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  1. Bump still looking for all the books listed below and adding 2 more, prefer raw copies. Fantastic Four 13 Strange Tales 89 Tales of Suspense 50, 52, 57 ASM Annual 1 Adding Spawn 221 Spawn 230
  2. Joey has always done a great job for me with my books and I have always been happy with the results!
  3. Perry did a great job on some books i sent him and am happy with the grades I received.
  4. Dan is a great buyer, hope to deal with him again!
  5. Yes, it is going to a new home. I am still taking offers on any of the other books in the thread so feel free to make offers! Thanks again for looking and all the inquiries. Let's get more books sold!
  6. That's all for this thread. Thanks for looking and feel free to PM with any questions or offers!