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  1. Jon Berk collection to be auctioned.

    This book my only win which arrived today, as a dealer/collector I think this one is going to stick around for a while. Scans don't do this book just arrived
  2. i will take it
  3. CLOSED: GA/SA High Grade and Pedigrees

    I will take as per PM

    I will take it
  5. Jon Berk collection to be auctioned.

    I will say $3.5
  6. Jon Berk collection to be auctioned.

    My first win
  7. going to close thread at midnight accepting offers on whats left
  8. Action Comics 39 Qualified missing coupon does not effect story $395
  9. Have to re name this sale to" Thread De William" Many Thanks
  10. Mystery Tales 17 sold to ComCav
  11. Mystery Tales 17 OW/W would call this btw a 5.0/6.0 cause of paper loss near lower staple otherwise 7.0/8.0 for sure tough book $425
  12. Spook 24 sold to ComCav