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  1. In the old days, the technical part of the raffle involved people submitting a form ranking their top choices. Frequently, there were over 100 prize lots. When I did the raffle, we did it like a sports draft... I used a digital ranking form that people could fill out online. With the 21st Pick in the 20__ Raffle, etc. ____ finds her 5th ranked prize still available and chooses LOT 16: ___________________________________________ To make it go faster and not have people on the clock, people needed to submit their ranked forms or actually be there LIVE. Otherwise. after the elves pick the raffle order, it's much like the way the FINAL RANKING Prize drawing went after the Grading Contest.
  2. Scud: The Disposable Assassin #21 CGC Sig Series 9.9 $100 *** SOLD *** Picked up by @thirdgreenham (Shipping covered worldwide. All proceeds to Paul.) This is the ONLY CGC 9.9 Scud #21 and is the highest graded copy apparently out of an admittedly small sample size. Oldest CGC 9.9 and CGC 10.0 Books in the CGC Census Data List 2921. Scud: The Disposable Assassin 21 (2008, Image Comics) 0 1 4 Mar 5, 2008
  3. Is the IGNORE USER function new? Isn't that what people have been asking for?
  4. Thanks. It seems like the same names come up over and over for a lot of the community events that happen on these boards. Andy’s is one of those names and his generosity with his time and with his prizes are pretty amazing. It’s also been a treat to watch his youngsters grow with each video reveal. I’m glad to see some new Board names step up to keep some of these events going. This Contest wasn’t the first Major Grading Contest as you can see by the History detailed in the FINAL RANKING. I don’t remember how I got involved with Nik’s, but it was much less organized before it evolved into the version you see before you today both visually and in terms of the details. (Some contests ran for over 40 days as it was a single book per round. ) As it evolved into the Green Eggs contest after a 2 year hiatus, it was shortened to two books a round and ten TOTAL rounds...(which meant redoing my spreadsheets of course. ) These were Andy’s contributions to make it his own along with a massive increase in Silver and Golden Age books versus modern books in in the 9.2-9.8 range. I hope everyone enjoyed the tournament. I don’t actually know if people watched every video or caught every post and thread, but I tried to do what the Marvel Cinematic Universe tries to do...Make it more of an enjoyable and relatable (stressful) experience than just grading comic books. Now someone else needs to stack and rebuild the woodpiles so in the future...the Beacons can be lit Once Again... 🔥 Good Luck. -Shin
  5. In past years, some winners actually designed some sort of box origami for the bottom to make a standing 3D trophy or printed the trophy and attached it to a box for their desk.
  6. It was meant originally in a humorous way when I first came up with the stats. (I use it to figure out the Over/Under Chart.)
  7. Thanks. I'll make them available to whoever wants to take over the contest, of course. I could even improve on them... I tinker with them when I get an idea to make part the contest easier on myself. (Sometimes, it's just easier to brute force something rather than figure out a way to do it programmatically since we only do it once a year.)
  8. How much time do they get? This is like that Justin Timberlake movie...In Time