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  1. Ok, I thought you were implying OA. The only OA he’s sold has been promotional art and live sketches during comic conventions (always thru auction) and does free sketches for fans. I think Vess controlled all the OA from Rose so those pages have been around for awhile.
  2. That seems like a normal price to me (same copy sold for about $1.7k 9 years ago). Those two recent 9.8 sales still seem to be anomalies to me.
  3. Certainly seems like the seller may have been bidding on the Heritage copy. Everything seems just a little too convenient.
  4. I have 15 sales in my records since 2008. That 9.6 sale didn’t happen. The book is back up on eBay from the same seller.
  5. Was watching it live and I was This has to be an anomaly with two or three bidders who were desperate to have it immediately. Just doesn’t compute with me
  6. I hope this sale brings out the other 9.8s as I’m still looking for one. This particular 9.8 is a “middle of the pack” example to me but will be the best sale by a large margin.
  7. So you’re the one You got a great deal on that.
  8. Precisely zero copies of 9.8 Bone #1 have ever sold publicly for half of that. One sold on ComicLink for $5.4k a little over a year ago and that’s been the highest by far. The one on Heritage will probably sell for at least $6.5k but $1.2k of that is the buyer’s premium. Completely wishful thinking.
  9. What are you referring to? For 9.2s, there was a $910 sale and a $1070 sale in August of 2018 and a $1100 sale in 2019. This year, there was a single sale for $1.5k in a ComicLink auction. 9.2’s are definitely not “double” what they were two years ago unless I missed something. Both 3k sales were for 9.6s (Heritage in March and eBay in August). Please be specific.
  10. That doesn’t equal “serious heat” to me. Especially when one of those sales didn’t actually occur (the $4k BIN on eBay last month). The $2.6k BIN for a 9.6 on the same day did though.
  11. The 9.6 sale didn’t happen. It’s back up on eBay.
  12. Excellent! Jeff’s quick sketches rarely disappoint
  13. Sig looks 99% legit from my experience.