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  1. More Fun Comics #81. 3.0 with nice pages. There is a piece off of the back cover and whoever did that, damaged the last 2 pages as well. The pieces of the pages are still there and attached. The last page piece is less attached as the damage is less going inward. By the 3rd to last page, it's just a tear. The pics tell the story. LOTS of great characters in this issue! In particular, the Johnny Quick splash is stellar! I paid $250 a few years back, SO $275 and it's yours.
  2. More Fun Comics #33. Some light water marks (might be minimized with a dry clean) on the covers has me grading this a 3.5 with c/ow pages. It's a very solid book, feels strong in hand. Killer Action Comics #2 ad on the inside front cover!! It has a staple tear at the bottom staple on the back cover but is strongly attached. Very cool book, but I'm downsizing, so it's available. I paid $450 cash for this a few years back, so for $495, it can be yours.
  3. First in the thread trumps any pm dealing. PayPal, checks & money orders for payment. 7 day return privilege on raw books. $12 priority shipping with signature confirmation in the U.S. (insurance is extra and at cost). Shipping outside the U.S. is expensive and at cost.
  4. They ARE all original Vern! Unfortunately, page 4 has a stain, as does page 5, which also has the worst of the aforementioned crayon. It never bothered me that much though. Some little kid 79 years ago dug Subby!
  5. No, color copies. Original text below. Marvel Mystery #12 incomplete, but completed with laser color copies. This has had covers, 1st wrap & 5 centerfolds replaced with laser color copies, all put together through the staples. There is some miscellaneous crayon and pen marks on some of the original pages. I can't remember but the scanning alone must have been a fair amount of loot. Have a readable copy of Marvel Mystery #12 for $150. NOW $125
  6. THREAD RECAP: STILL AVAILABLE NOW DISCOUNTED Blonde Phantom #17 WAS $275 NOW $235 SOLD Blonde Phantom #18 WAS $375 NOW $335 Captain America #60 coverless WAS $125 NOW $100 Captain America #64 covers only WAS $150 NOW $125 Marvel Mystery #12 incomplete, but completed with color copies WAS $150 NOW $125 SOLD I'll let this run until tomorrow with the discounts in place, then end it tomorrow night. Thanks to all who found something for their collections
  7. I'll let this run tonight and get with everyone tomorrow. Thanks to all who found something for their collections!!
  8. Captain America #60 coverless, but otherwise very nice. You can get a repro cover cheap and fill the hole. $125
  9. Captain America Comics #35. Very cool Syd Shores torture cover. This copy is missing the last page of the last Captain America story (see pics where it was torn out). There is tape on the interior covers and it looks like a very small amount of color touch at the lower spine. I also detect a small amount of glue at the exterior staple area. At one time this copy had 2 extra staples but they were gone when I bought it. A lot of Cap for a little loot. $245 SOLD