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  1. A local guy who I grade raw comics for has a JLA #70 4th print. I graded it in 2018 but it's only about a 7.0. I would have to look at it again to see if a press wiuld improve it all. I know you're looking for 9.8 but thought I would mention it anyway.
  2. If you ever send this to CGC to have it graded, I would stipulate to them that they MUST denote Newsstand cover on the outside and Direct Edition cover on the inside.
  3. My 2nd copy of this harder to find Whitman DC variant. A local comic shop had a Black Friday sale yesterday where all $1.00 comics were $.25 each. Found it in one of those boxes. Pressing it as we speak....
  4. Received this back yesterday. 2nd highest graded copy on the CGC census. Only 1 9.6 higher. Really thought this one would go 9.6.
  5. My latest 30 cent price variant pickup. Got this one in a recent trade.
  6. Purchased 2 treasuries (1 Marvel, 1 DC) from Frank at the latest VCC. Packed well and received as advertised.
  7. Bought a nice Marc Spector, Moon Knight #55 from Drew's VCC booth which completed my Marc Spector 1-60 run. Thanks Drew!
  8. My VCC books arrived safely today along with some nice freebies. Thanks Eddie! Great guy to deal with.
  9. I got lucky and found Daredevil 40 and 41 Newsstands in a nearby booth at a local comic con back in early March. Right after that the coronavirus shut everything down.
  10. Leftovers from the just completed Virtual Comic Con. SHIPPING $5.00 for 1 to 3 books via 1st Class Mail (USA only) $10.00 for 4-7 books via Priority Mail envelope (USA only) $15.00 for 8-40 books via Medium Flat Rate Priority Mail box (USA only) International shipping will be via 1st Class Mail International at the cheapest rate possible. Comics shipped in an envelope are sandwiched between oversized cardboard and taped on all 4 sides. Comics shipped in a Medium Flat Rate box have thick corner protectors at all 4 corners to ensure that the book corners aren'
  11. Haven't been doing much selling in here for quite awhile now.
  12. My most recent 30 cent price variant pickup. I think I have 22 of them now.