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  1. That is a cool book. I'm thinking about doing some Peter Mayhew in Dallas.
  2. We are happy to announce that inker Jamie Mendoza will be added to this book
  3. CGC SS 9.8 DETECTIVE COMICS #1000 1930S STEVE RUDE VARIANT. This is a preorder item due in 3/27 and to be signed on 3/30. This is NOT A VIRGIN VARIANT there will be a minimal trade dress. This will be signed by Steve Rude only. $125 includes CGC Fast Track Grading and shipping to you. $125 is your final price. All books shipped will be CGC SS 9.8 by Steve Rude. A full refund is available if you are unsatisfied for any reason. Thank You!!
  4. When they get here please post some pictures. I was thinking about going to this show and I would like to see what got done. Working with Tristan and Michael would have been an added bonus. Hope to see them in Dallas.
  5. CGC 9.8 Spider-Gwen Ghost Spider #1 Artgerm Variant $50
  6. CGC 9.8 Detective comics #983 Mark Brooks variant $60
  7. CGC 9.8 Amazing Spiderman #12 Granov Fantastic Four villians variant. Galactus cover $70
  8. Cgc 9.8 Batman Beyond #26 Batman #251 cover homage $55
  9. CGC 9.8 Green lantern #1 Frank Quitely variant $85