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  1. I would concur...the North/South Concourse is better suited to an event this size...the parking lots are huge, and their is ample overflow parking on the grass areas as well. However, if memory serves, about 3-4 years ago when the event was held on that side, it was filled to capacity on Saturday as well (I believe that was either the Star Trek year, or Walking Dead cast, or Stan Lee, or some combination of major guests). At least, Thursday and Friday, and possibly Sunday would go over better. And whatever criticism you may read into our commentary, please note that guys like Joe, myself, and others would like nothing more then for this event to remain a success for Florida's comic collector community. It is in no one's interest to have MegaCon be anything less than a smashing success, well, perhaps aside from your competition.
  2. Kevin, I will pass on what some of the comic dealers told me directly: they don't like the way the promoters run the show. I don't mean the number of people in the door, which has never been a problem for Mega-Con, I mean the actual logistics of setting up. Complaints from the last few years run the gamut from "they don't provide table clothes or carpeting, like MegaCon used to...so it looks like a flea-market", to complaints about the actual security, or lack there-of, during load-in, to issues this year with someone walking around making sure that tables weren't over the red taped lines on the floor by even an inch, even when the dealer who was scolded for not being "in compliance" was not the one at fault (the guy behind him who actually took up way too much space was). I think these are mostly minor complaints, that can be easily addressed. And let's face it, if a dealer has a huge weekend in sales, he isn't going to care that the floor isn't carpeted, but there just seems to be a general sense of "meh" that the dealers get from the promoters, as if their concerns don't matter. It seems to be a customer service issue, which, considering the number of open/empty booths I saw this year, may require a bit of attention on your part.
  3. I've been going since 2002, and I think this one ranks as one of the sparest for comics, at least as a percentage of total material in the room. Don't get me wrong, there are some damn good dealers in the room (Graham Crackers, Highgradecomics, Dale Roberts, David Kapelka, etc.) and it's probably worth the price of admission just to see all their inventory, but the total number of comic dealers seems down, with far fewer smaller and mid size dealers in the room. It's still the best comic show in Florida, even if it ranks behind other shows I go to, like Heroes, WW Chicago, or Baltimore.
  4. Reminder that the show is this weekend. Please come by and give it a shot. I'll be there with everything from Gold/Silver/Bronze/Copper comics, modern and vintage toys and action figures, original art and sketches in the $50-$300 range, Lego sets, and some other misc items. Something for everyone....
  5. There will be some solid dealers there, so it's probably worth your time to come down on Thursday or Friday to look around. One day will be more than enough, just make sure it's not on the weekend, where the crowds will make it less appealing for regular comic collectors to get around.
  6. I think it's simply overload....C-Link's Focused Auctions run two full weeks now; three days of better quality Silver/Bronze/Gold and a Day of Misc Gold in the first week...plus three days of Copper/Moderns, 1 day of Real Misc. items, and one final day of Art in Week 2. Nine days of auctions every month. One auction ends a little more than two weeks before another one starts. And their shipping dept is slammed....I rarely ever get the items from the last auction before the next one begins....and my general turnaround time is 2-3 weeks after my check clears, and I know a lot of folks are unhappy with their shipping woes, which have only been exasperated by the growing volume of items they process. Then the Pedigree auction, the Heritage, the Comic Connect, the Heritage Weekly, the Hakes, and of course, eBay. Too many items, not enough eyes, not enough dollars...which is exactly why bottom feeders like myself do well at auctions as buying venues.
  7. Daytona Beach ComicCon , now a 2-day show, Sat & Sun, April 21 & 22 If you are from Central or North Florida, South Georgia, and other nearby areas in the South, come on down to the Daytona Beach Comic Con held on April 21st and 22nd. Tom Raupp, the show's promoter, always goes out of his way to put on a old-time comic show, complete with comics, toys, art and artists, and everything you expect in an old-skool show. I'll be there with comics, toys, and artwork, as will many other dealers, including Earl Shaw from Georgia, Capital City Comics from AL, and a host of Florida dealers. Come check us out.
  8. I think that's just the Tupenny 9000 life-size cardboard cutout, customized with the Security Shades and Kung-Fu grip Accessories Pack.
  9. Well, I never expected to win as many pieces from the Art portion as I did....34 in total I think. Many bidders were absent entirely for all my garbage bids to hold up. Now to pay for that invoice....
  10. This show confirmed my growing suspicions about large shows in general: too few smaller dealers + too few "new collections" + too much buying competition + hassle and expense of travel = a sub par experience at best. I was able to get a few nice books early on Friday from several smaller dealers before anyone else picked them clean, but I know that was the exception rather than the rule. C2E2 was supposed to be this treasure trove of smaller dealers and fresh books, but it certainly wasn't the case this year. Instead, we got to see feeding frenzies on inventory from established dealers like Dave Kapelka and Leroy Harper. I'll still do Heroes and MegaCon since they are within a days drive of me, but I think I'll pass on Chicago, Baltimore and the like for the foreseeable future. On the bright side, I enjoyed running into old friends and thought McCormick Place was a world class venue. That, and the few deals I did score, made it palatable in the end.
  11. Snow tomorrow afternoon for set-up. Can't tell you the last time I drove in Snow....maybe 20 years. Should be an adventure.
  12. What a weird auction so far...normally, when I throw my garbage bids in on a C-Link auction, I tend to win only the 2nd and 3rd tier books. Not this time. Snagged a handful of beautiful early Marvels for, what I feel, are very acceptable prices. Maybe everyone was distracted by all the crazy bidding on the more common books. My favorite of the bunch is this one, the scarcest of the early Iron Man TOS' in 9.0 or better. Don't believe I've ever owned a copy this nice before.
  13. Actually, I think your first response was the correct one..it was a mislabel by CGC. I checked a similar copy that was rejected, and it does not have the 2nd Print designation in the indicia, but CGC still labeled it as a 2nd print on the invoice. I think it was a mistake on my part when I filled out the paperwork because a number of 2nd printings of various books went in on the same invoice. Apparently, no one at CGC caught the mistake either. Good Grief. Hell will resume it's thaw momentarily.