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  1. This thread is so so good yet at the same time makes me cry with envy 😢😢😢
  2. I really really love silver age covers ASM ( who doesn’t ). These 4 being prime example
  3. I’m just jealous you have a pal you can go for a beer and talk comics with !! ASM 300 all day long for me.
  4. That has blew my mind. I so so need to see that myself
  5. 6.5-7 looks better from the front but the spine ticks are more visible on back.
  6. No I’d play it but just be cautious. As an example, 2 nights ago I read ASM 300 to my little boy as his bed time story. He loves Venom and the drawings so I’m perfectly happy to use the book for it’s intended purpose My own personal view is that by encapsulating something away, you’re paying a slight disservice to the writer and artist who’ve put a lot of work, skill and effort into something to just be closed off and not enjoyed. again, I fully appreciate I may be in the minority on this and it’s just my opinion.
  7. It’s crazy. Each to their own of course but I’d never slab a book from my collection even though I’d undoubtedly substantially increase the value. I buy comics because I love them and I still pull them out to read and admire the whole thing. It’d be like buying a vinyl record but never listening to the music. only my opinion of course.
  8. I think you’ve probably paid a fair price. what you need to consider is how much do you love the book ? ASM 300 is my favourite book made in my lifetime and I’d pay a high price to own it ( if I didn’t already ). Whats important is that you do now own it and it’s only going one way in value
  9. 7 to give context, how much did you pay for it ?
  10. Buy what you enjoy in new titles then bag n board. If it happens to become hot then great, if not does it matter if you enjoy it ? I collect in two ways. I continue to complete my run of ASM from 1 - 350. It’s my favourite book and The main issues are only going one way, I buy new titles based around Venom / Carnage as I’ve always lived that since I was a kid buying it when they were first introduced. Not bothered if they don’t rocket in price, I just enjoy them.