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  1. Many thanks to DeadOne for setting up and managing this weekend's VCC. Much appreciated, as always!
  2. This walked into A-1 Comics the other day. Worst. Press. Evah.
  3. In that case, my non-professional assessment of your MMC #17 would be something less than 2.0 GD -- let's call it a 1.5 FR/GD to 1.8 GD- (or even less, if there is significant, undisclosed interior damage). Just out of curiosity, what was CGC's grade?
  4. Just out of curiosity, what was CGC's grade on the SF #1? The back cover has a large chunk out at the bottom-right corner, a second smaller-but-still-significant piece out just above mid-spine, several long tears, obvious damage to at least the last interior leaf (at the base of the spine), and a ton of general wear. Even with an attached cover, I'd be hard-pressed to advertise it as anything better than a 1.5 FR/GD.
  5. Yeah, if it wasn't for that single-feedback bidder, this sells for $610. And if bidder 9***l (108) also stays away, this "gem" hammers for $38.
  6. Agreed; it's not the missing centerfold report that troubled me; it's the lack of effort to make it right. Enough already! The ebay description clearly states that this book has "7 wraps or 28 total pages." Any fair-minded collector of Atomic Age material would read that as a warning that the book is missing one wrap and is therefore incomplete. I think it's grossly unjust to trash the seller in this thread. And, lest you wonder, I've never done biz with victorytoys, nor do I know who he/she is.
  7. Courtesy of a good friend. The raw "black variant" is the Mile High copy. Enjoy!
  8. Rated by whom? Surely not CGC (or even CBCS, for that matter). In the old days, coverless books received Universal Grades of 0.5 PR. Now, they receive Universal Grades of NG.
  9. Please feel free to stop by my Virtual Comic Con (VCC) booth this weekend, where I'm offering a variety of gorgeous Original Owner title runs.
  10. Web Of Evil #14 (Quality 1954). Grade = Coverless but Otherwise Complete. Price = No Longer Available. This issue features four nifty illustrated stories: "The Witch Of Death" (9 pages); "The Monster Genie" (6 pages); "Lighthouse Of The Dead" (7 pages); and "The Sealed Corpse" (6 pages).
  11. Nightmare #3 (St. John 1953). Grade = 2.5 GD+. Price = $95. This issue features an eye-catching cover and six spine-tingling illustrated stories: "The Werewolf Of Washington Square" (Everett Kinstler, 6 pages); "Cup Of Moonglow" (7 pages); "The Wonderful Wizard" (Everett Kinstler, 2 pages); "The Quivering Brain" (6 pages); "The Witches' Sabbath" (1 page); and "Crafton's Curse" (7 pages). There are no missing coupons/panels/pages or tape repairs. Other notable features and flaws include: Light-to-moderate handling, but significant moisture-related damage/wear; moisture tidelines, moisture-related ink loss (front cover) and fading (back cover); moisture-related cockling/rippling (entire book has a stiff feel); small chip out at bottom-right corner of front cover; color-breaking and non color-breaking creases and stress lines; light soiling; other lesser blemishes/defects. Worn but essentially intact spine (no splits). Rusty staples; cover securely attached at both staples. Nearly white inside covers; supple off-white to white pages; 32 interior pages (8 interior wraps); centerfold securely attached at both staples; light discoloration/staining to centerfold paper adjacent to rusty staples. Current OPG value = $52.50 (in 2.5 GD+). 2018 GPA-recorded sales: CGC 7.0 Crippen Pedigree = $1135 (6.0 x guide), CGC 6.5 = $425 (2.7 x guide), CGC 5.5 = $837 (7.4 x guide), CGC 4.5 = $540 (5.9 x guide), CGC 2.5 = $203 (3.9 x guide). 2018 Range = 2.7~7.4 times guide. 2018 Average = 5.2 times guide.