understanding is an original owner from Florida received a copy of each of 1953 Pinocchio and 1954 Donald at a FP&L public information event in 1955 or so. That individual provided the photocopy of the cover to overstreet many years ago which is the bases for the listing. An individual borrowed it from the individual and compared to SCE and found the differences on page 7. I communicated that individual a couple of years ago about the Generic (blank box) copy after I busted it from the CGC case. Page 7 of the Generic and Page 7 of the FP&L matched. I assume the "label" copy mentioned in overstreet may also be different then SCE (A blank box with a utility label sticker.) Somewhere I got a copy of a Reddy Kilowatt products catalog from 1961. At the time, the utilities could order Kite Fun Books with either blank box or with their name printed on. Price was 14.95 per thousand. SCE and PG&E seem to get theirs directly from Western.