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  1. Thanks for the fun these past few days, one question I have is what was the secret clue answer? I only saw the one clue
  2. Mike Mayhew did this for me last year at SDCC
  3. Any chance of Sam Raimi appearances being added to the list
  4. Did you mean this https://www.starrcast.com/superstarrs-baltimore
  5. What about the venom lethal protector 1 black error that was given a blue label
  6. Let the buyer get an unpaid strike and eventually they will get their account suspended, the best thing to negative feedback
  7. Friday was ok , it seemed better than Thursday, Saturday will probably be pushing thru aisles
  8. I saw that Sam Raimi is there Thursday for a panel, has anyone heard if he will doing any autographs?
  9. Sorry couldn’t resist , but anyway good luck with getting this resolved
  10. Call J. G. Wentworth, it’s your money and you want it now!
  11. They are unused pieces that were originally passed over. Here’s a link to jpg.s https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Hidden_Gem_Variants