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  1. That is what I thought. The signing I was at it was signature in black only.
  2. Very nice book with the quotes!!!
  3. Battlestar Galactica 1979
  4. Thank you very much for sharing the video and starting this thread. I cannot say enough good things about Brittany M!! I have 2 lists, Top 3 are Jim Lee, Neal Adams and John Romita Sr. My second list is creator pairs, Jim Shooter and Mike Grell, Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb, Neal Adams and Denny O"Neil
  5. Signed by Jeremy Bulloch. Thanks to Tristan Pence, Radicalmichael and Lloyd Bailey!!
  6. My 4 Spawn books from the signing. A little disappointed in the 9.4 but overall happy with the books. I was at the alamo drafthouse house signing in October and wanted to submit the books from that day.
  7. Taking a day off is probably a no. Getting signatures can be done. You need to talk to your other booth witnesses and make arrangements. You cannot witness your own books but most cons you will find times and ways to get it done. The CGC Employees will be able to guide you on what you can and cannot do. Each show is different.
  8. This is true. Todd does not allow grading/witinessing at conventions. Only private signings can get a yellow label.
  9. Issue 23X was an ashcan preview of the upcoming issue 23. I bought this issue at the Phoenix comic con from Larry Welz. He said issue 23 may be ready in time for San Diego. Another boardie was with me and I believe he bought 1 for signature series. It is very limited in number and half the content of a regular comic
  10. 10 % price drop on all books
  11. CGC SS 9.8 Shazam #4 Jim Lee Variant signed by Jack Dylan Grazer and Zachary. $300
  12. CGC SS 9.8 Shazam #4 Jim Lee Variant signed by Jack Dylan Grazer and Zachary Levi. Zachary Levi also added Shazam to his signature. $350
  13. CGC SS 9.8 Shadow Hunter #1 signed by Jenna Jamison $250