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  1. Life's Lemons CA/MA CLOSED

    Batman 423
  2. I am looking to buy the Spawn Homage covers from issues 220 to 231 in NM condition. Thanks and PM me pictures and your price.

    After a few months of waiting for @Greggy’s mystery box and when said box appeared,imagine my shock and awe when I looked inside and found these two ah-MAZ-ing slabs: Amazing Spider-man #300 CGC 9.0 and Rick and Morty #1 CGC 9.4! In Wayne's World's-speak, I'm not worthy! That was the first box of Greggy's Goodies and I was told and that I should expect another one soon. Sure enough, two weeks later, SHAZAM! a bigger box (2 large boxes taped together) arrived! Received more keys than a landlord's key ring including a sweet set of Infinity Gauntlet #1-6, Sandman #8 (3 copies), Batman Killing Joke, Marvel Age and much, much more! Greggy definitely reigns supreme as The King of the Mystery Box and I look forward to hopefully winning Greggy’s box again! No doubt, Greggy should be your #1 choice, as the All -State Commercial states, you’re in good hands with . . . The King! Thanks again Greggy!

  5. SILICON Valley Comic-Con Stan Lee Last Signing?

    I will be there hanging out at Harley Yee's booth. @Primetime will be there too! I will have some original art for sale, HOS 92 6.5, Batman 181 7.5 Giant Size Xmen 8.5 and a few other books for sale. Come down and say hi, as its always good to meet fellow board members.
  6. Journey Into Mystery 118 and Amazing Spider-man 55 is sold
  7. That was the last book for this batch. Thanks again for all the purchases and hope everyone had a Happy Easter. Please feel free to PM with any questions or offers.
  8. Sgt. Fury #37 CGC 9.2 SOLD Mile High 2