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  1. Try this.
  2. Scroll down a little. This is exactly what I've been looking for (the CGC storage cabinet). JuWRlk_KuxYgrVlxkbPKpIHOpLfZfpmfuU4vCGPdiSXMuql8GWqejrmRz2tND8&fref=nf&hc_location=group
  3. Yes, and I want to pull open a drawer and see the top of each slab in nice neat columns. Just like in the CGC boxes but without the boxes. Lateral file cabinets would satisfy that requirement if only the drawers were much taller.
  4. I'm aware of these, but that would simply be exchanging cardboard boxes for hard plastic boxes. Better yes, but I'm looking to store them in cabinets just like I currently store my raw comics - vertically, with label up and standing on end.
  5. Most if not all of my lateral file cabinets have a key lock in them. Because I buy them all previously used, many times they don't come with a key, but I'm assuming I could have one made for most of them.
  6. Just got this one back from CGC recently.
  7. I couldn't find anything on the subject, so let's talk about the storage of our CGC graded comic books. I own roughly 330 CGC (and other) graded comic books and currently house them in cardboard CGC boxes. Each box holds about 30-33 slabs depending on thickness. I have all of the boxes sitting on a 4-tier wire rack. But I will probably be doubling this inventory over the next 2-3 years. I store all of my "raw" (non-graded) comics in lateral file cabinets which I love for this purpose. But all of these lateral file cabinet drawers are way too short for the height of slabs. And I would love to have a lateral file cabinet for the storage of slabs. As far as I know, none of these cabinets exist. Due to the way slabs are labeled, I'm looking for something where I can store the slabs vertically in columns. A slab is about 13" in height. If someone is aware of these types of cabinets, let me know. Also, please chime in on how you currently store your slabs. Mike
  8. Thanks for catching the error Joe. Corrected.
  9. 2 iconic Marvel comics for sale - X-Men #1 (1st X-Men) CGC 3.0 OW/W pages and Amazing Spider-Man #14 (1st Green Goblin) CGC 4.0 OW/W pages. Selling these on consignment for a local collector. Multiple photos included both of the raw comics and after CGC grading. PRICES: $4,500 firm for X-Men #1 CGC 3.0 OW/W $1,300 firm for Amazing Spider-Man #14 CGC 4.0 OW/W Buy both books together = $5,600 ($200 less) Payment via Paypal. A payment plan of 2 to 3 months can be setup for the X-Men #1. Shipping via Priority Mail box in the USA included. Additional insurance is extra. And as soon as I receive the photos from the consignor, I will also have Amazing Spider-Man #4 CGC 2.5 OW/W (1st Sandman) $700 firm, ASM #5 CGC 3.5 OW/W (Dr. Doom) $500 firm and ASM #13 CGC 4.5 OW/W (1st Mysterio) $700 firm for sale also. My apologies for the lousy slab pics. They came from the consignor like that.
  10. Up for sale is a sweet Crime Suspenstories #16 from 1953. New CGC case. $595 shipped with insurance via Priority Mail box in the USA.
  11. I had a feeling it probably came from another board member. I'm just happy to have finally landed a copy. Are we still at 10-12 known copies of this book? Or is it higher than that now?