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  1. Journey into Mystery 5.0 with OW pages. $120 plus shipping. I think it looks better than the assigned grade. Thor vs Magneto battle. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver also appear Rules: 1) in the thread or PM by timestamp takes the book. 2) Paypal preferred. Payments can also be made via check. 3) Add exact cost shipping from California 94568 4) No probation list or HOS members allowed! 5) No returns on CGC graded books.
  2. The book looks great! From what I can tell, the grade was dinged due to the two small pieces/chips missing from the bottom edge and BRC. Can't really see the creasing mentioned in the notes. Congratulations to BB!
  3. Hard book to find. I wish I kept my reader.
  4. I have a Slabbed FF Annual 2 CGC 8.5 WP if that interests you.
  5. Haha I found it on the Internet and wanted to share it with you guys My actual AF15 is safely in its slab
  6. I just completed my ASM 1-30 CGC run with these two! I own a combination of raws and slabbed of 1-441 in my personal collection but wanted to have a CGC run on 1-30. I picked up this 26 because it had decent centering (not an ARVEL) and no discoloration stripe along the right edge. Plus, the blue background is still pretty blueish. Looks better than a 5.0 to me, and better than some 7.0s I have seen on Ebay. Got it from a ComicLink auction and was happy with their delivery. The 29 lacks the "see through" front cover ink transfer I sometimes see on this issue. Nice true blue/greens on this cover too! White Pages to boot. Purchased it from ComicConnect/Metropolis and they took over 3 weeks to ship it after RECEIVING payment! Am hoping that the Scorpion is a future movie villain!
  7. Yep, its the variant, but hey it has a 7.0 grade!
  8. I have midgrade 56, 68,72 and 200. Will PM you in the morning with more info.
  9. That is a great splash page. You could almost gloss it to be the cover!
  10. Cool. I know they require Signature Confirmation. So I will plan to ship my books out next week!
  11. The slab inside a 1092 inside a 1095 comes right in at about 2 pounds so that's as far as I tend to go, so as to not jump to the next Priority price level. I think though, that very valuable slabs should then be put in a larger box for the triple protection. Does anyone else who has Collectibles Insurance Services know if books are insured when submitting to CGC?
  12. Purchased a raw Ebay book and it arrived on Thursday. This is how I received it. WTF! Thank you USPS! The damaged book inside is being returned Maybe it gets caught in their sorting machine? When I ship out CGC books, they are double-boxed with a 1092 box inside a 1095. So, far, only one box has been mangled enough to crack the case, but fortunately the book inside was unharmed when I sent it back for a reholder.