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  1. inthehottub


    Walker stalker Phoenix moved to September.
  2. inthehottub

    Stan Lee or John Romita

    The price is to high. You can get a CGC 8.5 book with both for about that price.
  3. inthehottub

    Long Box of Batman

    Detective #601 610 621 627x2 632 641 649 650 651x2 652 and Batman 647&648
  4. inthehottub

    Long Box of Batman

    Detective annual 1, Batman 401 409 433 434 443x2 444x2 445 452 453x2 455 456 485
  5. inthehottub

    Ace Comic Con, Glendale AZ. Jan 11-13, 2019

    I love the venue!! The dealers are spread out with plenty of walking room. The stands make the perfect area for autograph lines. You do bring guests that not only Phoenix Fan Fest would never bring but some that no other show will have and thank you for limiting autograph purchases making tickets available to almost everyone. Your show last year and this year is a big bonus to comic book fans and it makes the Phoenix Comic Fest step up their game. A win win for the fans.
  6. inthehottub

    Ace Comic Con, Glendale AZ. Jan 11-13, 2019

    You said let's discuss in a few weeks; I'm discussing. I did not say it was a bad lineup. Could be made better by a few returning guest. You are correct many events do not bring back repeat guests. Our own Phoenix Comic Fest also suffers from this. Other shows do bring guests back. Dallas Fan expo and Wizard World shows. Very true. I suspect some of your top A listers from last year would fall in the %60 percent range. Other guest would not. Sebastian Stan and Jon Bernthal I feel would suffer little drop off. Availability may be an issue with many guests but refusal to contact guest because they were here last year is also an issue. I am not suggesting you bring back the A+ stars but some of the minor stars to boost your line up. I am also looking at your comic creator list. The Last minute adds of Neal Adams and Todd McFarlane are very nice. But after that it is quite a drop off. I do not mean to diminish the remaining guest but this line up could be boosted by the likes of John Romita Jr or Bob Layton. I am not saying it is a bad line up, in fact it is good line up but could be made better with some returning guests sprinkled in. I cannot pretend to tell you who and how many returning guests would be profitable but I do believe that number is not 0. I do have my ticket for Saturday. Looking forward to a good time and meeting new people.
  7. inthehottub

    Ace Comic Con, Glendale AZ. Jan 11-13, 2019

    The refusal to bring guests back from last year is really hurting this line-up.
  8. inthehottub

    Sales Tax on Signatures acquired at shows

    At the Star Trek Celebration in Las Vegas all autographs bought through the convention were charged sales tax. Cash or charge. Some of the celebrities did charge tax at their booth most did not. At the Phoenix comic con I do believe if you bought through the convention they charged tax.
  9. inthehottub


    I think there will be.
  10. inthehottub

    Boba Fett, Jeremy Bulloch retires

    That is very sad news Mario. So glad I got to meet him this year in Phoenix.
  11. inthehottub

    Celebrity Signed Books

  12. inthehottub

    Celebrity Signed Books

  13. inthehottub

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Hard to find books in grade. Thanks to Tristan Pence for getting these signed by Caroline Munroe.
  14. inthehottub

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Claypool Elvira #16
  15. inthehottub

    Celebrity Signed Books

    Claypool Elvira #6