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  1. Received a cool prize from Sean for the March Madness Grading Contest...well-packaged and lightning quick delivery!! THX AGAIN Sean!!
  2. Hey Dave I'm up after khoo75. If still available I'll take Prize 33 (just the shirt, medium...not the cups). If that is not available my backup pick is Prize 25. THX for your awesome help...and another THX to Blowie and sckao as well...
  3. CONGRATS to marmat...well played sir!! And of course many thanks to BUTM and sckao for their hard work putting this contest forth!! Would've had my best score this round but still not enough to win...7.5/9.6/9.2/4.5 for a 78...I'll be back but can't seem to get past the second round. Well marmat came through so that should be incentive for all of us also-rans next year! and now to the prizes...
  4. WOW I am officially wrong...I stopped short at brain-dead. For the record General you are correct and I stand corrected...realize I got all spun up in the two 5.5s.
  5. I did pretty good with 2 bulls-eyes as well...but you would've beaten me with your 75. I had 5.5 (BE)/6.0/2.0/8.5 for a 67. Interesting we both thought the HAWK was .5 better grade than the FLASH. The HULK was classic 2.0 in my mind which means how the hell did that KRAZY KAT get a 3.0?? CONGRATS TO THE 2 FINALISTS!! TO THE VICTOR THE SPOILS!!
  7. Just checked in on my "Play At Home" round I got 3 bulls and a 72...8.0/7.0/9.0/9.6...blew the Supes. You'll just have to trust me...but true to form can only come through when it doesn't count...arrgh
  8. Sorry Mike...late to the party...posted the above before I read through the discussion...
  9. Hey Mike...not sure if you're intimating that you are bringing the evaluation of the inner cover into the grade analysis. The inner cover has no bearing on a DC book grade...only the outer cover is graded.
  10. CONGRATS kav!! I dropped on the AQUA from 7.5 to 6.0...was dead sure the RTRNR was a 1.5...9.6 for me as well on the WW...waffled on 4.5/5.0 on the XMEN and picked the wrong number...we would've tied if I had the 4.5...good luck going forward...
  11. Same...means I only got 3 out of 4 close...