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  1. I like that idea as an alternative - the problem being that it's only 10 slabs per drawer. Each 5-drawer cabinet would only hold 50 slabs. I would need 8 of those just to cover what I currently have. I'm sticking with 15-drawer wood cabinet style.
  2. I was talking to my neighbor the other day and it ends up his dad is a cabinet maker. I showed them a few slabs and the video of the cabinet the guy on Facebook made. His dad said he didn't need a build plan and could make one just like it for me. Should be getting a quote from them shortly. I'll keep you guys informed if I have one built.
  3. I haven't been able to confirm any new books that are not already on this list. Marvel Pizzazz Inserts (40 total) (All are from Jan.-April 1978) Amazing Spider-Man 176,177,178,179 Captain America 217,218,219,220 Fantastic Four 190,191,192,193 Incredible Hulk 219,220,221,222 Invaders 24,25,26,27 Marvel Tales 87,88,89,90 Marvel Team-Up 65,66,67,68 Marvel Two-in-One 36,37,38,39 Star Wars 7,8,9,10 Thor 267,268,269,270 I currently have 31 of the 40 with 6 duplicates. My suspicion is that some of the books on this list do not actually exist as I have never seen a copy (with the insert) listed for sale. Those are: Amazing Spider-Man #179 Captain America #220 Fantastic Four #193 Incredible Hulk #222 Invaders #27 Marvel Team-Up #68 Thor #267 If that is the case, then I may be down to only needing Marvel Tales #88 and #89 to have the full set.
  4. Alain (Bluemedgroup) and I live only a few miles from each other so he dropped off a couple of slabs I bought from him earlier today. Great guy to work with and will be doing more business in the future.
  5. Got this one back last week but it's going to get cracked out, pressed and resubmitted. It apparently was damaged in shipment to CGC. It was a solid 9.4 book when I shipped it - maybe higher.
  6. I received my mystery box prize from Azkaban yesterday. Nice mixed batch of mostly Marvel comics from Silver Age on up. Thanks Dwayne! Mike
  7. PMs have been sent to both prize recipients - @trmoore54 and @TheGeneral.
  8. Nobody specifically. I'm retired now so this shutdown isn't hurting me as much as other people. I'm just assuming there are other contestants here who could really use the money from any of the Paypal donations listed in here. If I had taken Tom's $100 Paypal donation, I was going to use it to buy comics from an LCS through my Facebook comic group.
  9. I was going to go for Tom's $100 in Paypal, but seeing that someone else in here needs it more than I do, I'm going to pick: Prize #14 Azkaban mystery box Donated by Azkaban If you can't beat 'em, take their comics!
  10. You should have been ranked 61 or 62 then....
  11. You up for any kind of trade or just selling outright?
  12. Looks like oakman29 and toro had the best sideline scores with flashltes and myself right behind them.
  13. Took about 5 minutes to review the final round books and sent my grades to BUTM for the hell of it. Of course, I get 2 bullseyes, .2 off on one and .5 off on the last book. Went 9.4,9.6,3.0,8.5 in that order. Would have been a lot better than that last round.