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  1. I paid way too much for this, but I finally completed my graded run of FF 140 - 200. The first comic I purchased as a kid was FF 149, so I wanted to complete a run of FF over the time frame that I collected them in my youth. I've got four 8.5's that I'd like to upgrade eventually, but I'm happy for now. Here's the breakdown: 8.5 = 4 9.0 = 12 9.2 = 15 9.4 = 18 9.6 = 11 9.8 = 1
  2. Thanks! Yes, I've been eyeing that 187 for a while, but I'm not sure if I can go that high. Comiclink has a 9.4, but the wrap isn't very good. I've been looking for one in the 9.2 to 9.4 range. I've got a couple of raw candidates, but I've never actually gotten anything graded before--I've only purchased graded copies. The shipping to/from CGC for a single book would make this a pretty expensive option.
  3. It's not easy to find them. I've actually never had a book graded myself (although, that may change if I ever hope to get #187 to finish my #140-200 run). I bought my first CGC-graded book on the forums here in 2010. In addition to the forums, I've picked up a few on eBay and comiclink. I'm not able to afford a high-grade run like most on here. If I can find a nicely-presenting comic in at least 8.5, I'm okay with that. Here's my run so far (other 3rd-party graders whited-out). My 9.4 #200 isn't shown in the scan, but I've got it (only lacking the #187). Update... I went back and added up the cost of my FF #140-200 run (minus the missing #187 of course). I've spent $2,036 on this including shipping. Since I've purchased these one book at a time for the most part, the shipping has absolutely killed me.
  4. Thanks. I could stand to upgrade my 198, but I better save the funds to get the 187 if I can find one.
  5. Thought I'd give it another try to find the FF 187 CGC I'm missing.
  6. Down to just FF 187 in order to complete my run.
  7. I'm looking to purchase graded copies of Fantastic Four 181, 187, 190, and 194 in CGC 9.0 or greater (preferably closer to 9.0). These are the only ones I'm missing from my graded 140 - 200 run. Whew! I finally found one. I paid too much, but at least I've completed my run of FF 140 - 200.