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  1. Right, I bought a $500 book and had to pay California tax on it! Don't like that 9.25% hit. Adds to cost and reduces profits. Guess I will start looking at other markets like Instagram.
  2. Sounds like a real con man to me. Ask for references, get contact information. At least Paypal has a refund policy that may protect you. Let us know what you find out.
  3. I still dont see what venue it was sold on Auction house? dealer consignment? Anyway, good luck and hope you work something out.
  4. Got one book for sale today. ASM 135 CGC 9.4 OW-W. Gorgeous cover by Mr. John Romita Sr. Perfect centering, looks closer to white pages to me from the outside but CGC is never wrong, right? Selling for $399 plus exact cost shipping from California. Last GPA was $425. 90 day avg is $420. Accepting Paypal only. RULES Is the winning bid and overrides PM, PM me with offers No PROBies or HOSies
  5. Interesting. How many will fit? what are the dimensions, roughly?
  6. Joe, are you referring to a safe deposit box at a local bank? I was unaware that there are large enough ones at a bank. Plus the costs are probably pretty high
  7. Thanks amigos. Sounds like it's worth it to go for Premium. Have to get my books together which always takes me a long time to do