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  1. Captain America # 38 CGC 8.5 Always loved this cover. Its missing nothing. Bondage, bad guys, bones, Bats! Oh yeah, and Cap! Only a single 9.2 exists thats better, and if that came to market, its a $15k-$20k type book, more if its a Pedigree. So, I ponied up a strong price for what was realistically the best copy I was going to find. The White pages don't hurt either. Thanks to Blazing Bob Storms for working with me on this one. That's it folks, all my GA acquisitions in an otherwise turbulent 2020 that I'm sure we're all ready to put into our rearview. Thanks for letting me
  2. Marvel Mystery Comics # 26 CGC 8.0 If you can't tell, I love Schomburg WW2 Timelys. Absolutely, LOVE them. They are the Creme de le Creme of the hobby for me. Yes, pre-Tec Detectives are awesome. Pre-Code Horror and Baker covers are both amazing, but the pages that are worn the most in my Gerber Guides are those with the Marvel Mystery war covers. I stared at them in wonder as a novice collector in my early 20s, and whenever I would see them in the wild. If only I had bought more back in the day. Oh well, I do enjoy those I have today.
  3. down to the final three books.... Captain America # 41 CGC 8.0 Always loved this cover, but its a tough book to get in grade (only 10 on the census in 8.0 or better). I shied away from Timelys for years because of their expense, now, they have gotten exponentially more pricey and I'm buying one for the price of 3-4 comparable copies from a decade ago. A bad case of the "Woulda, Coulda, Shouldas" I suppose. Never said I was terribly bright. Hopefully, Santa takes that into account.
  4. Kid Komics # 5 CGC 9.0 Still not sure what an "Anti Invasion" tank is, nor why it has a glass window in the very front of it (seems like it wouldn't really stand up to the Allies 75mm anti-tank rounds), but considering the horrors or war, Schomburg's cartoony, almost silly, depiction of it on this cover was more in line with preserving the childhood innocence of the target audience. Happy to add another Timely to the collection.
  5. Young Allies # 5 CGC 8.5 Have always loved this cover, just busy Alex Schomburg at his best. Still need to find me a Death Ray camera, think they carry them in an old surplus store? Thanks to Board legend Billy Parker for working with me on this one.
  6. Fighting Yank # 4 CGC 8.0 At one point, I owned the Mile High copies of FY # 4, 5, & 6. And like a boob, I sold them. Well, I can at least enjoy this cover again, which was always one of my favorites. Its from Schomburgs period of "intermediate realism", when there were clearly elements of his pulp and early comic work, intermingled with a touch of the cartoonyness his later war covers would be known for. Love it.
  7. Exciting Comics # 33 CGC 8.5 Owned a 9.0 copy of this book back in the day. Sold it, along with some other choice Nedor Schomburg WW2 covers and regretted it almost immediately. Nice to have one back in the collection again.
  8. Sensation Comics # 106 CGC 8.0 One of my favorite WW covers in the later Sensation run. Its very busy and I love it. I also own the Crippen copy of this book. Scarce in higher grades, due to dwindling print runs and the black cover.
  9. Rusty Comics # 21 CGC 8.5 So, apparently, Dr. Pepper Bottling of Seneca Kansas was giving away comics back in the day with promotional material? Good stuff.
  10. Wild Western # 50 CGC 9.0 I probably overpaid, but I don't care. Cool Kid Colt cover.
  11. True Bride-to-Be Romances # 25 CGC 9.2 Whenever I show my wife a romance cover, whether it be 50s, 60s, or 70s, she often scoffs at the way most women were portrayed back then. Of course, she has also been fighting the fact I heard her say "love, honor, and obey" in our wedding vows. Modern women, yeesh. Honestly though, thank goodness for understanding wives when it comes to our hobbies.
  12. Fun Parade # 47 CGC 9.4 I have a few of the Harvey minis, war and romance predominantly. They are a good, inexpensive way to get into GA for anyone that has yet to dip their toes.
  13. Haunt of Fear # 16 CGC 9.4 Not really an EC Horror guy, but this one came along and I nabbed it. Might stay in the collection long term, might not. I seem to recall a time, about 6-10 years ago, when high grade Gaines ECs were selling cheap on venues like Comiclink, and I passed when I should have been loading up on all those awesome books. Sigh...regrets, I have a few...
  14. Kid Colt # 4 & # 5 CGC 9.0 One came from the November Heritage auction (my only win, and it wasn't for lack of trying), the other from David Kapelka, formerly of NorthCoast Nostalgia. Western Atlas books are becoming more prevalent in my collection, though the prices don't seem to be weakening on what I've heard for years is a "dead genre". Sell me your high grade Kid Colts!
  15. Picture Life # 3 CGC 8.5 Not something I would normally collect, but I was really curious about the Exclusive Report on "Cigarettes and my Sexual Behavior". Oh, that and Marilyn.