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  1. Looney Tunes & Merry Melodies #36 claimed by oceans11. Onto your pile it goes! Many thanks, Don!
  2. "The Turks pay me a golden treasure, yet I am poor! Because I am a river to my people!" Auda abu Tayi Classics Illustrated #2 claimed by Robot Man (following some rather light, for-your-own-good, arm-twisting). Onto your pile it goes, Bob!
  3. Two $5 pedigrees are still available here and here. No way! Yes way!
  4. Tor #2 claimed by adamstrange. Many thanks, once again, Alan!
  5. Ben Bowie #16 claimed by mustang33guy. Many thanks, once again, Adam!
  6. Magic Comics #56 claimed by oceans11. If I leave this thread open long enough, you guys might just buy me out! Many thanks, yet again, Don!
  7. Mystic (3rd Series) #43 claimed by Robot Man. Nice! Many thanks, as always, Bob!
  8. Four Color #613 (Western Marshall) claimed by Jonathan78. An absolutely gorgeous copy of a highly-respected pedigree for a mere $5? About the price of one mixed drink at your local pub? Jonathan's a pretty astute collector, but this is an absolute no-brainer. How does a book like this remain unclaimed for five days? Many thanks, once again, Jon!
  9. Extra #2 claimed by Jonathan78. Many thanks, Jon!
  10. Ace Comics #82 claimed by Pokecollectoramy. Many thanks, Andre!
  11. WDCS #20 (v2-n8), WDCS #22 (v2-n10), and Fairy Tale Parade #2 currently on hold.
  12. Sergeant Preston Of The Yukon #18 claimed by mustang33guy. Many thanks, once again, Adam!
  13. Magic Comics #53 claimed by bounty_coder. Many thanks, once again, Aaron!
  14. Mark Trail #1 claimed by Beaumonts. Many thanks, once again, Ty!
  15. Black Cat Western #56 claimed by oceans11. Many thanks, once again, Don!