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  1. I just looked and yeah, that's cool. I'd buy that lil 3.0!!!
  2. My mistake Jason, I thought you put up the info on the #74. I still need a #75.
  3. That's one book still on my want list!
  4. Got absolutely shellacked on C-Link last night, SO ... as a consolation prize and since it was on my watch list and had some recent attention drawn to it, I grabbed this one! Not an easy book to find in nice shape!!!
  5. Nicely done!!! I considered it, but didn't end up bidding. Great score!!
  6. Thanks! It's lower mid grade, I'll say 3.5. Might be nicer. It has great colors and nicer pages.
  7. Thanks bc! This particular 2 store chain are VERY active buyers, so swinging in every month or so usually produces a few goodies for the box! They also have my cell number for Golden Age and bigger ticket Silver, which HAS yielded me a few Marvel Keys and such. This book, for example, I wasn't called about.
  8. Internet schminternet ... I recently purchased this at a local shop and am so happy to have found it!!!
  9. I should clarity that of COURSE I've seen the 6.5 with Stan's signature on eBay but I have his signature on many other books already and the presence of it on that book doesn't increase it's value over 3 grand in my opinion.
  10. I just picked THIS up, as I haven't been able to find a nicer copy for sale. I'm sure that I can find a home for this one if I upgrade. In fact, I already know who's gonna want it!
  11. GREAT copies Lou!!! Your TTA set is looking sharp!!!