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  1. Since I decided to discount the remaining comics (even the ones that have been up less than a full day), I'm going to let this thread roll and close it tomorrow. If you've bought a book or books and are sure that you're done, I have your current total, so just message me and we can wrap it up. Thanks to all who've found something and to all who've stopped by for a look!
  2. Recap: These are all still available! NOW Final discounts added. Black Terror #23 $125 NOW $100 Detective #84 $335 NOW $295 Green Mask #10 $225 NOW $195 Pep #90 $75 NOW $65 U.S. Fighting Air Force #18 $25 NOW $20 U.S. Fighting Air Force #25 $25 NOW $20 Wonder Comics #11 $395 NOW $350 Cow Puncher #6 $40 NOW $30 Bruce Gentry #2 5.0 $275 NOW $245 Crime Does Not Pay #42 $235 NOW $195 G.I. Joe #38 $175 NOW $150 Star Spangled #126 $65 NOW $50 Crimes by Women #54 DOUBLE COVER!!! $850 NOW $795/open to reasonable offers. Key
  3. That's all for tonight and all for this thread gang! I'll let it run until tomorrow night (I'll try to recap it around lunchtime tomorrow) and close it out and settle up with everyone who bought something tomorrow night. Thanks to all who found something for their collections and thanks to all who stopped by for a look!!!
  4. Steve Canyon Comics #6 7.5 off white pages. Cover colors almost DRIPPING off the cover!!! Deep, rich red and green, just beautiful. Small upper right corner crease and slight crease bottom front cover edge keep the grade where it is. Grab this gorgeous copy for $160
  5. Black Cat Comics #7 6.5 off white pages. Gorgeous copy with some minor soiling (dry surface clean would likely improve it) and deep reds on the cover. Cool interior artwork as well. $195 SOLD
  6. Treasure Comics #5 5.5 off white pages. This book has a faint (but visible) water stain at the top half inch or so the entire book. It's not very noticeable and has never bothered me, but I need to mention it. I tried to get a decent pic to show you. There is a stain near the bottom right edge of the front cover. This is a super solid book that presents better than the assigned grade. It's a cool big fat G.A. book in great shape with blazing cover colors for very little money. $95
  7. Key Comics #4 some non color breaking creases has me grading this 6.0 but it looks and feels higher than that and a press would do wonders. A few small interior page tears are present, the longest being 2", the others less than an inch. Cream to off white pages and killer cover colors on this under valued beauty. $200
  8. Crimes by Women #54 DOUBLE COVER!!! Cream to off white pages, some tanning to 2nd inside cover. 1st cover 6.0, 2nd cover 7.5. So the grade is 7.5. GPA has a 7.5 sold 6/19 for $960. Grab this double cover for less $850.