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  1. Me too! Mine should ship July 21
  2. For the most part, when Jack plotted and pencilled a book it was fully finished pencils. There's plenty of examples of photostats of his pencil work. (Jack Kirby Collector comes to mind) I believe when he did layouts it could vary. But he was plotting and pacing the story thru his layouts. A good example is X-Men 17 (just reread it the other day). The page one splash is pure Kirby, very little Roth. The rest of the story has a lot more Roth. But the pacing is all Kirby, especially the shock ending!
  3. Yeah, that's part of the wonder in discovering comics when you become a fan. It's a great experience.
  4. This book, along with Fantasy Masterpieces 3&4 at first confused, and then amazed a 10-year-old me. It's how I found out that Marvel had published superhero books long before FF 1. There was a whole 'nother aspect to the superhero books (and "unfolding universe")that I loved and had no idea about. A revelation.
  5. Gorgeous page! Someone's gonna be very happy! 30 years. you're gonna miss it.
  6. My favorite inker. (terrible scans)
  7. RIP Mr. Sinnott. My favorite inker.
  8. Also the first issue where Ben yells "It's clobberin' time!", IIRC. I could also see ST 102 being more essential than ST 101, if the criteria for essential is along the lines of what stories were "essential" to the developement of the (early) Marvel universe. First Wizard; check. First story with an already established character against a unremarkable one-shot villian; not so much.
  9. ...now personally, I consider all the books published up to '66 - '67 or so, as essential.
  10. Missing some FF's, too. I think the keyword is essentials. As in a Reader's Digest Condensed Version (for those old enough to get the reference)
  11. Unless an inker erased Jack's finished pencils before inking (?), then most of the pencils would be under the ink. May not be able to see 'em, but they're there.