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  1. Wow. Wonder how Mr Mint feels looking at this knowing he had 25 — or was it 40 — uncirculated ‘52 Mickey cards in The Find!. Wonder if he kept any... or how many..
  2. Makes me wonder what kind of hangover crash is coming, and how long til prices reach these cabin fever levels again.
  3. Especially shocking with over 20 9.6s on the census.
  4. Im gonna remember you said that!
  5. those of us who fervently believed that slabbing comics wound never succeed as too new and too ridiculous given all we knew and felt about our floppy comics collecting and investing (to name one relevant example) , the fractional investment concept feels like its time is coming for all the reasons Valiant puts forth. It introduces a comparable level of radically different thinking to comics collecting/investing that of course theres vocal derision and resistance....jut like with CGC 20 years ago.... until we get, as Valiant states, a trustworthy outfit to do it right. That COULD even be Ra
  6. well, yeah and theres that too. Who cares how many people "know" any of these characters if we are talking about the potential for increased values? Growing a buyer out of the billions who have heard of Superman is a ridiculously low percentage game. So it can be argued that of the millionaire/billionaire class, T206 is probably still a more respected investment vehicle. But It sure feels like Tec27 and Action 1 are catching up, and, our BEST copies have never and will never (?) be tested in the marketplace.. How about we look at how many million$-plus sales of comics and cards to date to
  7. That’s a great point. If CC doesn’t bother to change their site to automatically display what you are actually bidding with the BP, it’s close to bait and switch. At least going to lead to many unhappy customers when told you should have read the fine print. Or large bold print.. either way, the amount must be shown when bidding.
  8. But is graphing Google searches really the correct metric to answer which of these if the most well known? How about their Q scores? Or whatever is out there that measures familiarity?
  9. yeah. It reads like the seller will be receive 90% of the final bid price --- plus the 15%. So if final bid is 1000, instead of getting 900, they will get 1035 (90% of 1150). But of course, bidders will treat these lots same as they do on HA, by doing the math to make sure what their final bid will actually cost them with the BP. Basically then, except for the unwary, or the over excited, the final bids will be about 15% less that they usually were. Frankly it seems that CC is willing to kill their sole selling advantage of no BP to please certain consignors (and hopefully goose a few
  10. The jumbo Wagner was described in one of the links I posted about the Gretzky T206 being trimmed, or cut from a sheet. It was BOTH! man I love that hobby! it called the Jumbo because it has extra white below the graphics that the Gretzky doesn’t.
  11. I just updated again... it was cut out from the sheet, sold for 25K to Mastro who trimmed it better and resold it (he was jailed for fraud and shill bidding in his own company auctions)..