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  1. Nicely done Billy Boy!!! That'un is right up your alley!!!
  2. It looks like you've done pretty well finding them!
  3. Thanks! I think there are 3 or 4 of them across the Marvel Western titles.
  4. You're very welcome @bc!!! See mom, comics ARE good!!! Spanish pre-hero 101 would be THE most awesome E-learning class EVER!!!
  5. Thanks bc! I guess there's room for one more, yay!!!
  6. WOW, what an amazing goal to accomplish!!! Don't give up on the other two runs!!!
  7. And YES @KirbyJack I have a Mexican publication copy too!
  8. As stated, I stayed out of the WOF mix, but I DID grab a book I've always dug and think of as a precursor to the monster books (or at the very least CONNECTED to them)! What say the rest of you? Agree or disagree?
  9. I'm so glad that I stayed off of these Lou, as I was thinking about going for the lot of them (don't have many in my collection) but decided not to pursue them! I'm glad I had no part in making you pay more or vice versa! Excellent scores across the board on these!!! I'm glad they went to a good home!!!
  10. Thanks Steve! I'm kind of digging the Sig Series books lately! I have a few more coming too!!
  11. Thanks! His signature is quite a bit tougher to find than most. Tuska is another that is difficult. Colan having passed away in mid 2011, likely didn't get around to signing THAT many comics with CGC's Signature Series program. There are a few on Ebay but they're pretty expensive. If you search, you'll eventually find one that you like!
  12. Indeed! Who doesn't love some hot Chili?
  13. Thanks! I try to buy them as nice as I can find them, but seldom see them super high grade.
  14. I got a Joe signed book in last week. You live on in the work you left behind Joe!
  15. On it's way! A Colan signature isn't all that easy to find these days ...