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  1. Thanks for the information, all I found was pics of the 58 issues of the titans. I didn't find anything thing on Spidey.
  2. I somehow acquired these two pieces back in 70's and totally forgot about them. The Captain marvel piece is marked the titans #14 on the front in pen and the back with a copyright vol 1 issue 14. The fantastic four has a stamp filled in with Spidey 174 and the copyright just has a 1976 date vol 1 number 174 British issue. Which doesn't make any sense I'm guessing these were never used, but I figured someone here might have some knowledge , thanks
  3. Doesn't the barcode normally indicate the printing? With 431 normally meaning issue 4 , third cover, first print?
  4. It's a first print of the second printing. LOL (well someone had to say it )
  5. I believe he was at sdcc 2018
  6. So I saw you're getting the art back, when do you expect it to be in your hands?
  7. I thought I read a while back that somebody, at the library of Congress, said that the donor may possibly have more art to donate
  8. If you would mail it in just be sure your comfortable with the fmv you listed on the form and have it insured at, in case something happens . My friend had his graded onsite at Baltimore, I told him he was low I expected maybe a 5.0 at tops , he was really unsure, we were both surprised it came back at a 6.0 if something would have happened he only had it insured for 15k.
  9. My friend submitted a book at Baltimore that had chipping and a crease etc., and put a fmv of 15k on the form ,and it came back a 6.0. Cgc at that time said some in that grade sold for 38k, but they were only going to charge him on a 28k fmv. The chipping does hurt the sale but he was offered 36k that same day when he showed some dealers.
  10. I wish mine looked that good, guess I'll upgrade
  11. Nice story on your upgrade and still maintaining a signature series book ,
  12. I always liked how the reds and yellow pop on this book