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  1. Soooo.. ... a CGC facilitator can tell an artist that it's not his signature even though the artist tells the facilitator that it certainly is? I mean, ....who would know better who's signature it IS than the guy HIMSELF??????
  2. I've come the conclusion that this is where knowledgeable people come to post about non-recognized first appearances. And that are also not even looked at by CGC staff.
  3. Thanks everyone. To posters commenting before, I am talking about the 'creator', not the Celestial with the same name. And yes, most people say that FF 511 is his first appearance. Why doesn't CGC state that on their labels? Will this change anytime soon or am I only holding my breath?
  4. Shogun Warriors #1 - 1st app. Of Raydeen, Combatra, Danguard Ace. Micronauts #1 - 1st app. of well, duh,... The Micronauts. Star Wars Tales #23 - 1st app of Darth Malak and Darth Revan. (may have been established though, can't confirm unless I see a graded book?)
  5. The show I'm going to only has CBCS there, but Kevin Eastman has his own guy that is a CGC facilitator/witness. No matter how many times I Facebook message or send him an e-mail, I get no reply. I just don't know if his guy does it on a laptop to get the form or what. My credit card always reads not valid. And if he ONLY does it that way then I'm screwed if he don't accept checks.
  6. No, no response. CBCS will be there, but I prefer CGC. I messaged the local comic stores in the Colorado Springs area to see if they had a facilitator that might be going to the show, but I never got a reply.
  7. Ever since CGC switched the way they do submissions online for comics, I've had to submit a check instead of putting down my debit or credit card information. Every time I attempt to put my credit card or debit card in for payment, it tells me it's "invalid". I'm going to get Signature Series comics for an upcoming convention soon. Will witnesses/facilitators accept checks?
  8. Yes, please let me know. I'm traveling to get to Colorado Springs. It would suck to get there and he doesn't have his facilitator. Thanks again!
  9. That's huge news! Thank you so much for sharing that!
  10. What if the artist confirms it's his signature?
  11. Does anyone know if he has his own guys that witness and send to CGC?
  12. Right there with you Delta. I'm looking to get something autographed by Kevin Eastman and sent off to CGC myself.
  13. I'd assume that CGC would be present everywhere, but the Colorado Springs Comic Con coming up in late August only has a CBCS booth. I'm hoping to get in contact with a CGC witness that will be attending as well? Please contact me at
  14. Ugh. Does anyone even know what issue it is? I've heard Doctor Strange # 13, Fantastic Four # 511, Sensational Spider-Man # 40, Strange Tales # 157, etc. Can anyone help?
  15. WOW. This thread is almost three years old. I've been searching for this answer since as well. From what I understand, the first actual "physical" appearance of the One Above All (non-Celestial) is in Sensational Spider-Man # 40. I've never seen a CGC graded copy of this comic though. Does CGC acknowledge on the label that this is the first appearance of the One Above All?