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  1. Not sure. The only estimate I have yet is about $100 which includes shipping. Lots more to learn, Thanks greatly for the information and advice.
  2. I have a first printing copy of Richard Corben's Fantagor 1 which was given to me in 1970 by someone that worked at the publisher. I have just realized that this may be autographed by Mr. Corben, but I also know that sometimes autographs are printed. Before I undertake professional signature verification, it would be helpful to know if there was a run of this magazine with a printed signature. In the CGC Registry version list there is a Fantagor #1 Signature entry. Does anyone know it this is for a printed signature or real autograph? Thanks
  3. More great information, it is much appreciated. Now I need to get an approximate value. I will need to think on this a while.
  4. Thanks for getting me started. Next thing to know is the author signature on all first printings or not? I have seen a second printing and it was not there. Are there images of the foreword of other copies? If it is a real autograph and I get mine graded, it will be in a sealed case and the autograph could not be viewed.
  5. Newbie I am. I have a publishers copy (no newsstand price) of Fantagor 1. I would like to learn more about what I have before I make any decisions on grading or selling. I was given this comic in 1970 by someone that worked for the publisher and it appears to be autographed by the author, RIchard Corben. Is there anyone out there that can converse with me? Thanks