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  1. 🗣Blah blah blah well there’s a slight soiling of the ba ba ba ba. The corners are a little berp berp berp. But I think blah blah
  2. I’m getting here a little bit late but this happened to a book I have also. They wouldn’t even regrade and Reslab free of charge. RIP customer service
  3. 9s. Probably tops out at 4 because it looks just like a 9.4 I have
  4. Thoughts? The seller had a sheet of white paper separating the front and back pages from the inside. Seems smart to do. If it’s in the 7s I’m a happy camper but shoot me straight
  5. So far we’re pretty close in grade so when you say 8.0 and I’m at a 9.4 I’ll take another look
  6. Looks like moisture got in at a 2nd glance I missed that part. Probably lower than my original assessment. Sorry something is up with inside pages I didn’t catch. I can’t tell if those are color breaks or it’s part of the book. I can see em from the back but not the front. I gotta go 8.5
  7. Definitely NM or better. Nice book 👍. I see some dents I’m sure they can press em out
  8. 9.0 overall attractive book. At least the ticks are on the back cover. There’s a corner that looks suspect also on the back. Very nice
  9. I’m gonna go on the optimistic end and say that’s a potential NM. It’s pretty sharp. I don’t find much fault with the corners. The dents can be pressed from what they say. There’s a few ticks on the back. Overall its pretty cherry👌
  10. I’m a firm believer in normalizing. I think I’ll sell my slabs to the middle class for roughly fmv and they can sell them to the elites. Everybody wins! Comics aren’t my bread and butter anyhow. But yeah I’m not buying slabs that’s for darn sure. I will buy raw books and send em as long as they don’t climb to slab prices(which I see happening) I’ll take mine with light butter 🍿