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  1. Stop by booth #508 starting Friday when the convention opens for high grade 1970s to 2000s issues for sale. Many books offered for $2 each and $5 each. We're offering a large amount of unread old store stock. -Trades and Magazines $5 each with some individually priced. -Daredevil #184 old store stock unread copies $10 each! (These sell for $100 in CGC 9.8 and Miller Sig Series last sale was $425 in CGC 9.8) Many comics being offered are worth getting certified and we're passing the opportunity to you.
  2. Here are a couple Fawcett's
  3. Looking for early issues of Deadline featuring Tankgirl. PM me with details. Thanks!
  4. Buy what you like personally. People collect everything from Pedigree copies to beat reader copies. If you enjoy it that's what matters. That being said I don't want people cutting books up like some other collectible fields have in the past and selling a square from Babe Ruth's jersey etc. If a book is in pieces and someone wants to slab a page that's up to them.
  5. trumps PMs. No HOS, Probation members or other hooligans Payment via PayPal All Sales are Final Sorry no international shipping. United States only. Shipping and insurance will be priority mail and insured at buyers expense Any questions, please contact me. Superman #1 Page 4 Only. CROW PQ $1,100 and shipping included
  6. Transformers #4 9.0+

    Just sent you a PM
  7. Paying over GPA for 9.8 white page centered 30 cents variants. PM me with details. Thanks!
  8. Looking for the following in 9.8 White pages and properly centered only. Warlock #10, #12 30 cent, #13 30 cent, #14, #14 30 cent, and #15. Please PM me with details. Thanks!
  9. Actual Sig Series books. We all know Ditko would be rare. Even rarer would be obtaining a witnessed sig.