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  1. Maybe I am missing some of the defects, but that book looks undergraded to me. I could see it getting a 5.0 on a good day. BTW, I also have a 4.5 OW-W. PM me if you want to compare. Good luck with the sale. And your eye procedure.
  2. Yes, I love the MT Annual comics also as readers. They allow me to re-read the original stories with the vintage look and feel.
  3. That's the inherent risk when buying non-slabbed. Not guaranteed to be un-restored. Unless the seller is willing to make the guarantee.
  4. Good luck with your hunt. What number range does the full Iron Man run include? I just have 1-50 and TOSes
  5. I agree with Erndog that the 129 and 135 covers are gorgeous! Definitely enhances the popularity of a first appearance!
  6. Man, hard to find those in higher grades! Good luck!
  7. I think about a 5.0 due to the front cover and spine wear. Cover is not straight. No "magical" effect on me.
  8. Adding ASM 238 in CGC 9.4 with White Pages $250. First Hobgoblin! Tatooz Inside!