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  1. I'm all for eliminating the exclusivity rule. Most of the stuff I would normally sell in a VCC is already listed in my eBay store. It's a royal PITA to remove comics from eBay, list them in the VCC, then turn around and relist unsold items back on eBay again. I sell both on eBay and Etsy and have the same books listed in both venues. Whenever I sell something, I simply remove it from the other venue. The odds of selling a book on eBay or Etsy during a VCC are slim to none.
  2. understanding of double covers has always been that the better cover of the two is what the overall grade of the book was. Example: Outer cover 9.0, inner cover 9.6, overall grade 9.6. Has that changed? I have books in my own collection where that's exactly the case. I'm sure Christian does as well since he's a big double cover collector.
  3. Thanks for the comment. Makes me feel much better.
  4. No, not the first time. I've participated before but I don't believe I played in last year's tournament so it's been awhile. It's my fault and nobody else's. I was too focused on the "the inner cover is usually higher grade than the outer cover" double cover scenario. Had I asked one simple question to Blowie in the PM all of this would have been avoided. I'll definitely remember this for next year's tournament.
  5. Yep, and I should have asked questions before attempting to do so - and paid more attention to the wording in Blowie's initial PM. That alone caused me to get booted from the tournament. I was actually closer on grade on 2 of the books than my opponent and we tied on the other one. My experience and knowledge of the way double covers are graded actually got in the way this time. Live and and learn.....
  6. I just checked the threads for this year's seeding round, round of 96 and this last round. Nothing is stated about double cover books being graded only by the outer cover. Even though it may have been stated in previous years' contests, it seems that is something that should be prominently stated in the initial post in every round. Had I known that was the case (assuming it is), I would have guessed 1.5 to 1.8 on the 2.0 double cover book and easily advanced.
  7. My understanding of double covers has always been that the inner cover is usually higher grade than the outer cover (for obvious reasons). In the case of this particular book (the Rudolph) and any other double cover with significant wear, maybe it would be better if a scan of the interior cover was posted as well.
  8. I guessed 6.5 on the 1st book and you entered it in the spreadsheet as 8.5.
  9. I only lost by 5 points (Blowie entered my 1st guess incorrectly) so I don't feel too bad about not advancing. But I blew the grade on the double cover Rudolph (guessed 4.0). So did you guys grade it that low because of the top of the spine? I couldn't tell whether the inner cover was split or not. Go get 'em letsgrumble!
  10. I was 1 grade off on 2 books, had one bullseye (the X-Men) but bombed on the double cover book. Those things are tough. Couldn't tell if the inner cover had a spine slit at the top corner or not so went with 4.0. Had I gone 3.0 I would have advanced.