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  1. loboagain


    Add this guy to your list of non payers: matthewamcha -buys a Transformers #3 CGC 9.8 from me and then tells me that he can't pay for it because of my high shipping price ($40) which is my cost to ship to Australia.. He claims he has never been charged that high price to Australia before. Also, he tells me there is a $20 surcharge added to the order (I am not aware of any surcharge added to a book after shipping). I told him am only charging the $40 so not sure where the $20 charge coming from as it might be an error or an Ebay customs fee?. After a few days of going back and forth I told him if he is not going to pay I will cancel the item and he says go ahead and cancel due to the shipping and the surcharge fee. The next day I get a message saying he is willing to pay for the book if I am willing to work on the price with him! WTF?? Block this guy and save yourself a headache.
  2. Thanks for letting me know. and updated the thread with the price.
  3. That's it for this batch, thanks for looking. Feel free to PM me with any questions or offers! Let's move more books.
  4. X-men #19 CGC 9.2 $500
  5. X-men #18 CGC 9.2 $600 (Bowling Green Pedigree)
  6. X-men #17 CGC 9.2 $500
  7. Sgt. Fury #8 CGC 9.2 $400
  8. Sgt. Fury #7 CGC 9.2 $400
  9. Fantastic Four #35 CGC 9.2 $525
  10. Fantastic Four 34 CGC 9.2 $525
  11. Tales to Astonish #50 CGC 9.2 $600
  12. Tales to Astonish #47 CGC 9.4 SOLD
  13. Tales of Suspense 49 CGC 9.2 $2600
  14. Journey Into Mystery #124 CGC 9.24 $450