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  1. No History except it was like the first envelope I was on ebay looking at GA comics and this popped up with a $30 BIN so I figured hit the BIN ask questions later thought it would go great with first envelope . If anyone like the first one has any info on this please share
  2. I wanted to thank everyone all the info on the envelope it just makes it way more special with all the added background info from boardies. But just a few minutes ago I hit BIN on this "Christmas Envelope from Batman". Thanks again once again... this could be my new hobby
  3. This is my 28 that I was able to pick up from Rick out of the slab
  4. I actually paid $2500 5 years ago on the boards when Mark (esquirecomics) was selling off his More Fun collection so its really a great deal for someone
  5. Funny Pages 41 tough to find Arrow Cover $3295. SOLD
  6. More Fun Comics 11 CGC 6.0 Lost Valley Pedigree a notoriously tough book to find in nice shape (paper cover) especially with decent PQ. To have an ow-w pedigree copy available is basically unheard a 7.5 just sold slightly under 5k on C-links last auction pick up this beautiful pedigree $1995
  7. Hi all thought I would put up a few books over the weekend rules all but will listen you your PM's. I accept PayPal on purchases under 1k check or MO. Shipping is extra from Canada and returns only on raw not CGC books.
  8. I get asked time to time if I want to sell this back to the boardie I bought this from a few years ago. When and if I do he gets first dibs but just not at the price he sold it to me for