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  1. If you are open to offering semi smaller chunks of the Robin, Batman and/or Tec, I’d be game (e.g. 10-20+ issue stretches)
  2. Given the unreliability of eBay, where are the best places to go for authentic wrestler autographs?
  3. OUCH! Great deal on that one-- would have absolutely pulled the trigger on this had I seen it.
  4. Subject header says it, I'm looking to get these five hologram cards. Don't need to be mint but should present well. Looking to spend around $20 shipped.
  5. Was able to go back to my LCS yesterday and flip through some long boxes and fills some gaps in my collection. Absolutely nothing fancy purchased: UXM 189 and 240 along with Batman 477-80. VF/NM to NM- condition but nothing more than a few bucks each -- either in cost or in value. But man, did it feel good to flip through and buy some funny books even if I did look like an exterminator! :P
  6. It is missing the centerfold I'm looking at a 0.5 PR technical grade but it presents nicely!
  7. Not looking for ultra high grades - just affordable, nice presenting copies. Alias #1 Batman #635 Captain Marvel Vol. 7 #s 14 & 17 Edge of Spider-Verse #2 Solar Man of the Atom #10 Ultimate Fallout #4
  8. And because the dealer had this little beauty, too, I couldn't help myself 😁 Shadow of the Bat #0
  9. Not on most people's radar, I know, but if there has been comic I've wanted original art from, it was ROBIN: JOKER'S WILD. It was one of those comics that just stick with me as a kid and it remains a favorite. Anyhow, I saw a great page up for sale, and while not the original line art from Tom Lyle, and it IS the original hand colored art from Adrienne Roy. It's a great page set up and pops in person. Not a Kirby, Miller or someone else, but for me, I've posted here about wanting a page from this mini almost as long as I've been a member here. Issue #1, P. 7