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  1. Lots of chipping and splitting. 3.0 GD/VG with slightly brittle pages.
  2. Thanks, guys. And I'm really diggin' the funny animal books, so keep 'em coming!
  3. Very cool. I picked up a nice looking copy of Lucky Coyne Comics back in 2018: The book has just returned home from a short vacation in Sarasota, carrying a brand new title: Highest CGC-Certified Copy. Unfortunately, it'll be making one more round trip soon, as this is the Super Publications version rather than the Rucker Publications version. If y'all would pay attention to my submission form, there would be no need to guess. D-oh!
  4. As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of the pre-code Strange Adventures run. I rarely purchase slabbed books; however, earlier this year, I had an opportunity to pick up a very favorably priced SA #3 in CGC 8.0 ow-wh. It was a gorgeous, ultra-fresh copy except for one significant blemish: a non color-breaking bend/crease across the bottom-left corner of the back cover. Thanks to the awesome talent of our very own joeypost, I am now the proud caretaker of only the second copy of Strange Adventures between #1 (Aug-Sep 1950) and #148 (Jan 1963) to be certified as a CGC 9.8 (the other being the Edgar Church copy of SA #10). For what it's worth, the book is every bit as gorgeous/perfect in hand as it appears in the scan. Many, many thanks, Joe, for both your friendship and your unparalleled skill. You're the best!
  5. Hi, all. Thanks for stopping by! Just one book today (plus a link to a nice selection of seldom seen yet inexpensive 1952-53 Pre-Code War). Payment may be by PayPal, Cashier’s Check, USPS Money Order, or business/personal check (but please allow up to ten days for your check to clear). Payment must be received within seven calendar days of being invoiced (unless other arrangements have been agreed to via PM). All books will be shipped within three business days of your payment (fully insured with delivery or signature confirmation). The exact cost of shipping will be added to your order ($5 for boxed and bullet-proof USPS First Class Mail to a domestic address). Returns will be cheerfully accepted (provided that you alert me to the return via PM within one week of receipt), but the cost of shipping and return shipping will be on you. International buyers are welcomed. Miscreants, wankers, and folks currently on probation are not. Post the within the selling thread to claim your prize. Happy hunting! Wild #2 (Atlas; Mar 1954). Grade = 4.0 VG cr-ow. Price = $80. This issue features five humorous parodies/satires by some of the best artists in Atlas' Atomic Age bullpen: "Deep In The Heart Of Taxes" (Joe Maneely, 5 pages); "Gruesome Gregory" (Russ Heath, 5 pages); "Menace From Mars" (Howie Post, 4 pages); "Satan is Waitin'" (Bill Everett, 4 pages); and "A Witch In Time" (Al Hartley, 5 pages). There are no missing coupons/panels/pages or tape repairs. Notable features and flaws include: At first glance, this book appears 6.0 FN; however, there are abrasive impressions at two areas of the front cover (in the witch's hair and just above the broom head). The impressions above the broom head do not penetrate the cover. A couple of the impressions in the witch's hair have penetrated the cover and caused a tiny (less than ⅛") tear in the first 4~6 interior leaves. There's no loss of paper, and the interior blemishes are nearly invisible (although the impressions can be felt with the tip of your finger). Light-to-moderate cover wear; reading stress along spine; light edge wear; color-breaking and non color-breaking creases and stress lines; light soiling/staining; other lesser blemishes/defects. Supple and completely intact spine (no splits). Clean staples (no rust); cover securely attached at both staples. Nearly white inside covers; supple cream to off-white pages; 32 interior pages (8 interior wraps); centerfold securely attached at both staples. And please feel free to stop by my booth at this weekend's Virtual Comic Con (VCC), where I'm offering a nice selection of seldom seen yet inexpensive 1952-53 Pre-Code War. Many thanks!
  6. For what it's worth, CGC generally awards books with clipped back cover coupons a grade of 1.0 FR (provided that the book is otherwise complete). The area missing on your Eerie is certainly smaller than a typical coupon; however, it's considerably more interesting.
  7. Seriously, guys? Five different boardies willing to chide the single-post newcomer for posting in the wrong forum, but not a single person willing to direct him to the correct forum? Sad. Really, really sad. Nathan, you'll have a better response if you re-post your inquiry in the Newbie Comic Collecting Questions forum or the Comics General forum. Good luck.
  8. I'll second what Andy just said. DC's pre-code "horror" books (HOM #1-35, Phantom Stranger #1-6, Sensation / Sensation Mystery #107-116, Star Spangled Comics #122-130) would more accurately be described as fantasy/occult/supernatural issues. Smart stuff, if you enjoy a good ghost story, but definitely not graphic. Their pre-code crime and pre-code war stuff was also PG-rated. Good stuff, but with a distinctly different flavor from many of the other publishers (like Atlas and Farrell).
  9. I strongly recommend that you count pages before making any other decisions. PGX has been known to "overlook" missing pages.
  10. It looks like a crease to me. Is there a small vertical tear that extends between the left end of the crease and the top edge?
  11. Is there any rust on the top staple (either at the cover or at the centerfold), and is there any rust staining to the adjacent cover paper?