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  1. What was the first comic you ever "hoarded"

    Thor #337 Newstand copies after reading about it in Comic Buyers Guide... I went around the local area grabbing up as many copies as I could from drug stores and 7-11s. November 1983 cover date
  2. No need for anything.... but thanks for the thought.
  3. Updated Results. ashsatyr now has a FINAL RANKING of 78. Please adjust accordingly if possible.
  4. Prize Picking Order 01 toro 02 comicquant 03 marmat 04 NinjaSealed 05 Chillax23 06 TheGeneral 07 LordRahl 08 guldanaaron1 09 eeb03 10 jaeldubyoo 11 mccollect 12 JJJCOMICS (snowman28) 13 Mr.TawkyTawny 14 Azkaban 15 Point Five 16 ElrodAllWrong 17 Red_Hood 18 spidermanbeyond 19 1950's war comics 20 comicwiz 21 Warlord 22 bighairjer 23 AJD 24 silverseeker 25 W16227 26 tomo 27 kav 28 oakman29 29 canickus 30 jcjames 31 fastballspecial 32 Ryan. 33 MustEatBrains 34 Thanos88 35 grebal 36 Red84 37 trmoore54 38 comicdonna 39 old_dano 40 KPR Comics 41 entalmighty1 42 BlowUpTheMoon 43 Cruzin' Thru Comics 44 Wipple 45 1Cool 46 battlerob 47 SpideyFein 48 DeadOne 49 Comicsam 50 Michelangelo 51 01TheDude 52 Kreton 53 gradejunky 54 aszumilo 55 BorderlineHoarder 56 Westy Steve 57 SteppinRazor 58 HighStakesComics 59 namisgr 60 Harry Lime 61 427Impaler 62 WEBHEAD 63 OdinsSecrets 64 Sandflea 65 mr_highgrade 66 wamh0416 67 Rdjevning 68 pjray55 69 letsgrumble 70 X_Phile 71 Zalgardos 72 Treemot 73 manicnerd 74 porcupine48 75 MediumLover 76 KryptoMayor 77 JohnFranklin 78 ashsaytr * (Updated) 79 GeeksAreMyPeeps 80 agro23 81 John R 82 prez 83 Marwood & I 84 musicmeta 85 AnthonyTheAbyss 86 thehumantorch 87 collector_bill 88 ADAMANTIUM 89 IncredibleHauck 90 comxdlr 91 rdawood 92 Plantman 93 Callaway29 94 danielortiz 95 Terrapin 96 ss5rmp 97 Senormac 98 Action Comics 99 topofthetotem 100 Antpark 101 MutieFan 102 jhutton2 103 Ron C. 104 ninanina 105 HeyMoe 106 Cascaders27 107 Paddy_McShillihan 108 FutureFlash 109 Comics181 110 adampasz 111 miraclemet 112 Squad008 113 ChrisInBaltimore 114 Noodlez 115 pkpickard 116 Richard The Man 117 Larryw7 118 Havok Jinx 119 Ricksneatstuff 120 Mike's Rack 121 Iceman399 122 Ken Aldred 123 jaybuck43 124 F For Fake 125 Every Day A Story 126 Patriot6
  5. 2017 CGC Green Eggs Grading Contest Final Rankings are up!
  6. FINAL Commentary What started many years ago as Nik's Grading Contest has now become the Green Eggs Grading Contest. The torch has been passed. In 2013, toro once again stepped up to claim the inaugural prize. When 2014 dawned, it was the Age of canickus, and he arose to seize the trophy, winning with a legendary 15 bullseyes out of a possible 20! 2015 saw toro storm back to reclaim his throne. TheGeneral laid waste to the competition and laid claim to 2016. Thus are the legendary grading contest stories born and passed from year to year, generation to generation. Now it is 2017. And so the clarion call to battle issues forth anew. From nearby towns to cities from far off lands, they come. From the far reaches of the Wintry north to the warm shores of the Southern Isles... all come to stake their claim once more and to compete for the Ultimate Prize. 126 Contestants. 20 Books. 10 Rounds. ONE Champion. Whether they were old hands trying once again or babes in the woods learning round after round, each found that this was not an ordinary Grading Contest. Nay, it was something far more. Low grade Golden and Silver Age books abounded! Super High Grade books were few and far between! Few realized that what they had stumbled upon was THE hardest Grading Contest to date! Some could not take the pressure and immediately dropped out. Others withdrew as the rounds grew tougher and the journey that much harder. We started with 126 challengers and we end with 101 challengers to see the journey to its climactic conclusion. The ROUNDS are now over. The Mathematically Eliminated Line has done its silent and deadly duty. Quiet floods the land once again. Weary eyes lift for the final judgment! In the end, THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE! Congratulations, toro, the 2017 CGC Green Eggs Grading Contest Champion! Special AWARD Winners SPECIAL DISTINCTION: NinjaSealed, who acquitted himself with honor never falling below Eigth Place! Honorable mention: Azkaban and mccollect, who never fell below 13th place WINNER OF LAST POSITIVE CONTESTANT IN A NEGATIVE ZONE: marmat Honorable mention: NinjaSealed, TheGeneral, LordRahl, Point Five, WINNER OF HARDEST WORKING PLAYER WITH THE LOWEST SCORE: Comics181 Honorable mention: Larryw7 WINNER OF THE BULLSEYE AWARD: Chillax23 (14) Honorable mention: comicquant, toro (13) WINNER OF THE MOST CONSISTENT PLAYER AWARD: NinjaSealed, TheGeneral, toro (17) Honorable mention: comicquant, jaeldubyoo (15) WINNER OF THE MOST GRADES OFF AWARD: Comics181 WINNER OF MOST IMPROVED PLAYER AWARD (MIP): LordRahl (116th to 7th place!) Special Thanks to your Host and Moderator: thirdgreenham! GRADING CONTEST LORE There are and have been other grading contests. Many are lost to antiquity. This particular contest is patterned after Nik's Grading Contest and its history is documented here. 2017 toro - Green Eggs Grading Contest 2016 TheGeneral - Green Eggs Grading Contest 2015 toro - Green Eggs Grading Contest 2014 Canickus - Green Eggs Grading Contest 2013 toro - Renamed Inaugural Green Eggs Grading Contest 2012 On Hiatus - No contest 2011 On Hiatus - No contest 2010 He11blazer - The 2010 Nik Memorial Grading Contest 2009 toro - Nik's Grading Contest 2008/2009 2008 toro - Nik's Grading Contest 2007/2008 2007 Pirate 2006 Not sure if Nik had a contest. ComicSupply had a 2005/2006 contest. 2005 Red Hook 2004 Part 2: Team Competition - Inconceivable, Rjpb, FFB, Newt Samson 2004 Part 1: Newt Samson
  7. Kav is actually 27 and oakman29 is actually 28.
  8. Hold it.... 5 PT Rounds are wrong... Ignore that Chart
  9. Top Ten List if you want to start the Prize Picking....
  10. kav and oakman29 TIED for 24th place across the board... Kav's Final Grades were submitted on Saturday at 7:44pm while oakman29's were submitted after 8pm. Kav wins the Tiebreaker and his Final Ranking is #24. oakman29's Final Ranking is #25.