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  1. Ugh. Does anyone even know what issue it is? I've heard Doctor Strange # 13, Fantastic Four # 511, Sensational Spider-Man # 40, Strange Tales # 157, etc. Can anyone help?
  2. WOW. This thread is almost three years old. I've been searching for this answer since as well. From what I understand, the first actual "physical" appearance of the One Above All (non-Celestial) is in Sensational Spider-Man # 40. I've never seen a CGC graded copy of this comic though. Does CGC acknowledge on the label that this is the first appearance of the One Above All?
  3. The cover is raised with embossment or extra paint. Is it wise to get this pressed? Does CGC have a way of doing this without crushing the raised parts of the cover?
  4. What does CGC consider to be the first appearance of The One Above All? I've heard that it's Eternals #7, but all the CGC's I've seen doesn't state that it's the 1st appearance though.
  5. Can anyone help me with this, please? I have a very nice copy of Incredible Hulk 377 that has the fluorescent cover. Any harm of the fluorescent colors being slightly ruined with pressing?
  6. Should these comics be pressed before grading? Will any harm come to them?
  7. WOW! Super information. Very helpful and then some. Thanks everyone!
  8. Another mysterious issue. Once again, I can't find any reference as to what the actual name of the magazine is or what it's potential value would be. The magazine/comic is larger than your average American magazine too. Can anyone help?
  9. I ordered this straight from Mirage Studios in 1988. Collected hardbound with dust sleeve. I believe it collects the first 10 issues. It's numbered 575/1000 and comes with a TMNT drawing by both Eastman and Laird. I can never find any for sale or that have been sold on any website. I'm trying to estimate the value of it. Most importantly, what exactly would the book be titled as; TMNT Hardbound limited blah, blah etc.? Can anyone help?
  10. It came back a 9.8 Universal. However, it just reads 'no hand stamp'. Unlike the #1 which also wasn't hand stamped, but got a different "category" as a Virgin Edition., what's the difference between them besides the issue number? Why isn't my #3 also a Virgin Edition??? Disappointed.
  11. I have an issue number three with no hand stamped logo that I'm getting sent back to me very soon, a 9.8 grade. However, it seems, at least according to the current census that it was put in a Quality grade. I've seen other number ones not only get there own separate section as a "Virgin cover", but in a Universal slab. My question is why this issue number three is being treated completely different, ...if indeed it turns out to be true.
  12. My comics have been with CGC for a MONTH now. STILL verified. And I paid for Fast Track as well. They said they don't offer any discounts or refunds either.................
  13. I have Tick #1, Fugitoid #1 and Raphael one shot that I want graded. These are close to magazine size, but smaller. They are larger than a Golden age comic. Do I still submit these under the comic tier or magazine tier?