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  1. Feel like I saw this on a 7-Eleven cup also, but not sure.
  2. 1000% correct on the contacts and how that has made my collection grow.
  3. It really doesn't take much time to learn how to post on CAF. I will also say being a CAF Premium Member is probably the best investment you can make in this hobby. Quick example, a dealer posted a piece a few weeks ago and because I had that artist as one of my Keylist words, I was notified immediately. I saw the page and 5 minutes later I purchased it. The next day the dealer said that he had someone else interested and they would pay $300 more than I did and if I didn't want to buy it, he would send me the $300. I decided to keep the page, but I could have got the $300 and paid for 3 years worth of CAF. More importantly, one reason to share comic original art is simply, the art in its black and white form is not published. By that I mean, most art (and I do have a lot of paintings), is published very similar to how it actually looks (maybe some photo manipulation). On the other hand, unless the art is sold by Heritage (and maybe Comiclink), it's possible that no actual picture of that art exist in it's B&W form. Yes, most art that has been sold, someone might have kept a picture and it's on a social media platform, but not necessarily. Just pointing that out.
  4. Nice pieces to add to your collection. I did review your CAF gallery. Small (but you are just getting started), but all good art. Keep it up!!!!
  5. I have respect for him as he post his new acquisitions and puts his art on CAF. I like people that want to show off their collection. Doesn't matter if you have $5k or $5 mm, show it off!!!! Honestly, having my collection on CAF and organized, getting comments, etc. is just another way I enjoy the hobby (that doesn't cost money).
  6. Can you link to your CAF gallery? I would like to see your collection before adding a comment. Thanks.
  7. There is no doubt that a lot of sales are really like kind exchanges (and that's what we will tell the IRS ). But I'm not sure it would make sense to go through Heritage as they are going to get a cut. Could show up more when CAF reports a "dealer sale" (at list price), but states it could have been sold for less or part trade.
  8. My most expensive (excluding complete stories) purchase (so far): In my mind, the most incredible (from a detailed painting point of view) Savage Sword of Conan cover. There are other ones that are more interesting and Conanesque, but the talent of the artist can not be denied (you could try, but you would be lying).
  9. Glen and Mike, definitely enjoy your post Heritage show. Quick thought is maybe each of you pick three or four pieces that might not have been top dollar sellers but you want to comment on (I know you did a little bit of that). Maybe even give some good insight why something might be a good buy or an anomaly price, or whatever. I say that for a reason; I looked back at a few of the last Heritage Auctions, and around 90% or more of the top selling pieces, never show up in anyone's CAF gallery. I would bet a lot more of the lesser price pieces do. And since this is a CAF show, I would think some of us would like to hear your unapologetic opinions on our purchases (well, maybe). Lastly, I was the underbidder on the Schomburg Invaders page. Probably drove the price up a few grand (seemed that way). While it really only had one good panel, the fact that there are only seven comic art pages by Schomburg after 1951, makes it a rarity that in my mind, outweighs a ton of art (even from that time). Plenty of average covers go for more than that. I kind of like the idea of owning pieces that are rare. Unfortunately, this will not be one of those.
  10. Look under Miscellaneous. Lots more comic art (just not classified yet).
  11. If you own a home, ask your agent. I get mine from a different company then who insures my home, but they also insure other items (such as jewelry) on the same policy as my art. I'm paying around a little more than 1/2 percent of the value of my collection on an annual basis. One, if you have an issue, you have your agent to help you on the claim and two, the agent can rebid it every year if necessary.
  12. 10 underbidder is a lot. Would like to know some of those if you care to share. I picked up a Michael Kaluta Lucifer cover. Wanted something from him and this is the time to buy (lots of options). He didn't leave much empty space on the cover .Paid more than I thought it would go for, but I had three pieces I was very interested and when you don't get the first two, the "bid again " has a lot of influence.
  13. He did. It's a painting, therefore not really comic art. I actually remember buying that guide when it came out and it is a great cover. And he did other comic paintings also, but once again not really comic art (e.g. black and white) and definitely not for a story. Either way, his art is extremely rare to find.
  14. Some quick thoughts on day two (which I did not win anything, ahhhhh). I will not be holding back my opinion but feel free to disagree with me. *George Perez complete book Avengers #34 went for $38k+. Thought that was very high. Cover was useless, so assume that should have gone for $4k by itself (honestly have no idea), that mean 38 pages went for $34k (or $895 per page). Less than a year ago the complete story (less cover) for #33 sold on ComicLink for $418 a page. Half of the pages were only Perez layouts, but from a per page the HA interior book sold for more than double. I gave up on this one pretty quickly in the auction. *Invaders Annual #1 page ten. Top piece I wanted and was the underbidder. I actually thought I won, must have taken my eyes off the screen for a few seconds, but that was my top amount as I had already clicked "Disable Live Bidding". Sold for $15.6k. I would be more disappointed but I have spent a lot over the past month (can't own them all). For those who don't know what this page is, Alex Schomburg did a lot of the classic Timely covers. He stop drawing Comic Book Art (except recreation type paintings) in 1951 except one cover and six pages for this issue. Therefore, this was a very "rare piece". HA has never sold any of the other pages, so there was no price history to know what this should have gone for. Obviously, since I was the underbidder, I feel that the price was about right, but who knows what this might sell for ten years from now (more or less). *Boris Vallejo Gryphon Painting sold for $14.4k (thought that was high). I like a lot of Boris' work (and own several nice pieces). I had exactly 0.0000000% interest in this piece. Gryphon looked kind of cool but that is the most "manly" looking lady I have ever seen in a Boris piece. Funny is that was the piece they had behind the auctioneer, but I think there are hundreds of better Boris' pieces. And it was 1991, so it wasn't from anywhere close to his peak period (70's). *Daredevil #10 page 11 Bob Powell and Wally Wood sold for $40.8k. That's what most of these pages go for. That said, while I like the idea of owning one of these one day, I don't see any "Wally Wood" in the art. They are extremely dull (feels more like DC art from the time than Marvel). Probably because Colan took over a year later, most early DD art seems very dull. Hopefully, I will win one or two pieces on day three. If not, there are plenty of other auctions coming down the pike.