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  1. Well stated. John lectured me about you could buy comics and sell them for more money. He maintained, of course, was the only thing you would have is "money". I guess I did not listen hard enough to him.......Jon
  2. I am looking now at the Arrow recreation Bob did for me......Nice individual.....Jon
  3. The 29 is special book with a great cover..No I am on the bottom of the barrel with 'Tec books..........
  4. I have to start here because I have little info of Green Giant. I know I did it as a partial review: I’d like to add my two cents to the discussion about which came first Marvel Comics #1 or Motion Picture Funnies Weekly. In the Submariner story in MPFW the imfamous box with the language “continued next week” appears. When reproduced in Marvel Comics #1 the language is omitted but the box remains. Does it not make sense since the box blocks artwork in the panel (which does not appear in Marvel Comics) and because the box only serves the purpose of telling the reader that the story continues “next week” (not next month), that the story had to have been prepared for the prospective “weekly “ promotional comic? Regardless which saw the light of day first it is reasonable to conclude that the Submariner story was intended to first appear in this prospective weekly publication. It is stated in the Guide that the “American Ace” appeared in Marvel Mystery #3. Not so. Six of the seven pages appearing in MPFW appeared in Marvel Mystery #2. (December 1939) “Spy Ring” featuring “The Wasp” in MPFW appears (later?!) in Silver Streak Comics #1. (December 1939) To my knowledge this has not been reported. It is interesting to note that the Silver Streak comic has a full page ad for Marvel Mystery #2. Does all of this indicate some kind of tie between the books, the publishers, the creators? “Fun-o-graph” in MPFW appears on the back cover on another promotional comic book, Green Giant Comics. (1940) “Kar Toon and his copy Kat” by Filchock in MPFW is also reproduced in Green Giant Comics. I have not been able to place “Jolly the Newsie” or the seventh page of “American Ace” yet. Finally, although it may be coincidental the size of MPFW is identical to Little Giant Comics #4 and Little Giant Detective Funnies #4 which was produced earlier in 1939 by Centaur probably with the help of Jacquet and Funnies Inc. OTHER LITTLE ITEMS ON GREEN GIANT I purchased my copy in MAY 1981 from John Snyder. (Early on, John was my "mentor" to a large extent. John was fantastic in introducing me to Centaurs and introducing me to certain comics, and, with the input of Steve Geppi, he induced me to obtain my first Church books. Only when you observed a Church copy up close did one realize how special these books ARE. I cannot say enough about the guidance they showed me. Certainly, they were special advocates of comic books as comic books and as a hobby and entertainment. The made available at one point or another Church books done by Fine with Quality and Fox publications. I will always be thankful to them for the opportunities they gave me. I am sure I must of done a more detail critique of Green Giant somewhere but I do not know now.....It is a special book. jb
  5. AS TO THE"LOST LARSONS" HERE IS MY BLURB" Epilogue After my article came out in late 1994, Larson’s hometown newspaper in Nebraska asked if they could reprint it. I naturally gave my permission. About two weeks after the newspaper articles appeared, I received a letter from a boyhood friend of Larson’s (Larson had even been his best man.). He had read with much interest my articles. It prompted an old memory. Recently, he had cleaned out his mother’s house and discovered a box of his old comics. He remembered as a boy that Larson had given him comics after he was done with them. Sure enough he found six books with “Lamont” or “Larson” on them. He “wondered” if I “might” be interested in them. MIGHT BE! As described none of the books sounded like they were in particularly good condition. However, driven by curiosity and this incredible quirk of luck that these books even existed, I dickered over a price and purchased the books. These books are, for the record, Smash Comics 8 (March 1940), Feature Comics 34 (July 1940), Minute Man Comics 2 (September 5- December 5, 1941), Super Mystery 2/4 (October 1941), Victory Comics 3 (November 1941) and Star Spangled Comics 2 (November 1941). As testament to the uniqueness of the storage condition of the original collection, the “lost Larsons” are of variable condition with none grading better than VG+ and none displaying the page whiteness of the original collection. These “lost Larsons” prompt several thoughts and observations. There are, obviously, “Larsons” that were purchased after the September 1941 cover date. However, it is clear that at this point Larson lost interest. Of the six “lost Larsons” four are from the very end of his comic reading career. The fact that he gave away the books is evidence of that. He may have been more willing to part with his comicbooks at this point. However, since two of the books are from 1940, the “gaps” in the Larson collection may be attributed as much to the common boyhood trait of sharing books as to the possible distribution quirks of the comicbooks themselves. The more intriguing question is if Larson gave away any other books. Are there more “lost Larsons” out there waiting to be found?
  6. Scanner is down. However as you know.....there was a little mouse that found the Larson books tasty including the Action 20 Others that I kept was Thrilling 4 chewed Larson, Speed 10. Larson Mysterymen 26 Larson. Wonder world 27 Larson; Victory 3 "Lost Larson". (In my Larson article, I got a note from his childhood buddy and sold me the Larson that came from his friend and not from his home. The rest of the Lost Larsons were in the Auction Finally almost done being "selective, I kept Silver Streak. no number Eagle 4, Flame 7 Switching issues I still have three Fine pages from Wonderworld 10, Crack Comics 17 Black Condor, page from issue Smash 31 with The Ray That is getting pretty close to the bottom of the barrel.........There always is my current favorite art page that I kept....but that is for another day. That is enough stuff for you guys......Thank you for letting me bore you...... (Yes I know this is not the art forum). jb
  7. Many of my Centaurs were collected years ago. I would think Jim Payette would be the best to ask on the book. I was just lucky to get a copy at all. There are no markings that I know of and do not have that book any longer.
  8. My copy was purchased in July 1985 (yes 1985) as the Denver copy from Steve Fishler. Does that help?
  9. Feel free...to send to me here. I did nor see the PM
  10. Issue 188. The letter and response are in the third page of the catalogue. jb
  11. I do agree! I did hold it back. Fun cover. Rockford copy spine split but nice book. I had early access to the Rockford books which were a great group of books that Mark Wilson uncovered.
  12. "A lot" would be a vast overstatement. "Selective" may work...........
  13. Hey Pat.....good to hear from you...You are a hidden treasure in the hobby. Jon
  14. Rich- can't disagree. Think about the Church Nationals I past off to you that I used to pay in part for the Planet 1 cover That is why I held on to some items that "use to be mine" and "still are mine'. Some types and titles are associated with me. 'I think I am associated with 'Larson titles'. but the particular book is not a 'Berk book' but the Larson copy! Another thing I did is I kept bound volumes. Say you loved some covers......Well I kept some and it is neat when it is the six volumes of PLANET COMICS up to 60 as a "run". Great little desirable book. (Did I mention it is from the "Berk Collection" or Black Terror for the Schomberg art for 1-25. or for the Centaur groupies having the Joe Hardee bound volume of Star Comics and Star Ranger Funnies, some before the first Centaur. Others I kept on a smaller scale is Whirlwind 2. (Larson copy); Action 20 Larson; Wow What a Magazine 1 and 2 with the great Eisner art and first cover.......or yeah Wonderworld 10 Larson. (for us old collectors as has been referenced on the Boards) ; Silver Streak 14; Wrong forum but did I mention I still have my Amazing Fantasy 15; Spider-man 1-11, Spider man Annual one, Strange Tales Annual 1 and 2. (oh and have original Kirby Spiderman with Human Torch from this early time period. (See my CAF gallery) Indeed I have less than I use to have. But I am content and SO pleased that everyone has spelt my name correctly............jb