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  1. Don't get me wrong ... I'm not sure when/if I will, but I think I'm probably more open-minded about letting it go eventually. The discussion was somewhat prompted by the fact my father-in-law is beginning to sell much of his lifelong signature collection. He knows I know a little bit about collecting, but not in the same lane. So ... he can pass the collection along, but should we ever want to sell it, we won't be able to maximize the sale of it. So, he's selling off anything from people where we have no personal affinity. In the same vein, are the kids really going to know what to do with the comics if they don't end up collecting? On the other hand, would they know what to do with a condo down in Florida on the beach? :P Plus, if we sell my collection off in 10-15 years, we can get a lot of good use out of said condo even before we retire.
  2. I'm also kind of blown away at the rate at which this book has increased in value in the 10+ years since I bought my copy -- 10x its original purchasing price! Can you imagine how many stocks and bonds out there have shown that kind of consistent growth? Craziness. Anyhow, my wife and I used to joke about eventually selling off my collection when we're approaching retirement and using the money as a down payment towards a small condo in Florida for snowbirding (20 years from now). Given the increases, that joking may be less unrealistic after all!
  3. Mine is a CGC SS 1.8 copy -- hasn't been raw since 2012 (?)
  4. Yup! I'm not sure I've seen a low grade copy with a front cover that presented this well for this low of a price! [And I haven't been in the market for this book for probably 5-10 years!]
  5. Was this copy originally sold (raw) via Heritage about 5-10 years ago? This reminds me of a copy that I was the underbidder for (SOOOoooo many regrets on that auction).
  6. Hi @Bird - I guess I should have been clearer. I'm looking for Bob Kane -- not Gil. Thanks though!
  7. On comics or not, the subject header says it all!-) Preferred these be in ink though pencil is ok, too. Any provence available, that'd be great. Price range depending on the quality of the signature but not looking to spend more than $150-200 per signature.
  8. Ack! @Point Five, @piper, and @comicdonna caught me buying low grades again!-)