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  1. Let the buyer get an unpaid strike and eventually they will get their account suspended, the best thing to negative feedback
  2. Friday was ok , it seemed better than Thursday, Saturday will probably be pushing thru aisles
  3. I saw that Sam Raimi is there Thursday for a panel, has anyone heard if he will doing any autographs?
  4. Sorry couldn’t resist , but anyway good luck with getting this resolved
  5. Call J. G. Wentworth, it’s your money and you want it now!
  6. They are unused pieces that were originally passed over. Here’s a link to jpg.s https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Category:Hidden_Gem_Variants
  7. They were at booth 2522 in 2015 -17 and last year it was 2527 , sorry I don’t have any numbers for artists alley, chances are they will be in the same area
  8. I was at SDCC last year , got in the show when it opened along with everyone that had a regular badge (I had a retailers badge) and the people working JSC’s booth wouldn’t sell me any of the exclusive books because I had a retailers badge, they said come back in an hour. I said my badge didn’t get me in any earlier to beat the line, I waited like everyone else. They said sorry but that’s our policy. Note ,I had a retailers badge not a dealer badge.
  9. Definitely not, someone sent $2,000.00 to my wife to use toward expenses on a memorial for a friend ,in a plain mailer signature required and usps just left it in the mailbox .
  10. The L and R on his boots disappeared a long time ago
  11. Wow, I totally forgot about that one, sad to say the link doesn’t take you to the article anymore