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  1. I did keep the Our Flag 5 of mine for nostalgia. I did not keep many others, and will let you know once I get things straightened out. (As I affirmed earlier, I had long standing plans to keep Mystery Men 3 (the "Larson copy".) It was and is my favorite GA book. (Keeping the Larson did not break any of the Church Runs). jb
  2. Hi Guys- There were a diverse spectrum of booksl offered. Were there books that were not on your radar that you gave a hard second look at that you purchased or would consider purchasing, giving it a hard "second look" for purchasing like The Romances of Nurse Helen Grant (kidding) or Whirlwind Comics #2? Our Flag 5? You can spread it to platinum and other less visible comicbooks . Surely you have such a book waiting to become YOURS! Or, missed being YOURS! Inquring minds want to know? Alan? Richard? Steve? jbcomicbox Thanks for all the nice comments and support......
  3. Note that there is more information about this book on the write up I did on the catalogue for Page 158. It is on the page describing Motion Picture Funnies Weekly. I hope you find this helpful for the background of this book and how it ties into other Jacquet Funnies, Inc books of this era. jbcomicbox
  4. okay I lied. Gotta give you a fact.... For esoteric about about Green Giant and it relation to MPFW read page 158 of the Auction Catalogue for some interesting trivia of these early early books. jb
  5. Hi folks I really appreciate the kind thoughts expressed on the boards to me. Been reading your posts for weeks and weeks Just sitting on the side watching the proceedings. Hope you can understand why I have had a low profile. Been a mind boggling couple of months for me. Not fair when "Lou Fine" opined about my key comicbook possession as well as the reason for same. Mysterymen 3 Larson copy. Knowing the day would come, I secured the Church and Larson copies of this book. Had them for years and years.....He was spot on..It enticed me to "go public". Talk to you post auction. jbcomicbox
  6. I agree totally. jb
  7. Congrats on that pick up. That book is not that easy to acquire. Agreed, it is one of the hardest Planets. It is noted as scarce in overstreet. Yes, that's a tough one indeed. I love the cover: it's a Will Eisner/Lou Fine co-creator jewel. It looks like someone has made two punch holes in the middle of the cover, and then attempted to mask it with a piece of tape over the 'N'. Why on earth would anyone do that? Great book tho' <3 To hold the circles in place that someone punched out with a holepunch. If those things are laying around it's hard not to want to punch holes in something One of the tough Planets.......great covers. jb
  8. Here you go......jb
  9. Just a special early book,,,,,,,,,first Eisner cover
  10. here is an esoteric piece from Fox.......jb (congrats to all the Fox winners)
  11. here is my 6 Great covers in this title jb
  12. thank you for the kind words. I usually show a book/art and move on. To me there is not enough to say about this piece and how it fits in comicdom. This to me is a keeper and will be so kept. jb
  13. This is one of my favorite pieces. Indeed it probably is the unpublished page 2 of Wonder after the courts stayed any further creation. Eisner told me the art was his so that was how I figure out what it was. Just a great piece (sorry to gush like this, but this one is right up my alley. Just think what it is..... and throw in (of course) it is Eisner. Fox made Will lie in the injunction hearing. Sorry the way i have it angled but it is small dpis. As Fox books it does not get better, nor as a piece of comicbook history jb
  14. Great recreation by Briefer