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  2. Hey I think you emailed us and we quoted you. Just wanted to let everyone know that we are 100% focused on this signing tour as it is our primary Spring/Early Summer event! Do not miss this chance with lots of time before the Venom movie comes out in October. Also if we are slow to respond here, please email us at and we will get you a quote and reply SUPER fast!
  3. 5/1 Deadline If you want to submit under your account books must be labeled with your account number and name and requested signature, CGC invoices must be filled out, books must be prepped. If they are not prepped we will charge an extra $5 per item. We would then charge creator signature rate + $15 service fee per signature.
  4. Happy 2018! We want you to know that we have been handling the LARGEST amount of Todd McFarlane autograph requests than any other facilitator the past 3 years. We proudly work with many comic book shops and other facilitators who have been working with us for years. Please turn to us when it is time to decide where to submit your books. We have a long history and a good reputation. Prices-- CGC Modern Book = $45 CGC Fee and Return UPS Shipping = $20 Todd McFarlane Autograph Fee= $50. David Michelinie Autograph Fee = $30 Mark Bagley Auto
  5. Good Morning! To clarify our other company Scorpion Comics has a business partner who is a close personal friend of Todd's. Todd is not a part owner of Scorpion Comics. Todd does not do CGC Signature Series requests at ANY public convention. He will do 2 CGC signings this year 2018 which NYComics is extremely excited to once again be a part of. Coming up is the Lethal Protect Tour featuring Todd McFarlane, David Michelinie, and Mark Bagley!
  6. Hi Jon- Scorpion Comics will be at this show. We will have Kyle Starks as our special guest whom we are bringing. We are also a CGC Signature Series Facilitator. I do think that CGC might be at this show however.....not really sure. email me at if you have any questions. Best, Sean
  7. Whats up! You guys still post here?
  8. We have until December First for Mail In McFarlane Subs. We are happy to help you! Signing is 12/14
  9. We had a great time hanging out with Todd at New York Comic Con!!!!!!! WE are REALLY looking forward to the December CGC signing!!!!!!! TRUST US! We are the guys to handle your McFarlane submissions! Email us at with any questions!
  10. Mail in Deadline is 10/1 To be clear these are auto prices posted. Prior Todd books are at CGC