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  1. Sold for a cool $36050...actually a pretty good deal for buyer IMO...figured it would go for between $40-45K but as we know a lot of factors that affect the final hammer price any given day...
  2. Anyone here on the boards submit any of the new 9.8s in the last 5 years? And if so how 'bout a post...
  3. I see the most recent sale for an 11 in 9.0 sold for a cool $4K in June of this year.
  4. FANTASTIC FOUR 1-52 HG CENSUS ANALYSIS Finally getting around to posting this… I just recently updated my HG Census analysis for ASM 1-50 which I posted in the ASM 11 thread. Now let’s have a look at the Fantastic Four 1-50. As for the ASM data, the last time I put this together was in August 2014 as well. Let’s break it down… As per the title, I am using the Census to examine the numbers. As with all analyses and empirical data/evidence…there are factors of error to be considered…retired books resubmitted probably the foremost issue…but all-in-all the numbers appear to be consistent with the Jan 2014 analysis and my non-published analysis prior to that. Also the fact that “key” and singular books will have more submissions than the other issues. Additionally in the case of the FF issues, issues 44 and 48 are warehouse finds and thus significantly more issues have been submitted and graded for these 2 books with higher grades as would be expected. Let’s start with some general statements of fact: Of the 50 books, 14 issues have only added 8 or less copies to the Census in grades 9.0-10.0 or 28-per cent. The most difficult of all, with only 3/4/5 added copies respectively are issues 1, 11 and 8. Next up is Issue 12 with 6 copies and then Issues 3, 4, 5, 6 and 18 with 7 copies and rounding out Issues 7, 17 and and 19 with 8 copies. Issues 16 and 20 have 10 copies added. Issue 1 retains the top spot with 16 issues and only three 9.0s added. Issue 3 is next with only 27 copies. And then those 2 dark covers, Issues 11 (31) and 7 (34) followed by Issue 8 (36 copies) to round out the Top 5. The order is the same as in 2014 except for 7 and 11 changing spots. Issues 2, 18, 5, 13 and 6 round out the Top 10. Twelve issues do not have a 9.8 adding 2 9.8s down from 14…Issues 9 and 49 each added one 9.8 There are a total of 29 9.8s added. Of the issues without 9.8s, Issues 7 and 8 have only one 9.6! Fifteen Issues now have 100 or more HG copies graded up from 10. Issue 48’s total numbers have risen by a staggering 121 copies or an average of 24 per year. There have been no 9.8s or 9.6s added for Issues 1, 3, 11, 7, 8, 2, 18, 5, 13, 6 and 4 in their order in the rankings. 9.8! Still only 145 copies in the entire run achieving the rarified 9.8 grade status (or 2.9-per cent)! That represents a meager 32 issues added in the last 5 years of an average of just over 6 a year! As previously mentioned, Issues 9 and 49 joined the list with 1 copy each. 9.6! Only 73 9.6 copies added for an average of a little under 15/year. Summarily, there are only 5,013 CGC graded issues of FF 1-50 graded 9.0 or better…an overall increase of a 1,130 copies in the last 5 years…and average of 226/year. Side-by-side comparison Grade 2014 2019 9.8 113 145 28.3-per cent increase 9.6 391 483 23.5-per cent increase 9.4 849 1066 25.5-per cent increase 9.2 955 1371 30.4-per cent increase 9.0 1443 1948 34.9-per cent increase
  5. LOL. I was not aware of that but thanks for the linky. Didn't take all that long and gives me time to think about things while I'm doing it.
  6. I have another theory to float...c'mon boardies...don't be shy Share your thoughts and opinions we'd love to hear 'em. And of course any of you closet/secret 9.0 or better holders let's see those scans (it's 2019...coming out of the closet is OK). Here's the theory...the book is so scarce that it often does not result in a bidding war to push the price further. By that I mean if you are not completely tracking the book 24/7 when one does come available for bidding you could completely miss it. Thoughts?
  7. Meant to add Elmer's copy is distinctly superior to both Jeff's and mine...but I am more than happy with my copy (from Bob Storms...thx Bob!) after ditching my CBCS copy a few years ago...
  8. Hey Bob...hope all is well. Which auction house so I can track it. Only three (3) 9.6s here for Registry owners...even Barton's/Ghosttown's book is a 9.4.
  9. Last time I compiled an ASM 1-50 HG Census list was exactly 5 years ago in August 2014. So it’s time to take stock again and check the current status. And not surprisingly, ASM 11 is still king having moved from a total of 31 graded copies in 9.0 or better to 39 (of course as we all know the numbers could always be less with resubs). And holding 2nd place, despite most likely hundreds of more books submitted than #11 is good old #1 having moved from 32 copies to 43 copies but the gap has widened by 3 books. Interestingly, the Top 10 has seen little change with #11, 1, 2 and 4 holding the top 4 spots and 5, 7 and 3 holding spots 5-7 but changing their order. 28, 12 and 6 round out the Top 10 same as in 2014 with a little shifting. Kind of a head-scratcher why #12 is so scarce. And now we have 8 books totaling less than 100 copies while 2014 Census had 16. The focus today is on #11. A check of the Registry’s highest ranked sets (Top 30 as I am #26) show only 10 boardies with books higher than 9.0 and only 3 others with a 9.0 which two of those are mine and Jeff's. Also, interestingly, 10 of the Top 25 Registry participants do NOT have an 11 in any grade...even in 4th Place Doc Ock doesn't have that must be a slow burn. Boardies jordysnordy (Jeff), Dutch74 (Elmer in Holland) and I actually have a current active PM titled “ASM 11” we started in August 2016 with our focus on the book and each getting a 9.0 into our set…which has been completed with Jeff acquiring his this year in February 2019. Jeff paid a little over $4K (that’s the only sale listed on GPA currently) for his book and Elmer and I paid a little less. I recall a 9.0 selling for $5K on Doug’s/Pedigree site a few years ago. So what’s the book worth? Or, asked differently, what should the book be worth? (I’ve done an update on FF 1-52 as well and issues 7 and 11, both dark covers, are similarly scarce and similarly high (or low in numbers) in the Census rankings as well…and both, if you go by recent sales, valued in the $3500 range…or less.) Well, we just so happen to feel like at least one other collector thinks this book is incredibly hard to come by in grade and incredibly undervalued. Through Heritage’s resource whereby someone can make an anonymous bid, or bids, for books purchased through Heritage, the current offer just so happens to be $12600!! And that offer has not been accepted. Nor has it enticed the other two of us to offer up our book. Thing is, if you sold it where and when would you replace it. That is a key reason why these books stay in collections. We seem to have drifted somewhat into a key-focused collecting world. Perhaps not as many completists anymore that want every book in a given grade. I get it, books in HG can be expensive and if you are after the keys you are saving your money for those, and obviously we all have varying economic means and for some people paying a $100 for a book is an outlandish thought and for others dropping $10K on a book is no big deal. So…anyone want mine for $15K. Lemme know…it just might be available. LOL.
  10. No you picked up the 23 and 26 that 23 was a sweet book...kind of wish I still had it...again, always awesome books Chris! Keep the faith!
  11. My first transaction with Sweet Lou. Couldn't have been a better experience! Lou picked up one of my "sweet" single digit FFs in my latest/current sales thread and everything about the transaction was flawless. Superb communication all the way. THX AGAIN Sweet Lou and happy this book now resides in your superb FF set!