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  1. that's great! i love katee- she was terrific in battlestar galactica and in longmire............ and even though the show "another life" is a trainwreck in general, she is really good in it. looking forward to seeing her in the mandalorian.
  2. how about the giant size x-men 1 page price of 17.5k + BP?
  3. i think jim starlin with both captain marvel and warlock should rank pretty high- he pretty much defined cosmic to me.
  4. yes, it looks to be from the daredevil versus bullseye mini series, issue 1- certainly not by frank miller
  5. i think that is a recreation and not the original cover even.
  6. he should have won it two years ago and saved himself 9k!
  7. you missed the neal adams avengers 96 page that tanked on comic link!
  8. yes, some really good portfolios from sqp- the Black Widow by Gulacy, 2 really good Marvel Team Ups, the Michael Golden Doctor Strange, the Starlin Metamorphosis Odyssey............... there is a really nice one by Frank Brunner called "Stormbringer, the world of Elric"............
  9. it is the Jack Kirby Masterworks, Carlo.
  10. albert moy owns (or owned) the original art to the 1977 card. it is on his CAF gallery. BWS sent me and autographed that first card in 2002 when i purchased some art from him.
  11. for the material that i follow- the stronger, more desirable pieces, things like the byrne ff page, the buscema ff 112 pages, etc..... i was very surprised at the final hammer for the j g jones black widow cover. everything else was kind of blah. it was a buyer's market for sure. could be that what gene says, that the market has cooled for non-A material.
  12. I agree with you others. While i have not bought from tom in a long time, i did pick up many things from him early on. he did business the right way, in a friendly, professional matter and was quick to reply to questions. i wish him the best.