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  1. This is not a River City copy. The arrival date (1-4) is correct, but the form and penmanship of the marking is not consistent with any RCs I've ever seen. Here are scans of the actual River City SA #17 -- just before and just after Mark Wilson gave it the CPR treatment in an attempt to squeeze a CGC 9.6 out of an already beautiful CGC 9.4. Sad.
  2. Linda Carter, Student Nurse #1 claimed by electricprune. Many thanks, Wes!
  3. Showgirls #4 (Atlas; Feb 1957) Medina Ohio Collection. Grade = CGC 8.5 ow-wh. Census Rank = #2 (tied with one other, and just behind a single 9.0). Price = $4000.
  4. Millie The Model #27 (Marvel/Atlas; Mar 1951) Medina Ohio Collection. Grade = CGC 9.0 ow-wh. Census Rank = #1 (tied with one other). Price = $4500.
  5. Millie The Model #25 (Marvel/Atlas; Nov 1950) Medina Ohio Collection. Grade = CGC 8.5 ow-wh. Census Rank = #2 (behind a single 9.4 that was originally CGC-certified as a 9.0). Price = $3500.
  6. Millie The Model #8 (Marvel/Atlas; Oct 1947) Medina Ohio Collection. Grade = CGC 8.5 ow-wh. Census Rank = #2 (behind the Edgar Church copy at 9.4). Price = $6000.
  7. Linda Carter, Student Nurse #1 (Atlas; Sep 1961). Grade = CGC 7.5 ow-wh. SOLD – Thank You! Census Rank = #3 (tied with three others). Price = $1500.
  8. Black Knight #4 (Atlas; Nov 1955) River City Pedigree. Grade = CGC 9.0 ow-wh. Census Rank = #1. Only three CGC-certified 9.0 for the entire five-issue title run (and none higher). Price = $5000.
  9. Hi, all. This time around, I'm pleased to offer a small but absolutely killer selection of CGC-certified Atlas from the walk-in vault of A-1 Comics. Payment to A-1 Comics may be by PayPal, Cashier’s Check, USPS Money Order, business/personal check (but please allow up to ten days for your check to clear), or cash (in-store pickup only). Payment must be received within seven calendar days of being invoiced (unless other arrangements have been agreed to via PM). All books will be shipped from A-1 Comics within three business days of your payment (fully insured with signature confirmation). The exact cost of shipping will be added to your order. Returns will be cheerfully accepted (provided that you alert me to the return via PM within one week of receipt), but the cost of shipping and return shipping will be on you. International buyers are welcomed. Miscreants, wankers, and folks currently on probation are not. Post the within the selling thread to claim your prize. Happy hunting! Apache Kid #6 (Atlas; Jun 1951) Okajima Pedigree. Grade = CGC 8.0 ow-wh. Census Rank = #2 (behind a single 9.4). Price = $700.
  10. As Adam correctly notes, CAC #37 is a 60-page issue -- the front & back covers, plus 56 interior pages. With Timelys, the 56 interior pages were generally created via 12 full wraps and 4 half-wraps (or leaves, almost always placed before the center staple). What CGC defines as "page 15" is actually "leaf 15" (also known as interior pages 29-30), which would be placed just before the centerfold (also known as leaves 16-17, or interior pages 31-34). None of this confusion would occur if CGC used the proper terms on their labels. It's ridiculous to say that a page consists of two pages. And a comic can never be missing just one page. One leaf, maybe. But not one page (which publishers have always defined as one side of one leaf).
  11. Hi, all. A-1 Comics will be holding their 32nd Anniversary Sale this evening (Friday, June 19th) on Facebook Live. A full four hours of great offerings, beginning at 6:00 PM Pacific. Here's a link to some previews and sale-related videos. Enjoy!
  12. This is true. This is also true (and it's great to see you back on the Boards ). There are a few different characteristic styles, but the most common is S-xx-xx (or L-xx-xx) on a single line:
  13. That "squiggly line" is actually an S:
  14. The handwriting, form, and placement of the arrival date are consistent with some River City copies from this period. Here are a couple of examples: I've seen several "unacknowledged" River City specimens in CGC holders. As adamstrange has noted, if the book is not identified as a pedigree on the CGC submission form, it may not be certified as such.