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  1. As crazy as it seems, I remember thumbing up that Spidey 59 when it was raw! Proof that you CAN look at a high grade book without damaging it (if you're careful )!!!
  2. I'll give this a bump in case someone missed it. 4 books still available.
  3. Awesome group shot and the annual is also outstanding!
  4. This is very cool!! Thanks for sharing this!!
  5. A Black Terror I have in a sales thread. I wanted to share it and a few of its interior pages before it's sold.
  6. Fighting Yank #17 Grade: 3.5 off white to white pages. Great Schomburg cover! This copy has a pair of tape pull-like paper lifts, both of which have some of the paper still attached. The paper lift near the face punch has paper folded over and kind of stuck to the cover. This may be able to be loosened and folded down. I'll leave that to someone else. This is a VERY solid copy, great feeling in hand. This issue would benefit greatly from a press as it has some hard creases that would no doubt be lessened if not removed completely. VERY colorful copy! Price $135 SOLD
  7. Thrilling Comics #14 Grade: Qualified 5.0 (missing 2 centerfolds), off white pages. Very colorful, solid copy with two extra staple holes on the front cover only, doesn't go into pages (weird, I know). An incomplete copy that can be had for cheap. Price $150