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  1. I have been collecting since I was 9 so 13 years of collecting! And a downturn is like the stock market. It's doesn't go down. It gets cheap!
  2. I mean... I made $6k+ in 2 days selling books I got for dirty cheap Collection I payed $1100 for... It's all selling through my Instagram. I make more money selling and buying comics then I do with the stock market. The stock market is not a tangible item. People have no faith in the government ( I don't ) or the stock market since it's all rigged like everything is now a days. I made insane amounts of money through gamestop. I saw it on reddit and played along and I made $15k+. But now I am banned from robinhood for taking part in what billionaire's do and our politicians. So I realized with
  3. I use my unemployment money 😂 and money aid from the government. I just went on unemployment and claimed Covid was the cause and laid off because of Covid. I make $600 a week more then I made Actually working. 😂 And $1400 went right too comics and stocks. So that's where the money is coming from. The people who are my age also are not investing into the 'traditional' stock market. They are buying tangible items for insurance. Like gamestop. After that shindig everyone on this one reddit post who made gamestop jump up all pulled out of the stock market after we knew it's rigg
  4. I mean FF #1 was always expensive and when compared to DC keys its not even coming close to the popularity or cost. Popularity in terms of how much the keys increases per year. 2018 $2 Mill for Action Comics #1 and the same copy less than three years later sold for $3.25 Mill Before I got into comics I did not even hear or know about FF or even X-Men. My girlfriend found out about FF and X-Men when we started to date back in 2017.
  5. well a google search shows that Superman is the most popular and most known super heros of all time, while batman and spidey flip flop for second and third. When I first got into comics Superman the tv show just started to maybe thats why kids around my age are closer to superman then batman.
  6. 19 people that are in that age area, I know 5 or 6 younger people but they only collect spec books for a quick flip.
  7. at my age branch like 22-25 I see more Golden Age Superman, Action Comics collectors then I do batman or detective. In fact, I have one friend who only collects anything with a big banners like More fun, Adventure, Action etc. My close comic book friends in the hobby mainly collect Golden Age superman/ action comics and we as a whole collect the modern superman stories as well (if it is actually good). Do not get me wrong Spiderman is a good character but after a specific age it does not age well. Like after high school for me personally I lost connection with spiderman and felt as though its
  8. eh I think marvel books (most of them not all) are way over hyped. I have keys from both but marvel always felt as though it was the same thing over and over again with similar characters and events while DC felt like a tv show that could be from horror all the way to a sitcom you know? I love Avengers, FF and some X-men but daredevil is a lackluster hero, Captain America at the end of the day is lack luster with not many interesting villains besides Dr Doom and redskull. I cant even name any other good villain for them tbh.
  9. I mean the same could be said about the X-men or FF. Heck even wolverine. I think you are giving marvel to much credit. I do have key issues from both but I think that everyone can safely say that the top three everyone knows are Superman, Batman and spiderman. DC holds the top superheros in family homes. My niece even knows superman before spiderman and batman because of the new kids show.
  10. I am a 22 year old and I have a better connection to superman then I do to batman. Batman is to realistic and not something I can get lost in while superman and the other DC heros are just simply from another world (Not a pun) but like how its impossible to become one of them which makes it interesting to me. If I wanna escape life I grab a superman book. you know? sometimes batman is just to real.