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  1. Never updated my club submission since its been in hand. Hope the Disney+ Wolverine anthology is truly a go. Great character in the MCU.
  2. Good luck. Wish I had that ASM 3. Think that one is out of reach.. Never know though.
  3. I am 6 days early....Couldn't wait. Freshly added to the collection today.
  4. Maybe have them crack, press and then grade it after to get a new set of eyes on it.
  5. That is one hell of a good looking 1.0 . When a lower grade presents much higher you have a winner on your hand. My 2.5 presents better than some 3.5's I've seen and your looks better than mine.
  6. Regardless of the .2 difference, I think it was a great pickup. I believe GR is eventually coming to the MCU. Cosmic GR would be such a badass. Also can be a way to get the punisher in beforehand.
  7. I never said they were. Just pointing out the sale and comparing it to current listings.
  8. 4.5 blue label sold on ebay last night just shy of $4k. Which compared to most listings in & around that grade is low. Late night auction.
  9. Great box opening day. This cover always epitomized Silver Age to me.
  10. This beauty arrived the other day. Diamond eye variant. Limited to 299.
  11. Thanks. Actually picked it up in IG claim sale. Seller estimated it at 7.5. I think it is an 8 at least. C&P will definitely bring it higher.