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  1. I agree as well that for ebay or CLINK or any other consignment seller/site that charges basically 10% that comes from the seller. So you sell a book for $5000 and ebay/other site sends you a check for $4500. The market value of the book is $5000. If you sell it on CGC you get the whole $5000.
  2. I've seen this documentary Sour Grapes. It's pretty excellent...and pretty amazing. The guy didn't really have any guilt...his attitude was these rich people wanted to groove on acquiring and sharing a $25K bottle of wine (or higher) with their clients or buds and he was just fulfilling their dreams. Definitely worth checking out especially if you are into wine.
  3. Hey all...thought I'd catch up with my post and offer some thoughts. Been busy with work which is a good thing (actually busier than pre-shutdown because now everyone thinks take that 1-4 hour daily commute you're not doing anymore just convert it back into work/production...I'm an architect) and "off" the boards since early April. So seems like there is still quite a bit of optimism and positive sales/activity and perhaps, as I read the posts at least, apparently still a seller's market for the most part. However, I personally am waiting for the other shoe to drop (and believe me I am the ETERNAL OPTIMIST!) with 40M people unemployed in USA etc. And I can't believe the resilience of the stock market but people have to put their money somewhere I guess. Think about it. There are approximately 156M people in the workforce in the USA so 40M/+ unemployed is 25%. That's a lot! This is tip of the iceberg type thing as it is early and will only worsen until said 40M people get re-employed and back on their feet etc. As is the cycle, the rich will get richer and take advantage of those with less resources. For me personally, I turned 65 last NYE, things change. I still love comics and love my comics but just about no one else in my life could care less. So I love other things as well and right now my "collectible" focus is on wine. Wine is fun and more people that I know like wine and I can enjoy that myself and enjoy with others. Wine is also expensive, like the comics (higher grade) I like, so in that sense I have to navigate and manage my obsession and collect accordingly...and also get the same thrill when I get a deal. (There aren't a lot of deals to be had in the wine collecting's just about acquiring them and having them pretty much at market for whenever they are available to attain.) Frankly, comics just don't mean that much to me as they did 5 or 10 years ago. It may happen to you at some point in your collecting arc. Don't get me wrong I'm not ditching my ASM 1-20 in CGC 9.0 anytime soon. And I still do enjoy having them...that is the most intrinsic aspect. But that will change again some time and I'll sell them all and give the money to my grandkids or something. The cycle of collecting and life...
  4. And now let's get this topic back on topic...anyone got a nice 6.0-9.0 restored AF15 for sale for cheap??
  5. Just heard today the USA $350 billion...yes, with a b...for small business loans is ALL GONE! That took like 2 weeks. My wife (co-owner with her 2 sisters of their business...about 20 employees) applied the first few days and got approved. Amazing when you think about the number. I sure hope a lot of restaurants got their fair share...
  6. To be fair you had 2 types of "restoration"...amateur and professional. The amateur most logically was just owner/collector's of the book and thought they'd spruce it up a bit so it looked better. As professional restorers surfaced (perhaps some or many of them from the comic book industry who knew all the physical properties of the books) they provided the service to collectors who thought probably in most cases a really nice book could look minty with the spruce up. All of that turned dark or darker when the internet came along and unscrupulous (or also to be fair, unknowledgeable) sellers set out to sell books without the restoration disclosed. That could all fall into the same category as a coupon or something missing etc etc...
  7. I've heard from reputable people about shenanigans on CLINK as well. When you get into, in this case, comic books worth thousands and tens of thousands of dollars that can attract some shenanigans...
  8. That is correct. Shill bidding is legal in Texas. Let the bidder/buyer beware...
  9. I believe the virus was officially first announced Dec 31 2019 (my birthday...ha). Not sure if the number is people from China specifically or from all the Far East but on average 8,000 people arrived in California daily by airplane. So that number prior to any real airline/foreign travel shutdown. Before and after that date...
  10. I, unfortunately, don't have access to the page/panel right now but in June 2014 (seems like a long time ago) I wrote a synopsis of the original HULK 1-6 issues here... Was hunting on the interweb for the page/panel and it was cool a link to my post came up in the top few links... So in ISSUE 5 in the 2nd story "The Hordes of General Fang" my intended panel was firstly, the flimsy disguise the Hulk has on sitting coach in a standard commercial flight...and then him grabbing Rick and busting out the emergency exit door mid-flight...about as absurdly funny as it gets... From the original post...A couple of humorous captions at the top of page 6 show us a disguised Hulk with face-covering scarf and blue pork-pie hat on a plane ride with Rick to Asia…only to be discovered by the stewardess when she spills hot coffee on the Hulk…Hulk and Rick then bail out the emergency exit. Presumably the other passengers all survive
  11. Can you say New Mutants 98? And there are many more... LOL...I posted this before I looked at the link...
  12. Going to finish The Overstory today by Richard Powers/Pulitzer Prize winner. Pretty great busy and had to set it down for about a month and then wrapping it up this past week. Have you ever heard of the demise of the American Chestnut, which began with a fungus blight from Japan circa 1904 that ultimately wiped out over 4 billion chestnut trees (pretty timely in that sense)? Yeah...check it out. Anyway, the book is about trees and their importance to the wraps its story around 9 people and their families and lives. For me I found it compelled me to think about things I never think about day to day. I imagine some might find it a fairly arduous read but I really am enjoying it and look forward to finishing it today.
  13. trmoore54


    You might rip what you sew. But you can reap what you Just teasing...
  14. I have been working at home officially since March 13 (had been working at home most of the week the previous few weeks)...fortunately I am still able to work and get paid. Did everything I needed to do on March 13 as far as making sure my laptop VPN was all was in order...connectivity to the company servers etc...packed up and told my co-workers...seeya in In for the long haul... Still 8 states in US without formal "Stay At Home" dictates...pretty stupid. My family and I are lucky to live in a pretty safe sector of the world...but who knows when and where the invisible virus will getcha...still have to venture out into the world occasionally for food/essentials but we're observing all the protocols. Not buying comics these days but my current collecting can get that delivered to my doorstep...