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  1. Submission Type: Standard (5 cards) - 4 error + subgrades, 1 regular + subgrades Delivered: 3/22 Received: 5/14
  2. Damn you had a standard order delivered 3/15 and it has made that much progress? Mine delivered one week later, 3/22, has yet to be received.
  3. Hey Paul, is there anyway of knowing which sets have sheets? I have WOTC square cuts that I am 100% positive came from sheets, but I also have a Burning Shadows Magikarp that is square cut. I guess my question is, at what point in Pokémon card production did uncut sheets stop becoming available? After WOTC?
  4. No, I think this would just get a poor grade on centering. Definitely still could get an 8 (or better) no doubt in my mind. Here’s some example cards I have. I’m not sure if the one on the left would receive an OC grade for centering, but I’m confident the second would and would be an error as well.
  5. I noticed that too. I think they’re onto the 22nd for realzies this time. That’s when mine was delivered so fingers crossed.
  6. Well it’s not my fault either that CGC now gives an expected TAT twice that of what it was when I submitted. I know its my fault that I need to move to start a job in a few months, but it’s certainly reasonable to try and pay extra to make it still work or just get my cards back ungraded, once again. I already know I should have just spent the money in the beginning, but the turnaround time was half what it is now and reasonable for my situation. I’m just trying to get my standard submission cards back within four months bro and it’s not looking like that’s going to happen, so I want to get th
  7. There’s another thread of a user who got full on approval over the phone to modify his or her order, and the same thing happened. CGC is saying no now and acts like that never happened. I’m not expecting Walmart level service, just some respect for customers. Give them notice or grandfather them in if you’re making a significant change, just like how CGC handled the price increase. Or better yet, let your customers say no if they refuse your changes in service. CGC says I can’t even cancel now.
  8. This but seriously. I’ve had my mail stolen from my current apartment in less than a few hours, football cards from a PWCC auction that I never recovered. I submitted my very best error cards, including a one of a kind error Base Set Japanese Blastoise. I don’t want to lose that and would be willing to pay $100, $200, whatever so I don’t risk losing that. I know other solutions can be found, but right now I don’t know when or where my cards will be returned to, and that’s concerning.
  9. No I still don’t get it. My order hasn’t been even opened yet. If you read other threads, they discuss how all the orders are already in carts right now, so finding the ones to upgrade is literally finding a needle in a haystack. On the other hand, my hasn’t been put in the system yet, after over 30+ business days of siting there. I don’t see how earmarking my order and changing one value, conceivably achievable in the same step as registering it, isn’t worthwhile to the company given the hundreds of extra dollars in revenue for maybe a few minutes of time. Again, not changing an order already
  10. It’s going to be about two months (not business days) isn’t it? Two months from delivered to the package being opened - not anything else. The site said they were moving onto March 22nd deliveries, but now the site is saying they’re back again on March 15th. What? Probably 60 real days, or 40 business days, after delivery to open the package. I’m on business day 32, so only two more weeks.
  11. 100% off center, and probably to the extent that it won’t get an OC grading. This would probably be dinged for centering, rather than it being any sort of good thing. Here’s an example of a card that would probably get an off center indication and a card that would get an error designation. I (think) the first one wouldn’t get an error designation because it lacks an alignment dot, whereas the second is pretty obviously an error.
  12. Probably not an error. I would think the algorithm has consideration for how others of the same cards grade. Those mews have god awful centering normally. Maybe with that in mind, an 8 for centering isn’t that bad, and the other 9 and 9.5 are weighed heavier.
  13. Then let us cancel our orders, Paul.