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  1. Hopefully you will join the 9.6 club I believe its this one and the Church
  2. Thanks so much I was very happy with the results Yes the 13 is the copy that Word Wide had listed for about 13 seconds
  3. Last one and the book that pushed me into CGC submission I had such sellers remorse when I sold my 5.0 a couple of years ago this was an auction on the boards and I hit BIN originally graded as a 6.0 raw
  4. Bought this one from a dealer as a 6.0 raw one of my favourite rivet issues and can live with the 5.5
  5. I did get these pressed first but lets start off with the lowest Planet 9... was sold raw to me as a 3.0 raw on the boards and quite happy with grade it ended up with
  6. I have never sent anything to CGC before but the recent purchases of 3 raw Planets two on the boards and one off has changed my mind.They came back in the mail today so I thought I would share
  7. Looking for what you have restored or non restored...raw or CGC please send me a PM
  8. I sent him this text and have taken the book off of ebay and if nothing comes of it thats fine. I will keep the book cause it means a whole lot more to me now.
  9. I actually just got off the phone with Jesse who indeed as Ben had mentioned is Joe Simons grandson. He is 17 and was 9 when his grandfather passed everything he said was sold shortly after and he has none of his grandfathers comic book related items.He just started getting into comics a couple of years ago and really wanted to have the Science 4 because it was a Fox and is his fav Fox cover that his grandfather did. I have this feeling that based on our conversation is as he grew older he started learning more about his grandfather and now he's into comics as well. But as mentioned in our ebay messages he is broke and all he has for sale or trade is part comics with facsimile covers but had a Cap one page that he would sign for me I offered the book to him $200 below what I paid with a year to pay it off but he said he's too broke and a trade would be the only way .Anyways made a dull pandemic boring Saturday much more interesting and now I'm having second thoughts on selling the book because of this story that now goes with it.
  10. I'm going to contact him to see If I can make it happen
  11. Interesting you say that because he is selling stuff on ebay out of Flushing NY. I googled and yes its Jesse Simon with his phone number...
  12. I would take a bit of a loss even barter do time payments if I knew it was really him.. too bad there are so many scammers out there
  13. looks be selling timely comics some missing centrefolds with facsimile covers it could be Grandpa left overs but he is buying stuff can't tell on listings but seems to be all timely orientated..... received this message just a few minutes ago seems very cordial you never know