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  1. robert frey

    How do sellers feel about selling at HA?

    As far as dealing with the auction houses themselves, that has gone quite well. Every one has been very professional and helpful and flexible with me so no complaints there. As for the actual auctions themselves, that is another story. While it can be debated as to the quality of the material I have submitted to them, in my mind, in general, the pieces have all been at least respectable and probably deserved better fates. If I was not able to negotiate waiving the BP with heritage, I would really get hammered but even with that, my results, in my mind, are at least 15-20% below expectation, in general. I have also done much better in private deals. I am constantly amazed at the prices some pieces get (which mine don't)
  2. robert frey

    November HA OA auction

    the starlin cosmic piece went from nowhere to somewhere in a hurry!
  3. robert frey

    November HA OA auction

    I guess it tells you that you should always think about a reserve on something that is not slam dunk A-material. That was a great piece and deserved a better fate................... that poor guy probably is devastated but HA got their cut so they moved on..................
  4. Hi Folks, I am offering a few things for sale: they are the following: 1- George Perez JLA/Avengers 4 page 19- super detail with a number of assemblers and JLAers in the middle of some heavy action- 1750 2- J G Jones Black Widow 3 variant cover- fully painted! art on two boards- the Widow on one and the Cat and Sniper Scope on another- 2500 3- J G Jones Black Widow Illustration - 900 : all pencil! Published in an issue of Wizard magazine, this was done around the time of the 1998 mini-series and features both Widows and Daredevil. This could have been planned to be a cover or just a pin up. 4- Ultimates 8 Cover- 1875 Bryan Hitch/Andrew Currie . From the ground-breaking book. will come with prelim 5- Paul Gulacy Black Diamond 2 Cover- 1350 Sybil Danning has never looked better! Some of the inks are in marker and have turned purple. 6- Steve Rude Captain America/Sharon Carter commission- 600. Please post here or PM me if Interested in something! Thank You! Robert Frey
  5. thank you- I have been out of the game for a while. what is involved with getting a book press/cleaned? having that kind of work these days is not frowned upon, correct?
  6. I am going to say no- doesn't look like it to me. here are more pics
  7. bought this book an eternity ago- it was tough to get back then in high grade (talking 1990 or so) and it is still tough today.
  8. thank you both very much for your opinions! it is very appreciated!
  9. I could also use an opinion on these as well- thank you!
  10. Hi folks, Would love to see your opinion on these two books! thank you!
  11. robert frey

    Kickstarter projects

    Here is my take: 1- Starstruck- 5 years later and I am still awaiting for my Kaluta sketch piece. Book was 4 years late. 2- Collectors book of Virgil Finlay- delivered on time (Excellent) 3- P Craig Russell Sketchbook Archives- delivered on time (or very close to it if I recall correctly) 4- The Art of Ploog- delivered on time reward was published art 5- Kros (Ostrander/Mandrake)- Book about 2 years late- reward was published art 6- Nexus Compendium- Book was not and never will be completed. Was offered something else as a substitute but no refund. 7- Hexer Dusk- (Ostrander/Duursema)- Book almost 2 years late. Still being worked on. Probably at least 6 months from being sent to backers. 8- Drawing Beautiful Women- Frank Cho- book delivered on time 9- Of Dust and Blood (Val Mayerik)- Book on Custer- very, very later (2 years?) 10- Dave Cockrum Futurians- Book very, very late (2 years?)- got OA as reward 11- Tim Truman Scout- pending 12- Simon Bisley sketchbook- pending with Sketch 13- Jim Starlin Artbook and Novella - about to be shipped- just the books 14- Ploog volume 2 15- Jill Thompson Scary Godmother Doll- (just the doll)- 4 years late. Quite surprising as many of the creators had worked for the big two publishers and had excellent track records in getting work done in a timely manner..I am going to say that in general, when there is little to no work to be done by the creator, the book gets done on time (art compilations). When the creator has to write and/or draw the book- usually there is a long, long wait............. and the communication seems to vanish. Very disappointing, in general. The best ones have been the Ploog,book, the Cho book
  12. robert frey

    Comiclink sale has started

    i thought that the warlock page for that price was better than the 20k it was when it was on a dealer website!
  13. robert frey

    ComicArtFans Premium Member Subscription Question

    if you sell one piece of art a year, the premium membership is more than paid for...............
  14. robert frey

    Comic Link, How Much Do You This Will Go For?

    that is not a recreation, that is an x-men classics cover! since no one will ever own the 137 cover, this would be the one to own.
  15. robert frey

    HA Summer Signature Auction Aug 2-4

    daren can chime in as well but 4 of the last 5 bws avengers pages that have sold via auction over the last year from this same issue (either HA or comic link) including the BP have gone between 10k and almost 15k with the weakest one (in my opinion) going for 6.5k. didn't even get that!