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  1. bug33fouf

    rusted staple

    I have a book that has rust on the bottom staple can I still get an 9.8 or will it cap out at 9.6? This is the only issue on the book.. thanks
  2. During these tuff and ruff times its hard to keep busy. Besides watching every marvel movies 5 times.... on Disney and Netflix. So i looked though the garage and found my "project box" picked an item and got started. This is a hulk statue I picked up at a flea market for 15 bucks.. many,many years ago. It feel off shelf and both arms broke off.. so i wanted to bring it back to life . I'm not a professional painter or artist. Just wanted to keep busy.... If u have any projects that u have been working on I would love to see it...
  3. can u add Deadpool Suicide kings set. thanks Bug Hello @bug33fouf, Please make your request in the "2020 This Set Doesn't Exist, Please Build," thread. This thread for for slot creations only. Thank you
  4. can u add Deadpool: Suicide Kings set. 06/09 Thanks. Bug