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  1. Looking for a Bat #1 cover if there is one out there. Also, I have a nice clean coverless All Star #8 if anyone is searching for one. It's coverless and missing the cf.
  2. Looking for Warlock #12 in 9.6 and Warlock #13 in 9.8 or 9.6. Thanks!
  3. Here are two rare 1940s newsstand distributor aprons.
  4. Here's another GA ad for comic racks that I've owned for years.
  5. I wanted to share this for all interested parties in comics. Many of us are aware of this, but some are not. Also, lawyer and board member Mark Zaid is representing Mark Waid in this case. The Mark Waid Legal Defense Fund My name is Mark Waid . I’m a New York Times-bestselling comics writer. In September of this year, I was sued by one of the perceived leaders of a relentless online harassment movement called “ComicsGate” which I and many comics professionals strongly feel has unfairly and offensively targeted women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ creators working in our industry in an effort to make them feel unwelcome. (You can read more about some perspectives on ComicsGate and its harassment techniques in the Washington Post and on Inverse .) I firmly believe this lawsuit is an effort to silence those of us who stand up publicly against bigotry and racism and who continue to defend diverse creators from harassment.You can learn more about the lawsuit here , here , and here , and I encourage you to visit my website for further details.Even though I am confident that the claims made against me are entirely without merit, lawsuits are time-consuming and very expensive. Still, I have never backed down from bullies, especially those who denigrate my friends, colleagues and the values our community stands for, and while I am not a rich man, you have my solemn promise that I will fight this fight no matter the personal cost.But I’m going to need your help. If you believe, as I do, that women and people of color deserve to be able to do their jobs—or any job—without being bullied, donate. Stand with me. If you believe that someone's gender or sexual preference should have no bearing on the career they pursue, donate. Send that message. This isn’t just about me; it's about standing together in the face of bullying. Every day that we don't push back against online harassment, it only becomes nastier and more powerful.This is an important fight. Thank you for having my back.
  6. Looking for complete original cover. PM me with details. Thanks!
  7. Looking for Warlock 30 Cent editions with white pages and centered. PM me what you have thanks!
  8. In 1942, Associate Editor Alice Marble sent out advance copies of Wonder Woman #1 along with a letter discussing the comic which was distributed to prominent women in America. Prior to this new position in comics Alice Marble was considered the greatest female tennis player and had won the World's Amateur Championship. Ms. Marble can notably be considered one of the pioneering women involved in the comic book industry.Included in the packet was an advanced copy of Wonder Woman #1, a letter explaining the packet and discussing the positive benefits for children that Wonder Woman offered, a form letter asking for submissions of individuals who should be featured in the Wonder Women of History feature, and a return envelope to Alice Marble.In her letter, Ms. Marble explains that Wonder Woman is the only comic character of its type and describes her as a female "Superman". She also noted that women still have many problems and have not yet reached their full potential in society. It was her belief that this publication could have a lasting effect on the minds of the youth in the country. The inaugural issue of Wonder Woman featured the story of Florence Nightingale and the second issue was planned to feature Clara Barton. It was Ms. Marble's desire to receive input of the nations leading women in business, public, and professional life to determine which famous women should be included in the series.