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  1. Was this copy originally sold (raw) via Heritage about 5-10 years ago? This reminds me of a copy that I was the underbidder for (SOOOoooo many regrets on that auction).
  2. Hi @Bird - I guess I should have been clearer. I'm looking for Bob Kane -- not Gil. Thanks though!
  3. On comics or not, the subject header says it all!-) Preferred these be in ink though pencil is ok, too. Any provence available, that'd be great. Price range depending on the quality of the signature but not looking to spend more than $150-200 per signature.
  4. Ack! @Point Five, @piper, and @comicdonna caught me buying low grades again!-)
  5. I've been down to about one batch per year. Got a dunkel on deck but I've been wanting to do a coffee porter using Death Wish coffee for a really caffeinated punch!-)
  6. Ack! I missed the deadline! Always late to the party it seems. @HollyJollyOne - If you have anyone looking to partner up, keep me in mind!
  7. I do remember pursuing and learning about Pop Hollinger - @skypinkblu hooked me up with my very first copy! But I'm drawing a blank at the moment as to whether or not I wrote something up on him. Most of my publications have come through Newsarama and Marvel. Mind shooting me the link?
  8. I used to play Vampire the Masquerate and Werewof the Apocalypse when I was younger -- loved the games rich "fluff" -- and even years later, I still really enjoy the background. Since then, the Apocalypse/Gehenna took place and they ended the lines rebooting them anew with Requiem and The Foresaken. I'm just curious about others' response to this new landscape they've created. I've read some stuff, but it just doesn't quite hold the same depth of intrigue for me. [Willing to admit the nostalgia factor could be at play here] Are there specific supplements of novels that have stood out for you since? On a comics-related note, it never ceases to amaze me that more wasn't done on the comics front with these properties. They scream comic treatment, and while I know there were some mild attempts (available on DriveThruRPG), I have a hard time believe some smaller publishers like Alterna, Action Lab, etc, wouldn't want to tackle an IP like this.