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  1. Wolverinex is cleaning up! Thank you, sir!
  2. 50% off is a go until midnight EST. Thanks for looking!
  3. Friday 03/05 10pm until midnight EST; Everything is 50% OFF. The only exclusions are Hellblazer set, Lucifer set and, X-Men Lot which have all been reduced. Items $10 and under are exempt, (but still 25% off) so $10.01 and up are 50% off. Please denote the amount off (25% or 50%) when claiming items in the thread. This is not necessary, but will help me a lot to compile invoices. That's it! 10pm, T-Minus 2 hours.
  4. FRIDAY UPDATE Plastic Man #1-4 Full Set NM-, w $10 The World Of Krypton #1-4 Full Set NM, w $10 The World Of Smallville #1-4 NM, w $8 Hawk & Dove #1-5 Full Set VF/NM, w $8 Dr. Fate #1-4 Full Set NM-, w $15 Nightcat #1 Premier Issue NM, w $8 Serenity Better Days #1-3 Full Set VF/NM, w + Float Out VF, w $15 Saga Of The Sub-Mariner #1-12 Full Set NM-
  5. Huntress #1-5 NM, w (beautiful, HG copies) $30 Hellblazer City Of Demons #1-5 Full Set NM-, w $25 Crimson Avenger #1-4 Full Set NM-, w (excellent gloss/color) $12 Batman Vengeance Of Bane II VF, w $8 Superman For Earth GN TPB NM, w $8 Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy #1-3 Full Set GN TPB NM, w $15 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles LOT Of 17 VF/NM, w (IMAGE, 1996) #1, 3-5, 11-21 http
  6. Emma Frost #1-18 Full Set 8.5-9.2, w (2003, Greg Horn covers) $60
  7. Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade #1-4 Full Set NM-, w $40
  8. ODDS & ENDS Lobo Unbound #1-6 Full Set NM-, w $30 Nightcrawler #1-4 Full Set VF/NM, w $12 Alice Cooper The Last Temptation #1-3 Full Set NM, w $15 X-Men Origins LOT Of 3 Nightcrawler (VF+), Sabretooth (NM-), Wolverine (VF/NM), all w $15 Wolverine: Father NM, w $13 The War #1-4 Full Set GN TPB NM, w $12 (beautiful, unread copies) Black Orchid #1-3 Full Set GN TPB NM, w h
  9. 20% OFF. Much more coming today. Always open to offers.
  10. HELLBLAZER HELLBLAZER #1-300 Full Set VF/NM, w Bad Blood #1-4, Books Of Magic 1 & 2, Chas The Knowledge #1-5, Lady Constantine #1-4, Papa Midnite (all full sets) + Secret Files #1, Suicide Bridge, Annual #1 (323 issues in total) A vast majority of the 323 included issues are above 9.0, but I prefer to grade tightly and have a pleasantly surprised buyer as opposed to over promising and under delivering. This is a personal set which was bought monthly, read and then stored away for the duration of the series. Due to its size alone, this is a tough set to put together, but also co
  11. Mac Man - Yes, besides the 4 noted. (#1c, 5b, 10b, 13b variants)