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  1. i agree with carlo- and many of the others here. the prices on today's auction- the john/sal buscema pages, the byrne alpha flight page, etc- shockingly high
  2. well, the one today sold for 24k.... and the antman page (i am the owner of that one) was also over 20k. as i said, there have been and are neal adams avengers pages on dealer websites that seem to cost around 12-15k- good pages for sure but not A-level pages and that is what we are talking about here. i'll defer to the adams experts but it there seems to be an uptick in the prices of his art.
  3. My comments would be that any semi-decent Neal Adams Avengers page easily breaks 10k right now, let alone a great one. The one sold today was pretty good but I personally would not call that an A-level page. I think the A-level price range would be higher........... and same for Perez as well- no disrespect to the seller of page on HA right now but that page is almost at the bottom of the A-level price range and that is not an A-caliber page in my opinion.
  4. Marvel Two in One 57 page 14 George Perez pencils, Gene Day inks:
  5. here is one from my collection- the cover to nexus 99, when they did the relaunch.
  6. can someone please elighten me how that buscema avengers splash sold for 30k in december and is now a 90k page?
  7. I really liked Sam's inks on X-Men as well......... but for me, I best remember him as an early in ker over George Perez in the Avengers. Here are some examples. First one is from Avengers 143. Next one is from Avengers 149. Next two are from Avenger 148 and the last one is from Avengers Annual 6. On that one, his name is on the credits on the original art itself but not on what was printed- it may be uncredited
  8. captain america, the thing and the batman?? from jla/avengers 2 page 22
  9. wasn't this just sold late last year? easy come, easy go, i guess
  10. to me it is interesting that the increase in the number of auctions HA is now running really doesn't seem to have hurt them. for the material that i look at, most of it seems around where it should be and some of it on the higher side of normal. in general, no real bargains not no real headscratchers either.
  11. UPDATE: The Zeck Punisher has SOLD For sale are some IDW Artists Editions that I have. One is the Mike Mignola Hellboy in Hell and other stories. This one is numbered 57/125 and has not been removed from the box- the photo supplied here is a "stock" photo as Mike drew virtually the same image 125 times. The second one for sale is the Mike Zeck: Mavel Classic Stories. Also remarqued, this one is numbered 71/100 and has been opened. the sketch is of the Punisher- I was hoping to get Captain america but that did not happen for me unfortunately. Hellboy is 600 dollars and includes
  12. that's great! i love katee- she was terrific in battlestar galactica and in longmire............ and even though the show "another life" is a trainwreck in general, she is really good in it. looking forward to seeing her in the mandalorian.
  13. how about the giant size x-men 1 page price of 17.5k + BP?
  14. i think jim starlin with both captain marvel and warlock should rank pretty high- he pretty much defined cosmic to me.
  15. yes, it looks to be from the daredevil versus bullseye mini series, issue 1- certainly not by frank miller
  16. i think that is a recreation and not the original cover even.
  17. he should have won it two years ago and saved himself 9k!
  18. you missed the neal adams avengers 96 page that tanked on comic link!
  19. yes, some really good portfolios from sqp- the Black Widow by Gulacy, 2 really good Marvel Team Ups, the Michael Golden Doctor Strange, the Starlin Metamorphosis Odyssey............... there is a really nice one by Frank Brunner called "Stormbringer, the world of Elric"............
  20. it is the Jack Kirby Masterworks, Carlo.