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  1. Bro I'm reading your saga here, did you ever get the comic back? inquiring minds need to know
  2. Found the site that sells them, but the Amazon link is broken and they have none currently on eBay. https://www.tradingcardsandcollectables.com/slab-safe-xl-perfect-for-storing-psa-bgs-sgc-encased-cards-case-can-fit-over-150-standard-psa-slabs/ editing my post cause that site above is garbage. This is what I believe to be a better site. https://thecollectioncase.com/products/copy-of-slab-case-bgs
  3. Any Facilitators going to Penscaon this year? I'm looking to get Samantha Kelly's signature and possibly a couple others. Thanks in advance. May 21-23 Pensacon – Guests
  4. I see Kenny James is attending Nashville Comicon, i really want him to sign my Super Mario Comics, how do i go about getting his signature? Are there any facilitators attending the show? I'm not trying to ask you guys to do all the work for me but where do I find this information? I'm looking around in the forums here and on the Nashville Comicon website and I don't see too much.
  5. Gary Martin Patrick Spaziante Eastman (again)
  6. I have a weird question about sketch covers. Is it normal to find an artist that you like, get them to do to the sketch cover, even if they aren't involved in the book or character? or do you stick to artists that worked on the book?