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  1. Looking for $140 per book, but I can be flexible with offers. I have numerous New copies on the way, and am looking to garner interest. That way I can ship to buyers the day I receive them. PayPal for payment. I will send pictures of the books being sent, so you can judge condition before paying. All books should be in mint condition as I've never received damaged books from the distributor in the past, thanks to their book fitted packing. Discounted select Fedex Express options and Ground. Send me your city or zip for rates. I do not accept returns.
  2. I’ve wanted these keys for a while, and was going to buy them raw locally. However, these local graded listings caught my eye with tremendous allure. Worth it? If so, what red flags should I look for, besides checking there CGC registration numbers? Also, I must admit i’m not intrigued by the Bishop FA as I have multiple copies raw. However, I’m pessimistic that I could get a 9.8, is that price worth it? Thanks
  3. Oops! My bad, wrong wording, I meant to say a handful pressed. In that I don’t want all pressed, but I do want the batch of 25 for the shipping.
  4. So, if I wanna send 25 books for shipping purposes but I only want a handful pressed, can I just have the rest be along for the ride (maybe screened) then go on to cgc?
  5. Now I apologize for sounding dumb if I do, but I still don't see how me shipping myself at a 15% discount beats the pressing + %20 off. I suppose it comes down to not every book needing pressing, turn around time, and that 5% splitting profit hairs?
  6. Lol well now I regret doing my research after buying the premium tier. Do you think I'll still get my value out of it? Beyond not wanting the pressing, I don't really see the benefit to the Premium and missing out on pressing and 20% off. Any aid would help my buyers remorse. I do have most of Claremont's X-Men run that I planned to do a bunch of grading and small flipping, is it really valuable to Press everything, or should I just send those in bulk since they're all high grade and make use of the premium tier I bought?
  7. Yeah the pics of the 6.5 are the scans from the auction.
  8. I was told on Reddit there's people on these forums that do it and are highly regarded, and the top google search is Hero Restoration who press and ship to cgc at 20% off grading price. Any recommendations or reviews on these services would be great. I'd be open to CCS but the common consensus isn't super hot.
  9. Oh I will, I've had the poster for this since childhood (partially why I was willing to shell out what may be more than fmv lol)
  10. To clear things up and quote Heath's Joker, I used a "very poor choice of words." After reading your replies, it made me wonder myself why I called it an investment when I meant more as something to flip. Everybody's flippin, houses, land, high-fashion, etc. So, I'm just adding comics (my personal favorite) to the roster and some for mantlepieces of course. Yeah to state comics as an "investment" at my age sounds kinda stupid. Believe me I do plan on blowing up the 401k and am future savings focused.
  11. Is there a much of stigma against cbcs compared a cgc gradet? Does cgc tend to be less forgiving when grading? Just some questions floating around my head, thanks.
  12. I'm more than willing to be wrong. But beyond the restoration checks, I don't see how it's that much better looking. If anything I see way more flaws on that 6.5, (wrap around spine, mutiple fractures on upper right corner, numerous chips down the right cover page). However, I will admit I have untrained eyes, and I've never seen the interior so goodness knows how that could be. Nonetheless, please elaborate.
  13. Mentioning the returns was a mistake, I never truly intended to return the book. I figured it would soften the blow in case I got bombarded for Over Paying, but realize it was worse to mention I could return it lol. I buy a lot from this seller so I don't play those buy&return games.