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  1. Well, I did both the spreadsheets, charting, and graphics for both contests... but the actual purchase/ CGC grading of books must have cost a lot of preparation, money and time on the part of @thirdgreenham and @BlowUpTheMoon so that would probably be the deciding factor. I've been away for a while and working from home for a year without a commute has put things into perspective... but I won't be the bottleneck if they wanted to do to this again. As always, Someone Else is welcome to take up the mantle.
  2. Hi Everyone, THIS IS LAST YEAR'S THREAD. THERE IS NO 2021 MARCH MADNESS CONTEST UNLESS SOMEONE ELSE STARTS ONE. Stay Safe If you wanted to relive the final moments of the 2020 contest, it is here:
  3. The Berkeley store bought my Eastman and Laird Portsmouth New Hampshire Con Personally Autographed and self-witnessed TMNT #1 for $75. Weird what you remember all these years later...
  4. I don’t remember shopping at that store since it’s a BART (train) ride into the suburbs from Berkeley, but I used to frequent Comics and Comix and Comic Relief in the 80’s/90’s as well actually. Welcome to the CGC Messageboard. (Just passing through myself...)
  5. #48 FORFEIT is just a placeholder and should be skipped unless some enterprising Board member changes their name to FORFEIT.
  6. FORFEIT was what happened when both players didn't submit a grade for that round. I can't give that FINAL RANKING SLOT to another person since it goes by Bracket Round so just skip it. Unless some enterprising Board Member suddenly changes their name to Forfeit...
  7. I knew I forgot someone.... Sorry! Had to this part by hand yesterday night. UPDATED...I'll check the list again shortly against the SEEDING ROUND Spreadsheet.
  8. Final Rankings are done... See Above. There is a TIE at 59-60 that someone else will have to determine how to break if it comes to it. They TIED at the Round of 96 and also TIED during the SEEDING ROUND. Whether the tiebreaker will require prodigious feats of strength and dexterity or many hours of preparatory oils and lotions, I leave it up to you all. I have faith in your combined faculties and collective moral compass.
  9. Not my List... Pulling back the curtain... I didn't even see your grades basically the entire contest until you all did probably (or after you did). AND DIDN'T YOU GET 47?
  10. Since @toro provided the Prize, it looks like @oakman29 was the high scorer unless toro wants to battle it out with oakman29.
  11. FINAL RANKINGS 1 Azkaban 2 Warlord 3 Shark SUPERIOR SIX 04 batcollector 70 05 oakman29 53 06 01TheDude 40 TERRIFIC TWELVE 07 Motor City Rob 61 08 AsianAssassincomics 55 67 09 fastballspecial 55 65 10 Wipple 55 54 11 trmoore54 45 75 12 toro 45 57 TITANIC TWENTY-FOUR 13 JollyComics 67 14 OdinsSecret 60 15 guldanaaron1 57 70 16 TheGeneral 57 67 17 comicginger1789 54 18 frozentundraguy47 47 19 SonOfWOlf 40
  12. You guys aren't going to make me do a Final Ranking right? Come back later.... It's dinner time. Congratulations to all who entered and hopefully had fun.
  13. Congratulations, @Azkaban, the 2020 CGC March Madness Tournament Champion! Congratulations, @Warlord, for a well fought Tournament!
  14. Due to events beyond our control, this Championship Final will now ONLY be Live-Streamed on the Internet.