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  1. That's all for now, be back later with more Avengers and then Daredevils. Thanks for looking and feel free to PM with any questions or offers
  2. Amazing Spider-man #47 CGC 9.2 $360
  3. Amazing Spider-man #46 CGC 9.2 $875
  4. This is part V of Brian's collection, thank you for all the purchases! Brian's family is really appreciative of the support! Payment via PayPal, money order or check is accepted. US shipping is $13 for one book, additional book is $2 unless noted and international buyers, please PM for prices. No HOS or probation members First is the winner and always open to offers. Amazing Spider-man 45 CGC 9.2 $350
  5. This is the 3rd year of this Con in Honolulu! Comic Con Honolulu August 3-5 Honolulu Convention Center Home Page Guests announced so far: Actors/Actresses Lenny James-Walking Dead/Fear the Dead Felicia Day-Buffy, Supernatural, Mystery Science Theater 3000 Katrina Law-Arrow, Training Day Ming Na Wen-SHIELD, Eureka, ER, Joy Luck Club Kelly Hu-Arrow, Vampire Diaries, X-men 2 Jeremy Shada-Voice Actor Adventure Time Jason Isaacs-Lucius Malfoy in Harry Potter Paul Nakauchi (Voice Actor)-Overwatch-Hanzo, Game of Thrones Josh Petersdorf (Voice Actor)-Overwatch, League of Legends, World of Warcraft Feodor Chin (Voice Actor)-Overwatch, World of Warcraft, TMNT:Ouf of the Shadows Elise Zhang (Voice Actor)-Overwatch, Heroes of Storm, Hearthstone Kevin Sussman-Big Bang Theory, Ugly Betty Comic Guests Terry Moore-Rachel Rising, Strangers in Paradise Billy Tucci-Shi, Sgt. Rock, Harley Quinn, Batman Scott Koblish-Deadpool Alex Saviuk-Web of Spiderman, X-files, The Phantom James Jameson-American Gods