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  1. Re-watch anytime Im scrolling through channels and see it on. Every. Time.
  2. Hell no! I loved Strange. I really didnt expect to enjoy as much as I did. Inception-esque with the effects. And Cumberbatch played the a--hole Stephen Strange pretty well in the first act of the film.
  3. Im glad you pulled one scene from 2hr+ movie, but it wasnt a knock. As I said, he was new to this whole "alien invasion" thing and was no where near the "tough guy", grizzled Head of SHIELD Fury you see in every other MCU movie. Not sure why youre so defensive.
  4. If anything, Fury was a wuss in CM. Unlike any other version of Fury in any of the other MCU movies. I guess you can attribute this to him being a "rookie" Fury.
  5. I, personally, dont have anything against Brie the actress/ Capt Marvel as a hero. Not a hater, I just thought the movie and Brie as CM was just *meh*. Im a picky judge and probably only really, really like about 6-7 movies MCU at the most. Ive stopped trying to predict which Marvel (and DC) movies I will / will not like because one thing Ive learned over the course of 10+ years is that I was wrong on a ton of them. I had no clue (and Marvel as well) that Iron Man and RDJ would be what it turned out to be. I thought the idea of a Guardian of the Galaxy movie (at the time I thought.. who??) was $#!+. Now I just sit back with the popcorn and go for the ride. Sometimes the greatness comes from those you least expect.
  6. I enjoyed Doc Strange waaay more than I expected to as well. Surprisely for me, it was my personal favorite of those you named. Re-watched several times. I saw Capt Marvel, as well, in theaters with my daughter. Although I thought it was , what made it was a great movie for me were the experiences I shared watching it with my oldest daughter who was 10 or 11 at the time and rewatching at home with her and my twin little girls...who also loved it. It was something they have never seen before on a big-budget, blockbuster Marvel movie... a female lead superheroine who can go toe-to-toe with big baddies just like Thor or Iron Man. To them she's the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  7. Huge IP agreed. Legacy IPs such as these get 2nd, 3rd...10th chances. RE: Turtles, He-Man, Spider-Man, X-Men, and as you mentioned...Star Wars.
  8. +1... Saw this last year a bit after it was released. Wasnt disappointed with this "Superboy" Noir story. Love the teaser at the end as well about the simliar...err, uh...folks like himself.
  9. Just catching up after being off the grid for a couple of years. What is the reason for the recent surge in this book?
  10. Enjoyed Solo first time out...wondered why it got such a luke warm reception. I thought it was good considering the circumstances behind the scenes. Rogue, Solo and Mando are enjoyable SW watches in the last few years (cant really get into the animated stuff).