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  1. Recent Purchase, curious of peoples thoughts
  2. Love seeing these. Gives me some hope on some of my recent submissions. Congrats
  3. Sending this book in, just curious on what others think. Any comments are helpful, Thanks
  4. Your telling me, got it in a collection from my dad. Saw the cover which looked good then I turned it around and womp womp. Still a good book but yeah, heartbreaker.
  5. Bit of a Rough Copy, curious on people's thoughts
  6. Water damage on the back and throughout the book
  7. Water Damage, curious on peoples thoughts.
  8. here are some additional pics of the staple. To me it looks like it pressed in but its odd that it has some paper over it. Very odd
  9. Looks like a good copy to me but I'm curious what other people are thinking
  10. Piece of the bottom corner missing. Curious on peoples thoughts
  11. Has a bit of a back tear. Curious on peoples thoughts
  12. Sorry guys, I placed the book on the bag when taking pictures, it is out of the bag
  13. Water Damage throughout and looks like bite marks or something