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  1. Hang in there Mr Joey. Hope you recover quickly.
  2. I had a few ads for a brief period circa '79-'80. It was fun running to the mailbox everyday and get letters hopefully with $5 or $10 in them. At the time I was saving for an X-Men 1. Someday, I will hunt down one of those ads and see what I was selling.
  3. I have 2 copies, one purchased at my LCS and one off of Amazon and they both have all the pages.
  4. I believe that is 3rdgreenham. Here is another angle.
  5. It's one of those Magic-Eye Stereo images. You just have to let your eyes relax and look into the image.
  6. "We're going off the rails on the Forum Train......" 2008
  7. Because I did the back cover. Thanks to Conan (and Buddy) for once again giving me an opportunity to stick some graphics into a high profile spot. I have been buying the OSPG religiously every year since 1976 and never dreamed I would someday have something to do with it. Anyway, just wanted to share. Hopefully this will get me into all the conventions early so I can buy all the good stuff.
  8. I know! It took me all morning to catch up with the latest developments.