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  1. I will take it
  2. I will say $3.5
  3. My first win
  4. going to close thread at midnight accepting offers on whats left
  5. Action Comics 39 Qualified missing coupon does not effect story $395
  6. Have to re name this sale to" Thread De William" Many Thanks
  7. Mystery Tales 17 sold to ComCav
  8. Mystery Tales 17 OW/W would call this btw a 5.0/6.0 cause of paper loss near lower staple otherwise 7.0/8.0 for sure tough book $425
  9. Spook 24 sold to ComCav
  10. Spook 24 LB Cole Mummy Cover Pre Code Horror 6.5 OW $375
  11. Adventure 37 Sold to ComCav
  12. Adventure Comics 37 This book is super tough to find, as far a I'am aware there is one tear seal on this book with no other conservation I would call it a 6.0/6.5 with CR/OW $1395
  13. Ghost 3 sold to ComCav